Yarrow Hill Farms available :)

Yarrow homestead is up for re-lease!

A little about the land…

It is 24.5 acres. In 2012 there were over 1500 trees planted and in subsequent years, 2013, 2014 and 2015 around 500 each year. These trees were all trees from the Missouri Conservation Department. Some of the trees were planted along the creek to stabilize it. Some were planted to reforest a north facing hill. Others were planted to help prevent erosion on other areas of the farm.

There is a wonderfully clear 1/2 acre pond. It is very bio-diverse habit to red-winged blackbirds who nest in the cattails, turtles, frogs. Fish and seen on occasion muskrats.

On the land are many magical places. Many trees and fruiting bushes were planted in large circles so that in the future there could be private sitting areas dotting the land. There is also a wonderful oxbow home to blackberries and gooseberries. The draws have a very private, wooded feeling to them.

Our land have been intensively rotationally grazed with goats, cows and sheep. This has lead to a return to a more grassland-like flora. There are plenty of birds foot trefoil, yarrow, bergamot, agrimony, clover, vetch, self-heal and many others. There are plenty of wild medicinals that our family has harvest respectfully over the years.

The middle pasture is fences with woven wire with a few gates. This has been the starting point for our rotational grazing system as we also use electro-netting. There is a concrete below ground cattle waterer on the north side of the pond. Attached to the cattle waterer is a frost free hydrant. There is grid hook up for the electric fencing and the use of a freezer in the barn.

A little about the structures…

There is a small three sided structure over the cattle waterer. It is unfinished but currently serves as animal shelter.

There is a 24×24 foot barn. Half of it is covered in clear siding and has a dirt floor. This acts as a greenhouse. It is separated by a wall from the rest of the barn. There are raised beds that grow wonderful produce. Also, there is plenty of room for starting seeds. The other side of the barn is also split. One third of the half is where we have a freezer and refrigerator that are grid tied to for the milk and meet we produce on the farm. The floor is concrete with a center drain and a sink hook-up so that is could be turned into a dairy processing room. There is a separate door that opens into just the dairy room. The other two thirds of the half is used for storage. There is a large sliding door and shelves. It is gravel floored.

Close to the house is a 9×11 wood shed/cistern. Buried under the shed are four 275 gallon water tanks. This is where the water from the house is collected. There is a drop down in the floor of the shed to access the tanks and to act as a storm shelter/root cellar. There woodshed is used for storage and wood. There is an overhang of the roof on the west side. It is able to shelter two cords of wood.

The house is 30×34 with a gambrel roofed upstairs of 20×24. The first floor consists of a large open floor plan including built-in desk and book cases in a large living/dining area. The 10×24 kitchen contains a Kitchen Queen Wood cookstove, Propane stove with oven, large sink, two concrete countertops and built in shelving. Attached to the kitchen is a walk-in pantry with shelf space for over 800 quarts and 1200 pints of canned goods with additional storage for bulk foods in buckets and bins under the shelving. Also opening off of the main living area is the downstairs bedroom with amazing views east and north across the leashold and most of Red Earth Farms. A staircase with under stair storage leads to the second floor which is currently unfinished and ready for blown cellulose insulation and drywall finishing.

The house is wired for 120v and previously ran off of a small off grid solar system. The house could also be connected to the grid via the barn that is connected and wired for grid power. Pressurized water is supplied from the cistern under the wood shed. The sink drains into a grey water treatment pond to the north of the house.

To lease Yarrow, you must first be a member at Red Earth Farms. To read more about our process click here

The price is $138,000 Due to the by-laws of the land trust, the price of the land changes every quarter. To make the price more understandable we are adjusting the price of the improvements to compensate for the changing land lease fee.

To discuss with us about the improvement price, or if you have any questions or would like more pictures please contact us at yarrowhillfarms@gmail.com