spring is here and so is a lot of work!!

So spring has sprung. After a very long, hard winter we are ready for it. I did pretty much stop blogging. This winter was hard on us all. While I feel that writing about the bad with the good is really important, I just couldn’t do it. It felt way too much like complaining. And really I couldn’t think of anything to write besides, it is cold, everyone is alive. Winner takes on a monotony, or at least it does with me.

Enough about the winter though. We made it through one of the hardest winters we have had so far. I don’t think our hard winters are really going to get much better though. So we are starting early on getting things done. Okay maybe not early but we are moving. I will try to get some pictures of the green house so far. It is really exciting to see all the veggies sprouting. Green is happening. The grass is growing and soon we will be moving the animals out of their winter pasture. Lambs have been born, kids will start soon. Everything is slowly waking up. And what does that mean??????

We want help!!! This year we feel that our life is slightly less chaotic. We decided that we would not have an intern until we could really show them things. We didn’t want slave labor. And the time is now. Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel might be interested. Jack says he will make an official posting later but I know how Jack works. He is out there right now working. By the time he gets in he will be too tired. 🙂

So do you have interest in learning about gardening? Preserving food? Learning to cook with what is available from the garden? Working with animals? Processing meat?

Then this might be the internship for you. Of course there is a whole lot more that will be happening. We have a few building projects. And life happens. We try to have some fun at least.

Please note that we do live rather ruggedly and decently primitive, or at least compared to main stream culture.

If you are interested in talking to us about what an internship would be like please email me at jnvwalter @gmail. Com.


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