New Year and HIbernation

I actually can’t remember the last time we stayed up to cheer in the new year.  To me it seems totally backasswards to have the new year now.  It is the freaking dead of winter.  I understand wanting to have parties and have something to celebrate now, but still, dead of winter doesn’t go with a new year for me.  Why isn’t the new year in spring?


Anyway, like I said we don’t really celebrate new years.   However, we do celebrate each month.  Okay maybe it is more like we acknowledge each new month.  See, when I was little, okay maybe still also, I was very superstitious.  One of those superstitions is to say “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit” first thing before saying anything else when you wake up on the first day of the month.  I always thought it was for good luck, but after looking it up with the girls, we found that if you do this you will get a present before the month is up.  I actually don’t like that, so we all decided it was just for good luck.  This morning I hopped out of bed and turned off the alarm.  Now on a normal morning I have to call the girls repeatedly before they turn their light on and start getting dressed.  It seems that Jack’s unable to get out of bed in the morning genes are dominant.  This morning though before I could say a peep I hear, “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit”  “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit”  “Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit”  Jack joined in also.  I think we could all use some good luck this month.  What could it hurt?


Not much is going on.  I guess there is good in that.  Really, nothing “good” can really happen in the winter.  There are no good happenings.  If anything does happen, it is most likely bad.  No news at this point is good news.  Pretty much the only thing I want to hear when the girls come in from chores is that nothing has changed.  Everyone should be bred, of course not the cows though grrrrr.   No one should be birthing until it warms up.  Everyone should be eating, pooping and peeing. That is all I ask for this time of year.  The animals are doing well.  Even with the insane cold we are getting no one is really even in the shelters.  Of course their hay, water and now their alfalfa is all in separate corners of the pasture with their shelters in the middle.  So they have to travel.  We are getting a good manure spread all around the field.  Which means come spring it will be a nice field.  I hope to only maybe mob graze it once mid summer and let it rest until next year.  Of course, if somehow a farm fairy visited and we could put in a new pond complete with water distribution to all our paddocks, then we would be able to graze year round and not have to worry about having them in a winter paddock.  Still, at this moment we do not have that.  Right now I am just glad that we have a frost free waterer that they can drink out of now.  The weather has been crazy cold.  I just kept myself from crying this morning has I saw our expected high on Monday is 0.  Yes, 0.  Our low is -7.  I could deal with that almost if we were going to get above 0, but we aren’t.  This winter has me insanely down.  I am about at my end of dealing with this cold.  


Which leads me to hibernation.  Of course this whole post is kind of about that.  Not much happens in winter.  What does happen is usually in those in between days where it might get to almost 32 outside where we all rush outside to get ready for the next storm or cold snap.  Yesterday consisted of getting alfalfa to the stock and pigs.  Jack got some big square bales of alfalfa.  We don’t have a tractor.  So we get to move these things by hand.  You can’t move a big square bale, they are something like 1000 pounds.  So leaf by leaf I handed them to Jack for him to put away nicely. A leaf still is really heavy.  My arms hurt today.  That was yesterdays excitement. Truly that is enough excitement to last me until February. Though I am sure they will all run out of alfalfa before then.  

The only news that is cute, funny, or at least not insanely boring is that a neighbors cat is courting Esme.  His name happens to be Jack.  Jack could almost be Esme’s twin.   He is mostly black, with just a little bit of white at his neck.  He is fluffier and his eyes are more yellow, instead of Esme’s green.  He comes to our door and meows loudly until someone lets Esme out.  Really, a cat comes and asks our cat to come out to play with him.  Then they run off to play at catching mice.  I don’t mind mostly because I know they are both killers and they are doing their best to cut down on the mouse population around here. I feel I should mention that Esme is spayed.  So any courting will not result in a litter of kittens thank the goddess

So I really hate having another blog post that basically says, not much is happening here, but that is what this is.  Nothing is happening and we are all fine with that.  The sun should start giving us more time to get things done, and hopefully one day our highs will start to regularly stay above freezing.  And that is when my mood will start to improve.  I am not cut out for winters like this.  


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