Happy Yule or Christmas or Festivus!!!

I am going to try and write about what is going on around here before things get crazy.  Oh who am I kidding?  Things are always crazy here!!

So we have been staying warm.  Which is nice.  I am still not happy about the weather, that shouldn’t surprise anyone though.  This time of year always irks me.  I guess you could say that I am a grinch.  I think if the holidays actually were about what they are supposed to be about, then well, it would be great.  It just seems that for the most part my expectations are way too high.  It is part of the problem of being a pollyanna.  Maybe one year I will learn not to expect so much.  

Anyway here we are super low key.  The girls will paint the tree soon.  I will post pictures, hopefully promise.  I will attempt to make some sort of cinnamon roll in the shape of a tree.  And the girls will open their gifts.  Thankfully they do not read this blog and I would hope that no one will tell them but I am going to tell you what they asked for.  Layla wanted a watch.  Natalie wanted socks and Gwendy wanted a small variety of things including a frock and a sled.  They all decided they wanted socks once Natalie said she wanted some.  And these are the things they are getting.  How crazy is that?  No toys, or games or electronics.  Gwendy wanted a stuffed animal but then found my old 86 santa bear and asked if she could have him instead.  So she has made Bob a bed and is totally happy.  We have never done “santa”.  Sometimes I miss that magic that was part of this season.  But truly we have so much magic in our lives and it seems so much more real.  We don’t need pretend magic.  We have sunrises and sunsets.  By the way, I wish I could take pictures of these.  They picture just doesn’t catch it though.  Almost every morning we all watch the sun rise, yesterday was pretty spectacular, the clouds were all purple and orange.  Each morning it is different yet it is the same act every day.  That is magic.  There is wonder and beauty everywhere, we don’t need to create it.  I guess that is part of my high expectations of this time of year.  It makes me sad, but whatever.  

Our pipes defrosted, at least mostly.  Yay!! This time we wasted no time in filling the 55 gallon barrel inside the house.  It was a slightly weird experience this morning as I was pumping water into the bucket for our sink then filling buckets to pour in the barrel.  Just a few days ago I was filling our sink bucket with the water from the barrel.  But now there are 55 no freezable gallons in the house.  And the water is still running.  I think, hope, think that the water will stay unfrozen at least until Monday.  Then our forecasted high is 9 with a low of -10.  sigh  It will be alright though, one day it will get warmer again.  And yes I will say that until it reaches at least the high 80s.


The animals are doing well.  We did have one piggie incident. Turns out one of them has a slight rectal prolaspe.  It is something that can correct itself from what we have read.  However, we will not be breeding Pinkie now.  She seems pretty good and doesn’t seem to mind.  

In other news, I finally started to get Gwen’s tattoo.  I know this isn’t farm related but I want to show it off.  All the girls have some sort of flowers on me.  I picked dandelions for my tenacious Gwen. They seem to fit her well.  They will be colored in soon. Our local tattoo artist is pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say?  I am now thinking of getting some of my favorite medicinals tattooed on various body parts.  Wouldn’t that be something?  


We are planning for our next farm conference pretty fiercely.  The girls right now are pouring over the schedule.  It is still months away yet everyone needs to figure out what they want to see.  Excitement for yule here? moderate.  Excitement for farm conferences??? HIGH!  Through the roof even.  

Okay so I just asked the girls what exciting things are happening on the farm this past week.  They talked about PInkie, the farm conference and how not fun it is outside right now.  We got warm weather(the reason we now have water) but everything is melting and so we have mud.  Lots of mud.  It isn’t fun.  


So this is short, but probably expect the blog posts to be short for awhile.  There are only so many daylight hours in the day right now and well, most of them are taken up by school and chores 🙂  and eating, the girls, they do a lot of eating.


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