Fence Fence Fence

This past week saw me doing a lot of farm wenching.  We will get to that later.  Jack took off work early on Thursday and then took off Friday and Monday.  So that was five full days of getting work done.  He put out a call to our neighboring communities asking for paid labor to put up fence.  He got a couple of responses.  Joan, our neighbor who will be sharing a portion of the fence, and a few friends that were staying with her helped out also.  In all it was five crazy days.  A lot got done, but not all of the fence.  We are that much closer though.  Through all of that I played the farm wench.  I cooked and set out meals and snacks and washed dishes.  It may not seem like a lot, but working with food allergies or preferences and making sure everyone has enough to eat.  It is a lot.  

Friday was also Jack’s birthday.  I am pretty sure that last year for his birthday we were building fence.   Pretty sure this is going to become a tradition.  I did make three cheesecakes.  One for home, one for potluck with our community(I also made a cake) and one for me and the girls.  Oh it was supposed to be a home one, but Jack really cannot  stand gooey cheesecake and I made it in a corningware type pot, I was out of appropriate pans to make cheesecake in.  Because of the thickness, it was gooey.  SO the girls and I saved, yes saved, Jack the horror of eating it.  That is how wonderful and thoughtful we are.  


It is also insanely cold right now.  We were having a pretty mild fall.  That stopped.  This past weekend was pretty great for working outside. I even had the windows open for a time.  Then Monday we started to get colder and colder.  We then saw a bit of snow…Yes, we got a dusting.  We got down to 15.  We woke up yesterday morning and this morning to it being about 44 inside.  Not exactly what I like, but then, unless I move to Hawaii…I am going to have to live with the multiple layers and wearing a hat and scarf all day through part of the year.  sigh


The animals do well in this weather though.  Last year I was horribly worried about them.  Okay I worry about them a lot anyway.  But really, they are out there all night in this weather!!!  Then I found out that 40 and raining much worse than a dry 15.  As long as they stay dry they are totally fine.  Sheep even more so.  It is something to walk around and see ice and frost on their coats and yet they are totally comfortable.  If you put your hand down into their wool, warm and cozy.  I find ourselves getting better about the weather and the way we live, but unless I start growing wool, I think I will never be as comfortable as my sheep.


Conner has been coming inside more.  He is really funny.  Something about being inside on a few nights now makes him completely incapable of being outside at all anymore.  He jumps up into our huge chair and looks at me with long suffering eyes.  Like he is saying, “Oh, I am just a poor 150 pound dog with no way of staying warm  outside even though I have a thick coat and much padding.”  Oddly, having a 150 pound dog, I am totally guessing on the weight, but I am sure I am close,  inside a 480 square foot house/cabin isn’t as horrible as it may sound.  Like I said, he spends most of his time on the chair.  If he isn’t there he is under the table.  He cleans up food on the floor and licks the cats behinds, we are trying to stop him of that…  Anyway, it is alright.


The animals are all breeding.  Khonsu is doing really well in this department.  For being as small as he is at least, he is getting the job done.  I am glad because that means I am pretty sure we will have beginning of April babies.  I am hoping that that means no goat sweaters this year.  Imriel is also getting his important work done.  And Blackie is also trying, unfortunately with goats and not cows.  Deep breath.


We did move the stock this weekend into their winter pasture.  We didn’t really want to, but felt we had no choice as it was going to get really cold and we didn’t know how to move them and keep them moving for an uncertain amount of time.  So this may mean we go through more hay that we originally thought we would.  We figured on starting hay in December.  They aren’t on hay yet, but we figure we might have to give them a bale in a week or so.  


Part of the hard part of moving them where they are now is that the milk shed is in the pasture.  This makes milking interesting.  I love milking goats.  I go out there by myself and it is quiet time for me to think, stare out at the trees and scratch my goats and get little kisses.  Now,  Natalie and Layla have to be down there and chase off any animal who thinks they can get it and get at the sunflower and alfalfa.  So milking has become a fiasco.  I have noticed that my patience is totally off I think because of this.  It is my morning meditation.  Some people like to do yoga, some people need their coffee I need my quality goat time.  I hope that it gets better.  


That is about all.  Fence, sex and cold.  That does pretty much sum up this past week.  Add in some cheesecake and lots of hot tea and soup and you know what it has been like here.  This is the time of year where things don’t really slow down, but when you look back on what you did all day it doesn’t seem like much.  Or at least not much to write about.   And truly I am alright with that.  While I am happy when good things happen,  I am just fine with nothing exciting in our lives.  


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