School’s out for Summer!!

Okay, obviously, not really.  It is just blowing my mind that school is starting for most people right now.  Sometimes it feels odd doing school year round.  But then again, it also feels so much better doing so.  No, there is no break, but geez, is there a break in life?  In learning?  Because I haven’t found one yet.  One reason we school year round is because I don’t want my kids growing up thinking that life and learning comes with breaks.  A slightly bigger reason we school year round is because I would much rather sit down with them every day for four hours than sit down for 8 hours half the year.  There are days off, snow days, warm days.  That is a part of enjoying life and learning about life.  I find that even on “days off”, they are experimenting and learning.  That is how life should be.   In my very humble opinion.


This time of year starts some of the hardest work.  Okay, not hard, but constant.  We have been putting up the harvest.  Tomatoes are being canned.  Veggies fermented.  It is really hard to just put those up on the self.  I so want to eat some fermented green beans!!  But I will patiently wait until we no longer have fresh food to eat.  We had a very amazing friend build us a dehydrator also.  It should be getting here in the next couple of days.  Then the dehydrating of kale and other greens will begin.  There is the plan of many soups with dried greens and fermented squashes for this winter.  Oh and the sauerkraut!!!  I spent a whole day chopping and pounding cabbage last week.  The girls would go out and harvest me a couple heads at a time.  When Jack got home from work he went and got me a couple.  I asked him if he could count how many more heads were left.  He came back in to tell me…26!  At the rate I was going I was fitting one head in a quart jar.  And I got six done that day.  In other words, I have a lot more sauerkraut to get going.  But how can I be upset over abundance, even if it means that there is an abundance of work? 

Just this morning I spent a good hour stretching mozzarella for the girls.  They really like string cheese.  I like mozzarella also, but not like they do.  It is hot work, almost burning your hands.  But how cool is it that they get homemade goat milk string cheese?  I think it is cool, just wish it wasn’t so hot.  


I am hoping that one day soon I will have a cheese press.  I would like to start making hard cheese.  Cheese that we can put up and have even when our goats are dry.  It will happen one day.  Next year we may have such an abundance of milk that there will be cheese making every day.  Especially when the cows freshen.  It is kind of amazing to think about the future.  Not that it will get any easier, there will very possibly be more work.  To think though on cheese and meat and butter… Oh I feel like I dream about this often on here.  Ya’ll probably are sick of it.  


Maybe I should just be content to be where we are.  We have cheese, and milk and veggies and ferments and meat.  Things are good even when they aren’t so much.  


Animal news isn’t super exciting right now.  Jewel went into heat, a very strong heat, about three days early this month.  It was actually slightly frightening.  I was giving a tour to some visitors.  I had no idea that Jewel was in heat when we walked in.  In fact I think I said something like, we wouldn’t go in here if she was in heat.  After pushing Jewel away many times and her finally jumping up on Ruby and pretty much screaming to the world, “I WANT A BULL!!!”  We stepped out of the paddock immediately.  Being around a cow in heat is dangerous.  Really.  Her heat lasted a long time too.  It would have been a good time to try and AI her, but it didn’t happen again this month.  Blackie seemed slightly interested, but as far as we can tell, he didn’t breed her. 


We actually didn’t get a whole lot done this weekend either.  Somehow things kept popping up.  I try to let that go and feel that if we didn’t get the work done, there was reason for it.  This weekend doesn’t feel like it is going to be very productive though either.  We will see though.  We are in the last little bit of August.  We don’t have much more time.  Hopefully we get enough done. 


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