Some of it’s magic, some of it’s tragic

But I had a good life all the way

Really.  Pretty much every time something horrible happens, I think of this nugget of wisdom from Jimmy Buffett.  Along with a yogi tea bag saying that says something like, “For every loss there is equal gain and for every gain there is an equal loss”

Balance.  That is what life is all about.  And if it doesn’t seem balanced yet, well, it ain’t over.  

It is HOT right now.  How Natalie is over by the oven frying up pancakes I don’t know.  We ran out of propane yesterday and they never got to finish up their batter. Jimmy Buffet is playing on the computer.  When it is this hot you need to listen to island music.  Okay you don’t have to but it helps.  I did not write last week because I really felt there wasn’t much to write about.  The week went by so quickly with nothing really sticking out.  Things happened sure.  But if I were to tell you how many beds in the garden I weeded, well I don’t think I would have much of a following.

Of course for every week that nothing happens, we have a week like last week.  I will stop that thought to say how happy it makes me to see my girls eating pancakes  and singing along to Jimmy.  Oh it warms my heart.  Not that my heart needs any warming right now.  Conner did get neutered.  This was rough on him, he tore his stitches out.   He is in the house and has been here for about a week.  He is way too sweet.  And liking living up here maybe just a little too much.  And maybe I like it just a little too much.  He is almost all healed up though.  For such a big dog, in a small house, he is amazingly well behaved.  I mean, he could completely wreck this place in under a half hour without even trying.  He hasn’t though.  He has gotten into my wool and yarn though.  Not amused.  I did try to give him some old wool, he wasn’t amused. I guess he wants the wool that still smells like sheep.  We have also been working on his ear mite problem.  So you know, dock tincture works pretty well for ear mites.  Dogs, or at least Conner, don’t like it much though.  

I am worried about the animals these next few days.  It is hot.  It is going to stay hot.  Worse is that we have so little breeze.  The girls and I are sitting here with sweat beading on our faces.  It is just how it goes.  We have been getting into the pond often.  Drinking lots.  I am already seeing the animals acting super hot though.  It is times like these that I wish we have an airconditioned room for them all.  Oh, we will be fine, I am more worried about them by far.  

We did lose a lamb last week.  He was up and running about just fine.  Two hours later when the girls went to do night chores, he was down.  We think it was a worm load, he had pale eye lids.  As far as we can tell though, no one else is having a problem.  We tried all the things we could think of, vitamin shots, garlic, herbal wormers,  They didn’t help though.  We are stepping up the herbal wormer on the other animals though.  I don’t like that an animal had to die for us to learn this lesson.  You don’t always get to chose how you learn lessons though.  That is why some of it’s tragic.  

There wasn’t really any magic the past two weeks though.  Let me see if I can make something up…

Well, you see, there were these unicorns…  Gwendy was riding one and fell off, and lost her first tooth!!!  Okay, it is true that Gwendy did lose her first tooth.  You can make up your own story about how that happened though.  

We are very nearly done shearing the sheep.  We just have the two boys left.  The shetlands are by far the easiest to shear.  It almost makes me want to just have shetlands.  However, I can’t.  I need more sheep.  I need meat sheep too and shetlands don’t cut it.  

The animals are for the most part handling all this well though.  And for the well maybe not magic, but the exciting animal news.  We got two pregnant, hopefully, sows this weekend.  They aren’t named yet.  Not sure if we are going to name them.  These will be our 5th and 6th pigs.  So far they seem to be calmer than the others.  Not sure if that has to do with being pregnant or just them being them.  I would not have called them calm though when we got them.  

We went to pick them up with the trailer and all of us except Jack brought a change of clothes.  Really there is nothing worse than getting muddy and gross and having to ride back home in gross clothes.  I have no idea what he was thinking.  Anyway, we got there and I was so happy to see a run already made up.  This should be easy, is what I thought.  I was wrong.  We backed up the trailer and and tried to get the pigs to go in.  That didn’t work.  I will fully admit right now that pigs kind of scare me.  I think I have too much respect for what they can do.  The woman that we were picking them up from, well she had no fear though.  Between her and Jack the pigs were finally loaded.  I did walk away with some bruises, but I am pretty damn sure we could not have loaded those pigs by ourselves.  They are doing well here though.  It is nice to have a place to put our slop again.  The chickens like it and all, but they don’t go after it like pigs do.  I saw a meme on facebook a few days ago.  It was a picture of a pig that said, converts vegetables to bacon.  And that surely is a pigs superpower.  In fact it is just great.  I have missed having pigs.  

I will admit right now that I am having a hard time thinking.  We have gotten into the pond only twice today.  I will also say that my judgement is impaired.  I thought that we should pluck the angora rabbits today. They were hot.  After a few seconds we thought, we should just shear them.  Just in case you don’t see where this is going, if it is about 100 with the heat index, with high humidity, don’t shear OR pluck rabbits with light fluffy hair.  That was why we were all just in the pond.  Oh dear.  The rabbits look smaller, maybe a little cooler. And currently we are no longer covered in rabbit hair.

I did almost forget about an exciting experiment that we are doing.  Last week after reading Gene Logsdon’s blog we decided to do a mix of school work.  The girls were supposed to be studying seeds.  This gets old after a while.  I mean, they have been planting for year now.  They understand seeds.  However, Gene Logsdon was talking about soil.  What undisturbed soil is like.  We happen to have lots of undisturbed soil.  I have to say that after reading One Straw Revolution, I have had an intense desire to just throw seeds out the window.  Then I daydream about going outside with a harvest basket and filling it with veggies of all sorts.  I put them dream on the same level of the dream that I have of homeschooling.  You know, the one where we are all quietly reading and then have amazing discussion about the book?  Yeah, not like that never happens, it is just, well, homeschooling isn’t like that.  I like to dream however.  Anyway, Gene Logsdon says that we might get better yields if we never mess with the soil.  And that growing in it just messes it up, period.  I agree.  Which is why we want to get to no till gardening.  But we have always said that there is no way you can just hop down and plant seeds wily nily like.  Or can we?  

That is what we are going to find out.  I know you are all on the edge of your seats now.  You will just have to wait though.  Our control is a third of one of our garden beds.  There are many different types of seeds planted there.  They are getting watered daily.  Our experimental  group of seeds is in the draw.  Land that has not been tilled or disturbed in any way that we know of.  So far nothing has germinated.  But we will see.  

And now I must end this blog entry.  As I said, it hasn’t been windy, which is horrible when it is this hot.  Yet, as I sit here, the wind has picked up and blew all the angora fiber across the room.  I see another pond trip in my future.


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