Sometimes more than others

You see who and what and where you are

The above two lines are Jimmy Buffett, the person I look to for life advice and comfort.  There is no one wiser in the world, if you were to ask me.   If you haven’t noticed I steal songs for my blog titles.  It makes it easier for me.  

We had a visitor this past week.  Well, really we had a tour go through and one person asked if they could come back and spend a few hours at our farm.  We agreed.  There was a good bit of deep conversation about how people live now.  Why aren’t more people farming, growing their own food, doing something at least.  I can throw in a little more Jimmy Buffet too,  Need is a relative thing these days, it borders on desire.  There are still a lot of things that we have that we don’t need.  And hell, a lot of things that to do what we want to do, we still need.  There is a lot of compromise that we are making to try and get us to the place we want to be at.  I feel sometimes that we opened our eyes and jumped.  Now there is no turning back, yet, we realize that we jumped out of hell and into quicksand, it is a long way to the beach but we are making it there slowly.  The life, the modern life, we were living was pointless and harmful.  The life we are living now is much better, however it still isn’t where we want to be.  The past week at work has been horrible for Jack.  Then he comes home and we need to move animals, lambs are getting out, garden needs to be weeded, corn needs planting, hell we haven’t even gotten to an outhouse or a root cellar yet.  Things are going slow, there isn’t enough time.  Waking up super early and going to bed late is wearing on us.  I am laughing at myself now because I just thought, oh I can’t wait until winter when we sleep for 12 hours a night again.  Never say never and never think that you won’t think something one day.  Long nights have a purpose, at least in my life now.  In all, I am happy with where we are.  Sometimes I just wish we could move faster.  

As for how things on the farm are going… The animals are doing well.  Interestingly we think Fiona is pregnant.  I noticed her bag starting to get bigger and it still is.  When Jack saw, and felt a little hoof his words were something along the lines of, well, we won’t kill you yet…  Jack doesn’t like my favorite goat.  I was very glad to see her pregnant.  The other girls, and boys are doing well.  Well, the lambs are hoping fence.  Fiona taught them.  Which is partly why Fiona isn’t some peoples favorite goat…  Anyway, lambs are getting out.  We still don’t have fence up the way we want it.  We really need better fence, it just takes so fricken long.  The barn still isn’t all the way up.  We have just been getting little parts done all over and not being able to finish one thing.  We are trying though.  One day, one day.  

The garden is going great.  The girls and I are still going out every morning and doing some weeding.  I am so happy how well that is going.  It has been colder, just ask my okra, it is still only about 4 inches tall.  Even still, after gardening this morning we all jumped in the pond.  The past two summers, there has been no question that jumping in the pond would feel good.  As Natalie then Layla jumped in this morning though and kept telling me how great it felt, well I started to not believe them so much.  We got a little bit of rain last night and it tends to make things feel slightly cold.  Anyway, if bathing in mint feels good to you on a slightly chilly morning, well yes, the pond felt good.  Refreshing in a slightly extreme way 🙂 

Eating from the garden has been amazing this year also.  Pretty much at every meal we are eating something from the garden.  I am thinking we will see a big difference in our food bill this month. We still have a lot of things that are not out yet also.  It is hard to believe that it is July now.  It just hasn’t been very warm this year yet.  You are probably getting sick of hearing me talk about the weather.  It is interesting to me how much weather plays a part in our life.  Weather plays a bigger part in our life than money does now.  If the weather is good, we get food.  If the weather is bad, all the money we spent on seed, tools and farm stuff, is wasted.  Weather, more important than money.  Wouldn’t you want to live in this world?  Of course, weather is also highly unpredictable… Still, it is the world I would rather live in.   Since it sprinkled last night, Jack did get out more corn and squash.  I am super excited about one variety of squash we have out.  The squash is supposed to get to 80 pounds.  When I think about how much food that is, well, I think about eating squash and sweet potatoes all winter long.  Oh all the soups.  We have a lot of volunteer tomatoes and potatoes popping up in old garden beds also.  We are letting them go for now.  The potatoes that we put in this year are not doing well at all.  That is very disappointing for me as I was looking forward to all the potatoes.  

Sometimes I don’t know where to end these.  Our life doesn’t have a closing point.  I can’t even sum up our week in an easy way.  So I am just going to end it like I started it.  The theme thought of the week.  Get off your ass and do something.  Change our world.  I can’t do it, you can’t do it, WE can do it.  Sometimes, when I get to blogging, I just get depressed and don’t want to blog.   Not that anything is going bad here on the farm, just depressed that this isn’t a more normal way of life.  Like there should be nothing special about what we are doing.  It makes me sad that we are minority.  I look forward to the day that we aren’t.  I look forward to the day when someone reads this blog and says, “Wait, there was a time when people didn’t grow their own food?”  


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