I’m a farmer and I know it…

I asked Jack what song I could turn into a blog title and as the sentence was just partly out of my mouth he started playing “I’m sexy and I know it” So I took it as a sign. One to start the day off with a smile and a good dance song in my head and two well, there is something in the title box now. 

So this is late. Things have been busy here lately. My sink is full of dishes. I actually had coffee this morning and had to stir it with a fork. Getting the sugar out with a fork isn’t easy. Oh well though 🙂 Jack took this past week off because his parents are here. The biggest thing going on right now is BARN!!!!

But before I get to that, I should start with where I ended last week… To not confuse my poor farming self.

This weekend we partly celebrated Layla’s birth. We went to Fairfield on Saturday. It is always an awesome trip with farmer’s markets and Indian food.  We dream about going to the farmer’s market in Fairfield.  Even more so after the people we talked to asked us if we would come to sell lamb.  It is hard to justify the drive.  It is always great up there though and it makes me sad that we really only go up there for birthdays.  

We have had to move the stock about every three days lately. Except for this last move. The grass was tall, up to my waist in places.


Just an example…

We got a lot of pictures of animals while we were moving them this last time that I will share now. Layla was in charge of the camera. The girls do help, no matter how much you see Natalie beating a post with a stick, she does help. I keep telling myself this. This is where we just took the animals from, the front yard. You can see the difference in the grass on the two sides.



This is looking out the front door to the tent. The tent WILL come down. Do you know anyone who wants a tent??? 


This is Paddy, remember how small he used to be? He really should be in the buck yard now, but he can slip out. It is currently being worked on to baby-proof the buck yard, it just isn’t quite done yet…

 Image Abe playing on the mineral feeder in the background, it really is a popular play space for the youngins and older animals alike. In the front in the shetland ram. He is adorable.  Though I have to admit that I am partial to the the shetland girl. She has some white spots along with some light brown. The girls named her Alice, her mother is Alais. I think it might be a little close, but hell, I am just the farm wench, I don’t get a lot of say here.


Sheep happily grazing. You might be wondering how Melisande is doing… She is hanging in there. The day that we moved them out of the front yard there was no grass and she was kind of freaking out. She started circling again and making a lot of noise. She also was pawing the air. I think with grass around her she feels safe and secure. As soon as we moved them she did better. By the way, herding a blind sheep, interesting. We will just leave it at that. Image

A whole bunch of babies disappeared into the grass. Or at least I think that those are babies. The grass did cover most of them.


Not Ruby or Jewel though. Ruby went into a long standing heat this week. It is always interesting when the cows go into heat. I feel bad for them. Blackie seemed slightly interested this month. We don’t really want Ruby to get pregnant for the next two months. Maybe Blackie will be interested enough to do his duty by then. And in a year we will be in milk!

Isn’t she a beautiful cow?  I love her so much. I am also so loving all our green. I see green and it just makes me so happy that we can feed our animals without getting hay.


A Ruby butt with a tail swish. I kind of love this picture too.


Is there a baby goat in there??? This is actually Lucina, one of Luna’s triplets. So much for goats not being able to handle three babies, eh?


Jack’s sexy legs…I guess Layla was trying to get pictures of how to put in the fence. It is a bit hard, especially when the ground is dry. Oh but so much fun. I do love Jack’s fashion statement with the socks too. 


Carrying the battery(which is fricken heavy) and the solar charger. See? Natalie does help. I had just carried over the grounding rod and fence charger.


But this is what I mean about Natalie and beating posts with sticks. There was a lot of hitting going around that day and a lot of pictures of it…


Getting the grounding rod in and sheep butts!!!! Also a lot of clothes on the line 🙂


Natalie’s warrior face. I think it would scare off most.


Nancy wondering why we fenced out the garden. Oh and if you are wondering, the hoops went up. The plastic never made it though. 


More babies! Oh not really. This is Cora, Freya’s baby. Freya is right next to her. I am super happy about how well the goat and sheep mommies have done this year. Even if they weren’t thrilled about their babies to begin with, they now are happy with them. 

This was just an hour or so. Lots of pictures though, eh? This is their third day in this paddock and I think they still have at least two more days here. When the grass covers you, well it takes a little more time to go through it. 

There is a flurry of activity going on in the garden also. We have planted out herbs, weeded, mulched. Beans went out this week along with cucumbers and melons. It is exciting. We also just harvested our first meal out of the garden. We got some black seeded simpson, a lettuce and some radishes. It made a nice salad. There is just something so satisfying going outside to get your food. It is almost as satisfying to go to the freezer to get meat you processed.  Like I said, Jack’s parents are here and I have heard a couple of times now, “This is so nicely seasoned” I have to say it feels good to know that we made good food. 

Another big thing that has happened here.  We have been putting off a dock to our pond for a good long time. When Phil and Judy came out they mentioned again that it would bee a quick thing. It also helped that Layla’s birthday party was going to be a pond party… Anyway, a day and a half of work and what did we have????Image

The dock  from standing on it. Looking at the benches that the girls and Roman made. They made two benches and started a swimming tube shed. Image 

Natalie, Layla and Roman showing the structural soundness of their bench.


Gwendy supervised by watching from the cart.


Layla was super proud of the benches. They actually made them on her birthday. 


The dock. Isn’t the view beautiful?


The pond, standing on the dock

I love our pond. It is the best pond ever. We did have a snapping turtle incident this week though…We had seriously just the day before had someone ask if we had ever seen a snapping turtle or leeches in our pond. I said no. We hadn’t. The next day I hear screaming coming from the pond. I wasn’t too worried since most of the grownups were over there also.  I did go over though to see a HUGE snapping turtle. Jack did kill it. And it did have leeches on it. So, we don’t have mermaids in our pond either. Maybe one of those will magically appear tomorrow now.

Layla’s party was a huge hit. She wanted to have a farm themed party. So we played games that were very loosely related to farm chores, like shearing sheep(cutting out a sheep on a piece of paper), gathering eggs with spoons, an egg toss and herding animals(balloons that kept popping) on the grass. Even though it was cold and overcast, it even sprinkled a few times, the kids and a few adults got into the pond. It was a little cold for me though. A fun time was had by all though. I made my famous cheesecake and well, it was great. The weather could have been better, but hey you can’t have it all.

And I have to say that I totally love when Jack’s parents come to visit, even if it does make writing this blog that much harder. Next week I will have more pictures of the barn(aka the junkyard contained) up. But a little sneak preview…


Looking toward the north, you can see the house and the tent in the background


Looking south, you can see the little teal shed that is being replaced. It might end up being a tool shed near the house.Image

Natalie took these pictures for me while I have been writing this. So great to have little photographers running around eager to document our farm. 

Image And sometimes, maybe it is the camera? Maybe it is the insane, intense sky we have, the pictures they take are stunning.


A lot of this happened yesterday while I was at farmer’s market. Yes! I went to farmer’s market for the first time. We don’t have a up and going garden just yet, but I brought all my yarn that I had spun. I did sell two skeins, which was really nice. I am hopeful that we will have a lot more to bring next week. Oh the amount of business on the farm lately. It has been hard and long writing this, so I hope you enjoy. I must get to washing some dishes now and making food to feed the peoples who are working hard to contain our junk. 

It is wonderful over here, even if it is cooler than usual, hey maybe we will get peas this year, the weather has been great for a lot of things. It is good working weather. The black locusts are blooming and there is just something amazingly graceful about the flowers. The grass is growing faster than animals can eat it. Life is good, even if crazy. 

And really, if you know anyone who wants a tent send them our way. I want it gone so I can put a garden there! 🙂


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