It’s May! It’s May! It finally feels like May!!!

Not that I think many of you know that song, well I improvised the last line. It is from Camelot. It is so weird to see spring! It seems like we have mostly just had two seasons, winter and summer and it goes drastically between them.  The grass is growing, the animals are eating it. It isn’t too hot to do work, the pond still feels shockingly cold. Things are growing. However, we did get two frosts. It may have killed all of our tomatoes. We are hoping they recover somehow. 


Talking about planting…I planted a ton of trees. Okay, I really don’t feel like I can say that after last year, but still. On Friday I planted 100, sycamores and black locusts. They are all in the bottoms. While down there we saw lots of dock going to seed. We might go and try and harvest some seed to make a flour. Never a bad idea to see how your wild edibles work and taste.  Mmmmm, dock biscuits 🙂  I also planted about 50 aronia berries and 25 hazelnuts. I couldn’t use the dibble bar(a tool you use to plant trees) to do the hazelnuts. I had to use a shovel. It was crazy. The roots on those things!!! Almost all the willows and poplars were planted out also. Hopefully by this time next year we will have a nice privacy screen by the pond. 


There was also some transplanting done and mulching and weeding. Some of the drudgery of gardening. I have issues with garden drudgery. I know some people like it, but really the only thing I like about gardening is harvesting. Still, we are trying to get things done.  Our garden is about 10 times bigger than last year. It is so crazy.  I am curious to see how long it feeds us though.


Animals are doing well. We have been moving them often, about every three days. It is a lot of work but they are eating the grass about as fast as it grows. They are up behind the house now. It is really nice because they also cut down the tick population.  We did have a scare a few days ago. Melisande was in her little pen, or at least she was the night before. When the girls went out in the morning, they noticed her gone. Jack hadn’t left for work yet so the four of us when out looking for a half sheared blind sheep. Let me tell ya, it was fun. She is also really small and we have some TALL grass. Jack walked right by her. I went back over where he looked after we had no luck and just happened to see a brown speck moving. Her eyes are not really doing much better. However we thought we would see how she does being put back in stock.  It has been a few days now and she is actually doing well. 


Another great thing is that I made up my own herbal wormer!! Or dewomer more specifically. I ordered a bunch of herbs and mixed it all together with some things. We noticed that the animals were having some worm pressure, their eyelids were pale. After three days of good dosing we have red eyelids again! Not only that but our milk production has almost doubled. I am so happy about this and wish I had done it sooner. Hindsight is 20/20. 


I also almost forgot.  Jack also got our amaranth and flax planted out on Monday. This is a fiber flax so hopefully it goes well and I will be making flax come winter!  It is very exciting for me. 


As for non-farm related things.  Or as non-farm related as it gets here… Thursday we got to go to pizza night for the first time!!! It is hard to arrange our schedules to go out like that throughout the week. All chores had to be done before we left, which was about when Jack got home. It was kind of crazy but it worked. The Milkweed Mercantile over at Dancing Rabbit has pizza night every Thursday. They will make a gluten free pizza if you order ahead. It tasted SO GOOD!!!! Oh my goddess so good. It was a nice break. 


Saturday was also a busy day for us. We were barely home. We did the cook shack for the community building. There were some electric issues in the morning, so we didn’t open when we wanted to. I think that really affected our total sales. We still did much better than last month. After the cook shack we had to hurry and get ready for May Day at Sandhill. This is a huge celebration with a May Pole and sweat lodge, potluck. It is really a great time. It was also VERY cold. There wasn’t as much jumping in the pond this year. It was a fun day, if a little overfull. 


Things are going though. We think that maybe we will be able to put away our winter clothes. Not quite sure though yet. The days are flying past. Our list of things to do is growing even as things are being taken off. Crazy but good. 


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