Once you have a farm…

you will never sleep again.

Feels like it sometimes. I mean, I have kids. I knew that when I had kids my sleep was going to stop. Or at least, I thought I knew what that meant. I didn’t really. I also knew that there was a time after babies and before teenagers that supposedly I would sleep again. Turns out I don’t like sleep much. I would rather get a whole lot of animals that a whole lot of other animals find tasty and try to keep them from being eaten, mostly at night. Oh it isn’t all that bad. I still however like to wake up for every little sound and have to look out and make sure that there is nothing crazy going on out there. I know that the longer my babies are out there the better chance that something is likely to try and eat them. By the way, last night while I was trying to figure out the night noises I wrote this paragraph in my head.

Nothing that really tried to eat my animals did last night though. I do wish sometimes I could sleep a little better. But then I don’t. I would rather be awake and hopefully try and save my babies than get a good nights sleep. So, what happened on the farm this week? Well a good bit. Luna did kid. I talked about that though, she got her own little post, lucky girl. Her babies are doing well. Her boy that was breech is getting better. He started out not being able to hold any weight on any of his legs. Now he can get three under him and walk around a little. He is still holding up the leg that was used to pull him out. I have to say that Luna’s babies are the cutest things ever. Oh they are beautiful. She is also such a good mother. It really takes a lot off my shoulders seeing her making sure her boy who can’t move around still gets milk. I think that is doing a lot for him.

We also dehorned Nancy’s boy Patty, Freya’s girl Cora and Dancer’s girl Danielle on Friday. I am not sure if we got Patty quick enough, he might still have horns. We shaved Luna’s babies heads so we could see the horn buds better. We think that the girls may be polled. There is nothing there. The boy does have little buds, we will keep an eye out though. We also did one other thing that we have been putting off. Megan had an abscess. We were worried that it was Cl, a very infectious disease. So Friday Mac, Anya and Roman came over, they also helped out while we were dehorning and we cut it open. It was such a relief that there wasn’t much puss it had no odor. It also wasn’t the right texture for CL. We knew, with Megan only being a year that it was unlikely, CL goats normally don’t form abscesses until they are older.

On Saturday we had a work party. All the folks at Red Earth came by and we shoveled poop. All the straw and hay that the animals have pooped on over the winter is now piled into four big piles. This morning we could see them steaming in the cold. I keep looking out at those piles and I think about how much food they are going to grow us this year. We are hoping to get some ground tilled soon and plant out the potatoes and get some things going. It is exciting but as I was trying to explain to the girls, what we think of as spring doesn’t usually show up until May sometime. Trying to be patient in April is hard.

On Monday, April Fool’s Day, the girls tried their best to get us with jokes. Their idea of jokes is something else sometimes. So I was pretty prepared to not believe anything they said that day. Natalie did get me when she told me Oreo peed on her snow pants, but hey I am gullible. Anyway, when they came running into the house after taking the puppies for a walk and told me that Sidonie had given birth to a lamb, well, I didn’t believe them. Turns out she had. She is also a good mom. She licked that baby so much I was worried it wasn’t going to have any wool left. She had a little boy and I was happy that lambing season had started.

This morning I was getting stuff ready to go milk and the girls ran in again! Rosie, our polypay/shetland had just lambed, a boy and a girl. I have to wonder how quickly everyone is going to drop around here. I feel slightly awash with babies right now. They are all doing well and really it is just exciting to see all this new life. Seeing our farm grow is so amazing. We are doing it. I am also glad that even though we are still below average in temperatures it is getting warmer. I did predict that we were going to be colder this year, we will see how far that goes huh?

Milking has been going well. We are having the same problem that we had with eggs though. We are not used to having milk. So drinking it takes some getting used to. The past two mornings the girls have drank two quarts each morning. That is helping. I just really need to remember that we have milk and eggs now. Just now, Natalie came inside telling me that Freya had a thorn in her eye. Uggg. I was so freaked out. I have issues with eyes and bones. Natalie told me she wasn’t going to go back out there. I told her she had to because I was going to have issues with it and I was going to need her to hold Freya while I got it out. Turns out it was only a piece of hay. Natalie held her and I got it out. It really way in there, but it was only some hay. Thank the goodness. I find myself being pushed a lot lately. When you have this many animals, something just about happens each day. Sometimes it is nothing big, sometimes it is. You never know what is going to happen and who is going to be your problem child of the day. In a lot of ways having a farm is just like having a really really big family. Maybe when people ask me how many kids I have I should say 43. That isn’t counting chickens though. I am not sure if 43 is really believable though. Oh and that number will grow as more sheep lamb this year. Exciting times on the farm over here, exciting times.


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