Baby drama solved

Luna gave birth.

It wasn’t a fun morning. I was milking Freya and I hear Natalie screaming for me. The problem is that the baby goats screamed every time she tried to tell me what was going on. Finally, I heard BIRTH!!! I ran to the house, Jack hadn’t left yet and told him before running down there. He got the camera and started to get ready to come down also. When I got down there the girls said that she was streaming out fluid. Okay, so it wasn’t like babies were coming out right now. Jack got down and we started to move Luna out of the paddock with stock. She didn’t need to deal with everyone. Jack went up and finished milking for me and after not much progress he said he was going to head to work. I agreed, though a part of me kept saying, this is the only birth we have even seen. There has to be a reason for it, something is not quite right. I kind of wish I had listened to that, but as it was Jack didn’t believe me.

So he went to work and the girls went on doing chores as I watched and waited. At one point I saw a black bubble. She pushed it almost all the way out and then it went back in. This happened a few times and I knew the baby was in the wrong position. I let it go for awhile, but she wasn’t progressing at all. Finally, I asked the girls to get me some gloves. I went in. This was hard for two reasons, one this was the first birth I have EVER seen. Not counting my own, but I didn’t see those. And two, Natalie couldn’t quite hold Luna while I was going in. Even still, when I went in I could just feel bubbles. There were no hoofs, noses, just bubbles!!!

It had been three hours since then. From what I had read after seeing that first bubble a kid should pop out within an hour. It wasn’t happening. So I called Jack, told him what was going on again and he said he would come home. It took him an hour to get here. He had a hard time leaving work. In that hour we started to get really scared for Luna. She seemed tired, she wasn’t moving much and it seemed like agony to push. Push she did though, over and over. I tried going in again but again Natalie couldn’t quite hold her still enough. I knew Jack was on his way so we just tried to keep her calm and comfy. We got her some molasses water and just held her.

Jack finally got there. He reached in while I was holding Luna and said that the baby was breech. My hand is a whole lot smaller than his and he told me to reach in again and he guided my hand as best as he could. I still did not quite get the kid though. So in went Jack again. He finally got his hand wrapped around the kid and got him out. Yep, a little boy caused all the trouble. He was tiny. For awhile we didn’t think he was alive. We got him up next to Luna and I said, that isn’t it. Another kid started coming out and just a few seconds after we got her out another came out. Our first set of triplets on the farm!! Two girls and one boy(the one who was breech). One of the girls is white with some dark markings, the other girl is almost silver and the boy is silver/black.

I think we were all exhausted after that. We just sat down with Luna and the kids and helped them to get latched on, dried them off a little bit and relaxed. After about an hour we moved them up to their babymoon pen. They seem so tiny, yet really all we have seen are single births, so it would make sense.

So Luna was finally pregnant, and with three little kids! And lesson I learned is, if I think something is wrong, I really need to listen to that. Damn, Luna should not have had to go through that. I am happy though that once again things turned out alright. Now, can I go back to sleep?


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