Does the excitement stop?

No, I don’t think it will for awhile. Sometimes it is hard for me to know where to start. Maybe here? Well, last Thursday we went to our second Rutledge community meeting. I had volunteered last time to help them raise money for their new community center. We finalized some more plans for that. It is interesting. These people are really nice, but I find that a lot of times they think of us all as hippies and flaky. I admit to becoming more flaky as time goes on. Flakiness is totally a peeve of mine. I find though that as more things come on my plate, flaky happens sometimes. When it comes to my children or my animals, I put things off. I kind of hate that. I am also trying to keep it in mind when I commit myself to something.

Saturday brought us to another auction. This time for hay, but not for ourselves, or at least mostly not for ourselves. Really it has just been I won’t say bad, but definitely not easy year. This summer we had a horrible drought, really it started the summer before that. So not much hay was cut. Now, or at least a week ago we had so much snow that animals couldn’t graze. So, not much hay, no way to get at the grass does not make it easy to provide for our animals. By “our” I mean us and people we know who are trying to do the same. Everyone! Hay has been going up at every auction we have been at. But we went out and got a truck load again. Hopefully this is the last hay we have to buy this year. The snow is melted, the sun is finally out today. Can I hope that the grass will start growing soon?

Saturday was also my fiber meeting. I don’t seem to get to go very often. I love going though!!! Not only do I get to talk all things fiber related but a lot of the women there are old time farmers. So I also get to talk about my animals and farm. All the women there are also super sweet to the girls. It is just a great couple of hours in my month. They are talking about meeting twice a month now and that makes me so happy. I need more fiber/farm talk in my life right now.

Sunday we had big plans. Oh daylight saving time! I usually am not bothered by it but damn this Sunday was packed full and losing an hour really made a horrible difference. I guess I should preface this all by Saturday it started to warm up and rain. Which started our foot of snow to melting. We wanted this yes. We were also dreading this. We have clay soil. Lots of water + clay soil = lots of flooding. Especially when you add in sheets of ice on creeks that ice dam the creeks causing them to overflow even more. I am getting away with myself though. Big plans, Sunday, early. We woke up at 5:30 to start with. I started making breakfast to take on our trip, Jack and the girls went out to do chores. Of course, of course! The girls came back in with, “There is a baby out there, Freya’s!” At this I wasn’t too worried. I had thought that Freya would be a good mother. I was wrong. Jack went out there and got them settled. Freya was beating the crap out of her kid. It took two of us to hold her down while another got her baby latched on. We had to hold down not only her body but also all four of her legs. Amazingly, even with this thrown into the crazy of the morning, we were only fifteen minutes late getting out of here. It kind of tore at me leaving the baby here. She had lot to eat though and it should have held her until we got back. It was on my mind though the entire time we were gone.

Which is saying something since we left in dense fog and flooded roads. There was really only two times that I kind of freaked. One was when we were driving down the country road and missed a stop sign. We actually could not see it until it was right in front of us. We have driven down that road many times over and if we could have seen anything we would have known it was coming up. However, we drove right through it. That was scary. It was not as scary as going across a flooded road though. It had one of those nice signs that says “Caution! Impassable in High Waters!” We got through but the nice sign that was on the other side? I would say it was 2 feet into the water. The creeks were almost to the bridges. Fields were flooded under inches of water. Woods looked like swamps. And it was still raining. We did make it to where we were going though in one piece.

Where were we going though? We were going to pick up some pregnant sheep. This was a lady who loves her animals. She had rejected two other people who were interested. These girls are shetland/polypay sheep. They have amazing fleeces. One of them went to Joan. Two of them though are currently in quarantine waiting for the day to join the rest of our stock. It is always so nice talking to people who really care about their animals. I really do treasure the people we have met picking up animals. Our drive back wasn’t so bad, we took a different way home. We did stop by the feed store and I picked up nipples thinking I may have to bottle feed our newest edition. I was really really worried about her. We had taken a lot longer than I thought we would and well, I was worried. As soon as Jack stopped the truck I ran out and into the pen with Freya and her baby. They were fine though. I got her latched on again. We are actually still doing this. Freya is getting better with her, but not by much. The baby is getting stronger and even though Freya tries to get away the baby is getting milk. It seems like it alternates on our good births and our problem births. Megan and Joy are doing better. Which gives me hope that Freya will also get better. In the long run though I am reminded that this doesn’t last long. This is a tiny drop of time. It is hard and exhausting and it seem to be happening a lot lately, but it is still a tiny drop of time and in the end it will be alright. Dancer’s baby was named. We do think that she might be a keeper. Her name is Danielle. Layla named her. It is hard but we are faced with the possibility that Megan and Joy might be sold. We aren’t sure yet though.

The rest of the stock are doing fine. Nancy is due any day now. Luna, if she actually is pregnant now, is due in a couple of weeks. Oh and then the goat births are mostly done. Then it will be time for the sheep. It is just a little crazy round here lately. That is alright though. I did put off milking for awhile. We didn’t think that Joy was ready to be all by herself at night yet. So we are waiting until Danielle can be put in with her. Just a few more days.

So again besides all the crazy it is going well over here. I am hoping for some drier sunnier days to come so we can get started on the greenhouse addition. I still want the rain and such, really I do. I just need a small break. Today is looking good, sunny at least. I have to admit that the recent cloud cover is totally bringing me down. There is a lot of work to be done. Oh and I am tired.


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