More Babies!!

Or at least one. đŸ™‚

I guess this is kind of skipping to the good part. Last Friday we went to a farm auction. We were hoping to score some animal shelters but it totally didn’t work out. Truthfully, we should have left an hour in. All the people that were bidding were crazy. I guess it is good for the people who were selling at the auction, but when things go for just a few dollars off what you would pay for them new? Yeah. The shelters were about $10 off what you would pay for them new. Of course, that doesn’t count in shipping which would probably be high, but still. It was crazy. We came home though with a few odds and ends that Jack can’t help not bid on. We also had to go up to Iowa that day. We were picking up some stuff for a friend and we had ordered a small amount too. Yay for having the materials to get the greenhouse up!!! Though the ground has to unfreeze and dry up a little bit… Anyway, the girls had told me that Dancer’s bag was bigger, but she still had ligaments and no discharge. I did make the joke that we better not come home to a baby. It took way longer than we thought it would getting the stuff. Way longer. Not to mention the roads weren’t great and we had a really heavy load. We couldn’t really drive home quickly. So it was dark when we got home. Jack said he would go do chores and let us eat. I went and checked on our babies and went inside. A few minutes later Jack walked in with a baby goat. At first I was like, why did you bring Joy inside? Then I realized that that was so not Joy. But I couldn’t figure out who it was. I can’t remember who said it, but someone said, “Dancer had her baby!!!” She was clean, dry and hefty. That is really the only way to describe this girl. She is hefty. We got a sweater on her and got another pen worked out. We got Dancer up in there and it was all good. Of course, no one had seen her nurse. I was trying to get her too, but she was tired. So of course she wasn’t going to latch on. I woke up in the middle of the night to go outside and check on her too. I just couldn’t sleep. It has been really cold here lately. Anyway, she was fine. She continues to be fine. There still is no name, but maybe soon. She is super sweet. She is bigger than Joy and looks just like Dancer except black instead of brown. So sweet. The babies on the farm seem to be doing well.

Our fence is not though. It is buried under a foot or in some places more of snow. It is being weighed down and sagging. In some places there is only a foot of fence above the snow. It is bad. There also is no electricity. Something about that much snow grounds out the shock. So currently the only thing holding our animals in is their respect for our sanity. Not all of them have this respect and some of them forget it from time to time. Yesterday as Jack was walking to the truck to go to work, we had just gotten another two inches of snow, he saw that a few of the sheep were actually bedded down with the puppies. The puppies are actually on guard duty with the babies. They aren’t in the fence. So at some point during the night the sheep decided that it looked nice to go sleep with the puppies. Jack got them all back in with a bale of hay, but still. It was a reminder that we REALLY need the snow to go away. We can’t move the livestock and they so need to be moved. There are some warm days coming so I am hopeful that we will be able to do this soon. I am worried about the mud that is sure to happen once this all melts though. sigh

Other than the snow and babies we have kind of been laying low. I am still recovering from my birthday. The seed order did get placed. Yeah for new seeds!! I am going to place a tree order soon also. Like I said earlier we got the materials to put a greenhouse addition onto the south side of the cabin. Things are coming along and it is seeming more like spring. Even if when I do look outside I am looking out at a foot of snow. It is March and it is coming. We have a lot planned this year. We have high ambitions, like we always seem to have. It is good. Though we also try to be realistic. We know it won’t all get done and we have to be okay with that. I am excited though on how far we have come. The difficulties we have overcome. The challenges. It has rarely been easy. I think though that is what makes this all the more satisfying. It feels like it is what we have been missing. It is heartbreaking, scary, enough worry to give anyone an ulcer, and yet seeing a baby nurse, collecting eggs, eating food that we grew, it is what life is about, no?


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