Cursed day


Though that isn’t the only thing that is cursed. We only got about four inches last Thursday but it was enough. More than enough. It sure makes life here interesting. I am not going to complain too much, we need the precipitation and badly. To a point even snow is easier to deal with than rain. The animals don’t seem to mind it at all. Though yesterday was different. There is a good seven to eight inches out there now. Drifts are higher. It is still snowing also. Luckily, it actually isn’t too cold. When I say things like that I laugh at myself. I, who said that I would never live in a cold climate again. I, who would much rather be in Hawaii again. Since we have seen negative digits this month though, just around freezing doesn’t feel that cold. We are all, animals and humans, handling it alright. I can tell you though that walking up our hills with that much snow gives your butt a workout.

It has been pretty uneventful. Or really, very eventful, just it is constant. Joy is not doing so well. She still have limited movement with her front legs, though she is getting better every day. Well, except for yesterday, in which she got much much worse. Jack noticed Tuesday night that she wasn’t latching on well. Wednesday morning she was even worse. We brought her inside and spent the day saving Joy. Same day as our “blizzard”. I am glad that Jack humors me sometimes. We do have a slight rule on the farm that animals that can’t make it, probably shouldn’t. Of course that doesn’t mean that we are just going to let them die. Not if they are fighting. The amount of effort we put into Joy yesterday was probably extreme. I am in some ways glad for the blizzard because Jack stayed home. I am not sure if I would have been able to take care of Joy and do everything else yesterday without his help. First we boiled her. Not really, but she was cold and the best way to quickly warm a kid is to submerse them in really warm water. At first she didn’t like this, but then she relaxed and I don’t think wanted to come out. Then began dropper feeding her, every hour or so. At first she would only take one or two droppers. We gave her some vitamin B and Jack even tried some coffee to help give her some jump to eat. Since we hadn’t seen evidence of poop from her in a day and she was hunching and looking uncomfortable we gave her enemas. Yes, enemas and goat kids. Thank the goddess for the internet and finding these things. Anyway, the first three produced nothing. I think she was so dehydrated that the water just went to her body. It wasn’t until last night that Joy finally, for the first time that day, peed and pooped. You have no idea how happy that made us all. She stayed inside last night also. This morning she seems much more active, she was raising her head and bouncing it(that is what they do when they nurse). So we tried bringing her out to Megan and see if she had enough ummf to nurse. She DID!!! That makes me happy. Unfortunately, she does have a slight rumble in her chest right now. She is still inside and we will just have to see how it goes. All the girls know that Joy just might not make it. We do our best though.

We did have a not so fun Monday though. It was my birthday. I don’t know why, but my birthday seems slightly cursed. I have actually just tried to ignore it. It actually wasn’t until two years ago that the girls even realized I had a birthday. Kind of funny when you think of it, right? I remember it was two years ago, my birthday, and I was so upset over everything, also wasn’t a fun day, that I yelled something about it being my birthday and couldn’t someone at least somewhat be nice to me? They all looked at me like I was crazy. Anyway, Sunday night I had Joy duty and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got four hours of sleep that night and woke up trying to stay positive. I was tired, cranky but I was going to try and make the best out of my day. It was going, if not great, fine. Until the girls took the puppies on their walk. I have told them many times over, not to use bailing twine. For some reason they like to use twine as leashes. They have lost the puppies many times over doing this. That day was no exception. After they had been gone for awhile I got a call from across the creek. A community member had Bridget. Since he is like on the very opposite side of the land from us I was slightly worried. He told me he would bring her back and I was going to go check and see where the girls were.

I don’t have a voice that carries. Even trying no one seems to hear me. It is more than frustrating. I went down to our bottoms and screamed for the girls. I was going pretty far from where they should have been and couldn’t find them, couldn’t hear them. After screaming for awhile, Layla finally heard me. It took a lot of time to get them to understand that I needed to talk to at least one of them to find out what was going on. I guess my franticness got to Bridget. She heard me and slipped her collar as Chad was walking her back. She came running to me and was really happy to see me. But she was still scared, mostly because I kept yelling, and I had nothing to hold her with. She has a lot of scruff so I did scruff her but I quickly realized I was not going to be able to get her back home like that. Layla finally met me and I asked her if they had Conner. They did, they were just still looking for Bridget. I told her I had her and to go back and get Natalie and tell her to come home. So Layla went back. I was hoping that I would go after Natalie, but Layla could not hold Bridget. So I tried calling for Joan, since we were on her leasehold. I was hoping for anything to get around Bridget so Gwendy could maybe hold her. Nothing. I saw that Jack was pulling in from being at work. We were pretty far from the house though, and downhill. So I told Gwendy to go as fast as she could up to the house and tell daddy to get down here quickly with something to hold Bridget. Meanwhile I kept screaming for Joan. Grant was home, not Joan, and he had earphones in. He had taken them out at one point though and actually heard me screaming. He came down and held Bridget. Gwendy at this point had made it to the house awhile ago but there was still no sign of Jack coming down. Little did I know at the time, she didn’t tell him that I needed him NOW! She just told him that I needed something to hold Bridget. Jack had no clue what was going on. He did finally realize something was up though when he saw Grant helping. I had been trying to call for Layla and Natalie, our missing children and couldn’t get either to reply back. Layla still had not found Natalie and she was halfway to the village. Natalie had actually walked all the way to the village and then back along the road. She was so concerned about finding Bridget that she wasn’t thinking at all. All of this was about an hour and a half. Missing dogs, missing children. It was enough to set my nerves on edge. Not to mention totally kill my throat. It was alright though, it was done. No one was hurt, everyone was home. So we thought at least.

A couple of hours later, it was full dark and we were about to head up to bed, I noticed that Huck was missing. I went and searched outside, he was no where. I asked the girls, who were already in bed. Layla said that he had gone with them on the walk and crossed the creek with them. We had been hearing a howling for hours and thought that it was someone else’s dog, it was down by the creek as far as we could tell. So Jack and I headed down to the bottoms again and went calling for Huck. The problem is, Huck could be inside with us right next to him and he usually doesn’t respond to us calling. We knew it was a long shot. We wondered if Huck had wandered off to die. He is quite old. We were worried that if we didn’t find him, we never would because of the blizzard that was happening that night. We were sick. We were tired. After searching and yelling for awhile we came home and I sent out an email to the communities, hoping that somehow Huck had taken shelter somewhere and someone had seen him. About five minutes after I hit send Gooseberry called and said that Huck was howling outside their door. So Jack went and picked him up. He had to carry him most of the way. It was bad. Yesterday, Huck didn’t really move. In fact we had to get his legs under him a few times. He isn’t moving so well. I don’t know what happened to him in those hours, but it has taken its toll on his body. I am hoping he recovers.

So that was the day from hell, my birthday. All night that night, I kept waking up feeling like I had lost something and needed to go looking for it. It sucked. And then the next day was taking care of Joy. This has been a few days that I never want to repeat ever. It hasn’t been fun at all. I am hopeful for today. It is still snowing, but it isn’t so cold. All of our animals are here with us, even if some of them are not 100%. I am hopeful that we can nurse them back to that. It has been an emotionally draining few days. They are over though and the sun will come out eventually.


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