What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Well, this has been an interesting week. Last Tuesday we had one goat birth. This morning I was getting the fire going, checking email and saw the girls running up to the cabin. Since they were running from the stock, I ran to the door and asked them what was wrong. Megan had given birth. I quickly got on more clothes, it was a windchill of -7 this morning. Megan was just out running about. You wouldn’t think that she had just had a baby. Her baby was in the shelter, still a little wet and cold. I tried to get her latched onto Megan but noticed her mouth was cold. So we got Megan out of there, and her baby. Brought her baby inside the cabin. I milked Megan a little bit and the girls found some droppers. And that started my interesting day of getting a baby warm and getting it latched onto Megan. Right now, don’t think I am crazy please, Joy is in my baby carrier. Our cabin is not warm enough, even with a fire going, to keep Joy warm right now. And I cannot just sit in front of the fire all day. So, yeah. Trying my best at this moment. I am now thankful that our first birth went so well. I am hoping that this birth eventually stops being a drama queen.

Abe, named after Abraham Lincoln since they were born on the same day, is doing great. He has tons of energy and is up and moving around like a pro. I do remember he has some issues his first day, but not like this. Rapunzel is doing well too. Abe is much less scared of us than she is. So hopefully she comes around some day and we have all friendly goats again. Thankfully she is not a dairy goat and I don’t have to try and milk her 🙂

The girls have been checking the goats twice a day. We knew Megan was close, but we also thought she would give us more warning. Like, any warning. The only reason we knew she was close was she was getting a bag and she occasionally had some goop. Neither of those are great signs. Just signs. So I am not sure if we will see any births this year. Which I am alright with really. I would be very happy if all goats and sheep gave birth easily and all babies were healthy and happy. I don’t need to be there for it. I don’t. However, if anything bad or even not great is going to happen. I hope I will be there. Like today. We don’t know when Joy was born, or how long she was just laying there.

Isn’t is funny? I keep trying to talk about something else and it all comes back to Joy. Deep breath. I did find my calling though. You know I was always wanting to be a Le Leche League leader. I think I have found my calling in helping goats breastfeed. I am joking by the way. But can’t you just see goat LLL meetings? There now there is a funny picture for your day 🙂

The other animals are holding out well. We are really cold again but they don’t seem to mind. We are supposed to be getting a huge storm tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that. Really not looking forward to that. In fact, if it doesn’t happen I would be much the happier. We have ordered some seeds. That time of year. We also went and picked up 250 pounds of potato seed. Yes, you read that right. We really are going big on a few crops this year. We need to get the root cellar going soon.

You might be wondering why I named the post what I did. It was something that totally flabbergasted me. Somehow the question was asked to the girls what they wanted to be when they grew up. I’m sure if you went to school you heard this from kindergarten on, right? You drew pictures of it. In fact your whole life revolved around what you were going to DO. My girls looked at me like I was nuts. Layla said, “Umm, first I want to grow up before I make big decisions like that.” Really she looked at me that I was crazy for even thinking of asking that question. How smart is that? Really, why do we start filling our kids heads with things like this? They need to be making serious decisions like that so early? Don’t we want them to grow and figure out who they are and what they might like doing first? Why are we always so concerned about what a person DOES? Are we that worried that people just aren’t going to do anything? Anyway, just a thought. Especially since I recently was thinking about all the things I wanted to “be” when I grew up. So many things. You know what? I am none of those right now. And how much of my life and energy was spent on those things that I never became? Oh, not saying it is bad to try things on, but I think we put way too much emphasis on it. So that is life on the farm lately. Crazy, exciting, happy, sad, crazy some more. And we are so planning births better next year. I’m sure it will still be a lot of crazy, but I really don’t like dealing with cold.


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