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Cursed day


Though that isn’t the only thing that is cursed. We only got about four inches last Thursday but it was enough. More than enough. It sure makes life here interesting. I am not going to complain too much, we need the precipitation and badly. To a point even snow is easier to deal with than rain. The animals don’t seem to mind it at all. Though yesterday was different. There is a good seven to eight inches out there now. Drifts are higher. It is still snowing also. Luckily, it actually isn’t too cold. When I say things like that I laugh at myself. I, who said that I would never live in a cold climate again. I, who would much rather be in Hawaii again. Since we have seen negative digits this month though, just around freezing doesn’t feel that cold. We are all, animals and humans, handling it alright. I can tell you though that walking up our hills with that much snow gives your butt a workout.

It has been pretty uneventful. Or really, very eventful, just it is constant. Joy is not doing so well. She still have limited movement with her front legs, though she is getting better every day. Well, except for yesterday, in which she got much much worse. Jack noticed Tuesday night that she wasn’t latching on well. Wednesday morning she was even worse. We brought her inside and spent the day saving Joy. Same day as our “blizzard”. I am glad that Jack humors me sometimes. We do have a slight rule on the farm that animals that can’t make it, probably shouldn’t. Of course that doesn’t mean that we are just going to let them die. Not if they are fighting. The amount of effort we put into Joy yesterday was probably extreme. I am in some ways glad for the blizzard because Jack stayed home. I am not sure if I would have been able to take care of Joy and do everything else yesterday without his help. First we boiled her. Not really, but she was cold and the best way to quickly warm a kid is to submerse them in really warm water. At first she didn’t like this, but then she relaxed and I don’t think wanted to come out. Then began dropper feeding her, every hour or so. At first she would only take one or two droppers. We gave her some vitamin B and Jack even tried some coffee to help give her some jump to eat. Since we hadn’t seen evidence of poop from her in a day and she was hunching and looking uncomfortable we gave her enemas. Yes, enemas and goat kids. Thank the goddess for the internet and finding these things. Anyway, the first three produced nothing. I think she was so dehydrated that the water just went to her body. It wasn’t until last night that Joy finally, for the first time that day, peed and pooped. You have no idea how happy that made us all. She stayed inside last night also. This morning she seems much more active, she was raising her head and bouncing it(that is what they do when they nurse). So we tried bringing her out to Megan and see if she had enough ummf to nurse. She DID!!! That makes me happy. Unfortunately, she does have a slight rumble in her chest right now. She is still inside and we will just have to see how it goes. All the girls know that Joy just might not make it. We do our best though.

We did have a not so fun Monday though. It was my birthday. I don’t know why, but my birthday seems slightly cursed. I have actually just tried to ignore it. It actually wasn’t until two years ago that the girls even realized I had a birthday. Kind of funny when you think of it, right? I remember it was two years ago, my birthday, and I was so upset over everything, also wasn’t a fun day, that I yelled something about it being my birthday and couldn’t someone at least somewhat be nice to me? They all looked at me like I was crazy. Anyway, Sunday night I had Joy duty and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got four hours of sleep that night and woke up trying to stay positive. I was tired, cranky but I was going to try and make the best out of my day. It was going, if not great, fine. Until the girls took the puppies on their walk. I have told them many times over, not to use bailing twine. For some reason they like to use twine as leashes. They have lost the puppies many times over doing this. That day was no exception. After they had been gone for awhile I got a call from across the creek. A community member had Bridget. Since he is like on the very opposite side of the land from us I was slightly worried. He told me he would bring her back and I was going to go check and see where the girls were.

I don’t have a voice that carries. Even trying no one seems to hear me. It is more than frustrating. I went down to our bottoms and screamed for the girls. I was going pretty far from where they should have been and couldn’t find them, couldn’t hear them. After screaming for awhile, Layla finally heard me. It took a lot of time to get them to understand that I needed to talk to at least one of them to find out what was going on. I guess my franticness got to Bridget. She heard me and slipped her collar as Chad was walking her back. She came running to me and was really happy to see me. But she was still scared, mostly because I kept yelling, and I had nothing to hold her with. She has a lot of scruff so I did scruff her but I quickly realized I was not going to be able to get her back home like that. Layla finally met me and I asked her if they had Conner. They did, they were just still looking for Bridget. I told her I had her and to go back and get Natalie and tell her to come home. So Layla went back. I was hoping that I would go after Natalie, but Layla could not hold Bridget. So I tried calling for Joan, since we were on her leasehold. I was hoping for anything to get around Bridget so Gwendy could maybe hold her. Nothing. I saw that Jack was pulling in from being at work. We were pretty far from the house though, and downhill. So I told Gwendy to go as fast as she could up to the house and tell daddy to get down here quickly with something to hold Bridget. Meanwhile I kept screaming for Joan. Grant was home, not Joan, and he had earphones in. He had taken them out at one point though and actually heard me screaming. He came down and held Bridget. Gwendy at this point had made it to the house awhile ago but there was still no sign of Jack coming down. Little did I know at the time, she didn’t tell him that I needed him NOW! She just told him that I needed something to hold Bridget. Jack had no clue what was going on. He did finally realize something was up though when he saw Grant helping. I had been trying to call for Layla and Natalie, our missing children and couldn’t get either to reply back. Layla still had not found Natalie and she was halfway to the village. Natalie had actually walked all the way to the village and then back along the road. She was so concerned about finding Bridget that she wasn’t thinking at all. All of this was about an hour and a half. Missing dogs, missing children. It was enough to set my nerves on edge. Not to mention totally kill my throat. It was alright though, it was done. No one was hurt, everyone was home. So we thought at least.

A couple of hours later, it was full dark and we were about to head up to bed, I noticed that Huck was missing. I went and searched outside, he was no where. I asked the girls, who were already in bed. Layla said that he had gone with them on the walk and crossed the creek with them. We had been hearing a howling for hours and thought that it was someone else’s dog, it was down by the creek as far as we could tell. So Jack and I headed down to the bottoms again and went calling for Huck. The problem is, Huck could be inside with us right next to him and he usually doesn’t respond to us calling. We knew it was a long shot. We wondered if Huck had wandered off to die. He is quite old. We were worried that if we didn’t find him, we never would because of the blizzard that was happening that night. We were sick. We were tired. After searching and yelling for awhile we came home and I sent out an email to the communities, hoping that somehow Huck had taken shelter somewhere and someone had seen him. About five minutes after I hit send Gooseberry called and said that Huck was howling outside their door. So Jack went and picked him up. He had to carry him most of the way. It was bad. Yesterday, Huck didn’t really move. In fact we had to get his legs under him a few times. He isn’t moving so well. I don’t know what happened to him in those hours, but it has taken its toll on his body. I am hoping he recovers.

So that was the day from hell, my birthday. All night that night, I kept waking up feeling like I had lost something and needed to go looking for it. It sucked. And then the next day was taking care of Joy. This has been a few days that I never want to repeat ever. It hasn’t been fun at all. I am hopeful for today. It is still snowing, but it isn’t so cold. All of our animals are here with us, even if some of them are not 100%. I am hopeful that we can nurse them back to that. It has been an emotionally draining few days. They are over though and the sun will come out eventually.


What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Well, this has been an interesting week. Last Tuesday we had one goat birth. This morning I was getting the fire going, checking email and saw the girls running up to the cabin. Since they were running from the stock, I ran to the door and asked them what was wrong. Megan had given birth. I quickly got on more clothes, it was a windchill of -7 this morning. Megan was just out running about. You wouldn’t think that she had just had a baby. Her baby was in the shelter, still a little wet and cold. I tried to get her latched onto Megan but noticed her mouth was cold. So we got Megan out of there, and her baby. Brought her baby inside the cabin. I milked Megan a little bit and the girls found some droppers. And that started my interesting day of getting a baby warm and getting it latched onto Megan. Right now, don’t think I am crazy please, Joy is in my baby carrier. Our cabin is not warm enough, even with a fire going, to keep Joy warm right now. And I cannot just sit in front of the fire all day. So, yeah. Trying my best at this moment. I am now thankful that our first birth went so well. I am hoping that this birth eventually stops being a drama queen.

Abe, named after Abraham Lincoln since they were born on the same day, is doing great. He has tons of energy and is up and moving around like a pro. I do remember he has some issues his first day, but not like this. Rapunzel is doing well too. Abe is much less scared of us than she is. So hopefully she comes around some day and we have all friendly goats again. Thankfully she is not a dairy goat and I don’t have to try and milk her 🙂

The girls have been checking the goats twice a day. We knew Megan was close, but we also thought she would give us more warning. Like, any warning. The only reason we knew she was close was she was getting a bag and she occasionally had some goop. Neither of those are great signs. Just signs. So I am not sure if we will see any births this year. Which I am alright with really. I would be very happy if all goats and sheep gave birth easily and all babies were healthy and happy. I don’t need to be there for it. I don’t. However, if anything bad or even not great is going to happen. I hope I will be there. Like today. We don’t know when Joy was born, or how long she was just laying there.

Isn’t is funny? I keep trying to talk about something else and it all comes back to Joy. Deep breath. I did find my calling though. You know I was always wanting to be a Le Leche League leader. I think I have found my calling in helping goats breastfeed. I am joking by the way. But can’t you just see goat LLL meetings? There now there is a funny picture for your day 🙂

The other animals are holding out well. We are really cold again but they don’t seem to mind. We are supposed to be getting a huge storm tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that. Really not looking forward to that. In fact, if it doesn’t happen I would be much the happier. We have ordered some seeds. That time of year. We also went and picked up 250 pounds of potato seed. Yes, you read that right. We really are going big on a few crops this year. We need to get the root cellar going soon.

You might be wondering why I named the post what I did. It was something that totally flabbergasted me. Somehow the question was asked to the girls what they wanted to be when they grew up. I’m sure if you went to school you heard this from kindergarten on, right? You drew pictures of it. In fact your whole life revolved around what you were going to DO. My girls looked at me like I was nuts. Layla said, “Umm, first I want to grow up before I make big decisions like that.” Really she looked at me that I was crazy for even thinking of asking that question. How smart is that? Really, why do we start filling our kids heads with things like this? They need to be making serious decisions like that so early? Don’t we want them to grow and figure out who they are and what they might like doing first? Why are we always so concerned about what a person DOES? Are we that worried that people just aren’t going to do anything? Anyway, just a thought. Especially since I recently was thinking about all the things I wanted to “be” when I grew up. So many things. You know what? I am none of those right now. And how much of my life and energy was spent on those things that I never became? Oh, not saying it is bad to try things on, but I think we put way too much emphasis on it. So that is life on the farm lately. Crazy, exciting, happy, sad, crazy some more. And we are so planning births better next year. I’m sure it will still be a lot of crazy, but I really don’t like dealing with cold.

The circle of life goes on

even the drudgery. Especially the drudgery. Mostly the drudgery. But no one ever talks about that part do they?

I think that is a problem. A really big problem. In fact, I think it is a big part of what is wrong with people and how they think we are supposed to live. No one wants drudgery. They want excitement. They want news. They want something different. They want passion. I think if we are always looking to the next special happy exciting thing we are going to be disappointed. I see a lot of disappointed people.

Part of it, I think, is that no one respects that the circle of life is a lot of eating grass and shitting. If you didn’t have that however there would only be death. It isn’t exciting though. In fact if this blog was about how many times my animals pooped, or how many times they burped up their cud I don’t think I would have many readers. I talk about the things that made the week special. Sometimes it is life, sometimes death hell sometimes it is sex. It is read worthy. The amount of drudgery every day though, isn’t that something? I mean, without it, there would be death and sickness. We make our farm go round. I really hate that it isn’t respected. It is actually what gives me no hope for people. Oh, you are going to say something like, oh I totally respect it. I think farming is hard work. I could never do it. I so admire you for actually doing it. I admit, I love it. I wouldn’t want anything different in my life. However, look to your last month, year whatever of your budget. How much of your money went to food? To your house? To your car? How much of your food did you buy from a local source? How much do you actually respect your local farmer? Don’t get defensive, just think about it. And yeah, it is totally winter. But right now is seed buying time. The last time you might have bought something from your farmer was in fall. They lived on nothing until spring when they now need to buy a whole bunch of seeds with the hope that Mother Nature will smile down upon us and make it so we can once again make money.

That is another thing that makes the circle go round, money. And it sucks. I won’t get into that rant right now though.

I’m just sad mostly. I wasn’t actually going to talk today about how important it is to not only support but respect your local farmers. Actually, what was going through my mind was a pity party. I’m a stay at home mom. I mean really, that is what I am, right? If someone was going to ask me, what do you do? You know, when I get asked that question my mind doesn’t go blank, it actually fills up with so much I think, “Hell! What do I say? What don’t I do?” But then, it is drudgery. It really is. Each day is mostly the same. I wake up, start a fire, drag the girls out of bed. They go out and do chores. Usually they end up back in here a few times, asking me questions, sometimes I end up out there looking at an animal. I make breakfast and get things ready for school. I teach three children for anywhere from five to eight hours a day. Think about that for a second. I also make lunch somewhere in there and dinner sometimes too. Oh, I almost always make dinner, just sometimes it is after school. Then there are chores again. When I go back to milking, it will just be another few things added to my daily routine. Milking, making cheese, butter… Yes, I love it. I love my kids. I think it is insanely important to have them home, teaching them. Giving them responsibility and drudgery. I think that is where we go wrong so often. Yeah, kids should have fun. But they need drudgery. How many of us hate our drudgery? I mean it was one thing when we were a kid and we had to do the dishes every so often. It was a hated chore. No one likes doing that. But now that you are an adult? You do a lot of dishes, don’t you? That is at least until you can pass it off onto your children. What about the litter box? Or cleaning in general? Drudgery. No one likes it, but it is what makes the circle go round. The more we try to get rid of drudgery the less able we are to handle it. We get other people to do drudgery for us. We have people grow our food instead of growing it ourselves. We have people teach and watch our children so we don’t have to do it ourselves. We have people build our houses so we don’t have to do it ourselves. Someone else makes our clothes, cooks our food…You get the point, right? And while we are passing off our drudgeries we stop respecting the people who DO do these things. It is work for peons. It is beneath us to do that work. That is why someone else is doing it. So what is it worth to us?

I can tell you that if you stopped today having everyone do your drudgery for you it would be worth a whole lot more. No, I don’t even do this. I am wearing clothes I didn’t make, living in a house that while we may have built it, we have a lot of embodied drudgery in here. I guess my point is, I want drudgery to be respected. I want hard persistent work to be respected. I want to be able to say, I stay at home with my kids and teach them to be respected. I want to say, I am a farmer and be respected. I do not want to say those things and have people say, “Oh I could never do that.” What I hear is, “Oh, that work is way too beneath me. My JOB is more important than that.” I understand that to a point, it is just an expected response. What else are you going to say to something like that? But maybe we can stop asking people what they DO. Maybe we can start asking people how they ARE, and maybe while we are at it start caring about the response. And maybe while we are at that say something besides, fine, good or okay. Maybe we can start asking people what exciting thing has happened to them. Or if they are dealing with something hard right now. Ask yourself, do you want to connect with people, or is connecting with people a drudgery to you? Are people easier to deal with on your computer screen? Where you can just scroll down and pretend you didn’t hear that they are having a rough day?

I am not going to say sorry for filling this farm blog with drudgery. I would usually say something like that. I say sorry a lot. It isn’t that I don’t mean it, I usually do. In some parts of me, I can understand how you might not want to read about this. That is alright. Hell, I don’t want to read it most of the time. I am really no better at any of this than the average person. I’m trying though. Hell, I hate doing dishes and there are some days where I fantasize about the girls going to school and me having a job. I think a lot of us wish for an escape from our lives from time to time. Sometimes, I wonder what my life would be like if I were okay using paper plates, or eating not so good for me food.

On to the farm though. Things happened this week. Most of them not fun. We all got the flu. Gwendy vomiting was not because she had an excess of peanuts. It was flu. The girls have an excellent immune system. They mostly just vomited for hours and then were all better. I was not so lucky. That is alright though. Hopefully, that is the last we see of the flu. It was really the first time in a very long time I remember getting the flu. It did impact the farm though. Chores were hard to get done. I am very thankful that I was not milking. I barely was able to get out of bed. You push through it though. At least somewhat. And we did.

As for animals though, well, circle of life. We got word on the angora goats. We got the call on Sunday that they were found on the railroad tracks. We had a meeting that day but we needed to go look for them. We all drove out. Natalie and I still feeling bad, but you push through it, right? We parked and started walking the tracks. It didn’t take long to find them. We ended up dragging them all to the car. Oh, I didn’t mention, they were all dead. While we were doing this gruesome task a railroad worker stopped by. It turns out that they were hit the weekend before. We really had a feeling that they were down that way. But never saw any sign of them. It was really sad. Really sad. I am glad that we finally found out what happened to them. That is really the only positive thing I can bring out of this and it took awhile to get there.

It isn’t just us having animal sadness. Our friend is also having issues with animals. I won’t get into her stories, it is just sadness. This is a tough time of year. We saw it again on Monday. The jersey calves we got, one of them was a runt. He just was never as healthy as the others. We tried with him, but the girls found him dead on Monday morning. Another sadness. It is life and when you surround yourself with life you will also see a lot of death. Or at least it seems that way.

We also had really great news though. Yesterday actually. We were all at the table doing school. I happened to look out, I can see Rapunzel from here, and saw a small white puff in the pen with Rapunzel. She had been still going a little crazy. Pawing at the ground, rolling all over the place. We all just thought she was lonely and as sorry as I was about her loneliness, we need to quarantine animals when they first get here. Well, now I am glad she was still by herself. I really did not think she was pregnant. It is hard to feel around all that hair, but I thought I would at least see some sign. When I had checked her she was only ten days from giving birth. No sign at all. So now you know, hair/wool can really get in the way of telling if an animal is pregnant. I am so happy to see our first birth on the farm. We did have to go out there and trim up under her udders. The poor little boy was trying to nurse on her locks of hair. He seems to be doing well though. I am trying not to knit him a sweater real quick. I have to have some trust that animals can take care of themselves. To a point at least. I am glad that at least for the short term it does seem to be getting warmer. I can start to see some green in the grass. It is hard to wait for the lushness of spring. I know it will happen though. It is all part of the circle.

If you remember last year, Jack went a little crazy on the tree ordering. So he put me in charge of ordering trees this year. I am going into it this time knowing that I am very likely to be planting most of them. I still am having a hard time keeping it under 1,000 trees. I am not sure what is wrong with me. I want to get rid of most of our cedars. They are not good for our land. I would much rather some better trees here that serve wildlife in food and shelter and help with erosion control. The fact is that right now those cedars are keeping our hill up. Slowly though we will get it going better. I am oddly looking forward to planting trees. I remember last year after a hot day of planting was the first time I jumped in the pond for the year. Ordering trees makes me remember that soon, so soon, I will once again be floating in the cool water with frogs watching me. The blue sky overhead and clouds slowly going by. I am hopeful that this year we will have a dock to get into our pond, wading through the mud makes it so that sometimes you leave the pond dirtier than you went in.

We are also putting together our seed order for the year. We don’t need much in the way of seeds this year. We are missing or low on a few things. How hard it is though to be looking through all the seeds and narrowing it down. I think I have it down, though Jack keeps looking at me like I am crazy. There are SO MANY seeds out there though. Who knows what would work well in our garden. I think my weak spot this year are hot peppers. I have never been one who likes spicy food. For some reason though I fermented our hot peppers this year. Oh My GODDESS. They are SO good. They make me happy. So I plan to ferment a lot more this year as I only have one more pint left. I need more ferments. We have plans to try on doing more storage crops this year and not as many perishables. We are doing a lot of potatoes, sweet potatoes, squashes and storage tomatoes. There will also be a lot of fermenting, canning and maybe even drying. I feel like we are much more organized this year. Jack is out there right now, it is a warm day, building a goat shelter. I feel like there is less chaos this year and I think that is good. I’m excited to see where we are next February.

So this week I bring you life, death and more death plus sickness. The promise of new life, the sadness of the weakness of life. Yet we all survive the best we can, going from one drudgery to another. There is excitement out there, sometimes happy sometimes not. When the girls come rushing in the door sometimes it is that they found an animal dead, sometimes it is that someone looks like they are pregnant, or someone just had sex, or sometimes it is just that they are out of feed. Those are the excitements of my day. They are real though. Very real. I find myself sometimes feeling like I don’t live in the same world as other people. I find that I don’t think that people really understand the work and energy, emotional and physical, that we put into our farm. In most ways I find it sad because I have never felt more REAL than I do now.


Well, yeah.

I really hate starting to write sometimes. I figure if I started with something like that it can only get better, right?

It has been an interesting week. Still no sign of missing goats. I have to kind of laugh about this, are we destined to have at least one missing animal at all times? I hope to hell not. We have looked, we have called. In fact, after some good advice we called all the sale barns in the area. Hoping to give them our information in case seven angora goats show up. They all but hung up on us, all of them. Seriously, no help there. It kind of pisses me off but oh well. Life goes on and it sure does. We have named our expensive angora Rapunzel. That is original, right? I thought so 🙂 From everything I can tell she is not pregnant. Also, she is either extremely bored in quarantine or she is in heat. She keeps making noise to the other goats and trying her hardest to get out. I have been contemplating getting some goat semen. We will wait a little bit. If she calms down I would say that was heat, if she doesn’t calm down she is just one freaky goat. Seeing as all the goats ran over a mile when they first got here I would say we have a fifty fifty chance of freaky goat. Oh, we did get one call about the goats. I swear some people are really special. I say that in a not so nice way. This lady called us up and asked if we had found our goats. Getting all excited, we said no. I mean, why would you call someone who was missing goats unless you knew something, right? Turns out she was wanting to buy them! Seriously. People. Uggg.

We have had some of our coldest weather of the season so far. We saw the negative side of zero. That was real temperature also. When you add in the windchill it was fricken cold. Everyone did alright though. Natalie got a sweet picture of everyone huddled together. We got more snow again. This winter is very different from last. I can hope that all this precipitation does something for our dry ground. I am also hoping for a slightly wetter summer this year. It is crazy how much we depend on the weather now.

The preggie goats are doing well. Looking more and more pregnant. Oh it is enough to drive you insane, in a good way at least. Luna, the goat who we all thought was pregnant for most of the summer? And it was a false pregnancy? Well, she is looking pregnant. And we saw her be serviced by Billy. So maybe. She is looking huge. I just have to wonder if she keeps faking it so she can eat more and get fat. Because really, if she isn’t pregnant the amount of weight on her isn’t good. We will need to do something. Megan we still think will be the first to give birth. All eyes are on her. The girls check her every morning and night. We will see and you all will be first to know 🙂

We also have big news on the farm. You all know Jack took a second job as a project manager? Well, a few things happened. They kind of happened at the same time or at least the realization happened at the same time. First when the goats got out we realized that Jack not being home and not being able to do anything here made it so the farm was not growing. In fact it was slightly falling apart. The girls and I can do a lot. Really though, my first job, besides mom that is, is as a teacher. We home school a lot. I mean I have three kids here, we do a lot of school. Animals come first, they are first thing done in the morning, last thing done at dark, but the girls and I are not fence builders. Maybe we should be, but we aren’t. Anyway, our lack was felt. I am not sure if it was my reaction or Jack’s realization of my reaction and reactions about a lot of things that made us realize we had fallen into an old pattern. Jack had some really hard jobs in the navy. I was a single mom for a really long time. I put on a bright face, nodded my head and took care of things best I could. I kept shouldering as much as I could without breaking. Oh, it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fun. But the biggest part was that Jack was having a hard time and I didn’t want him to have to deal with anymore stress. Jack says I am a really good martyr. Yep, I am. And that isn’t something to be proud of. Anyway, we started to see that I was slipping into the role of, don’t worry just do the work you have to do, I will take care of this… And blah blah blah. Jack lived his work and was stressed, I became a single mom again and was stressed. This was a huge reason on us leaving the life we were living. We wanted this life to live together and it wasn’t happening. It didn’t help that things started falling apart at the hospital and the other job at the same time. Basically, it started sucking really bad. Jack was super stressed and I kept smiling. That is when Jack stopped, looked around and saw that we weren’t being healthy. And so Jack is no longer working the project manager job. He might help them out from time to time, we haven’t decided quite yet. Just in this little amount of time the difference in Jack is pretty amazing and I feel like I can breathe again. Of course this kind of puts us in a tighter place again, but our health and relationship is much more important. So, like I said, big thing that has happened.

The girls are doing great in school. I logged our hours this past month to see about how long we spend in school time and we logged over a hundred hours, one hundred ten to be exact. I am pretty lax about this. This is just counting formal school time, they read and learn at other times in the day but this is us sitting down and doing school. I told them that based on those numbers and what we are supposed to do for the state we could take almost three months off a year. They got upset. Seriously. They don’t want three months off. Oh they don’t mind if we miss school, for a day. If we don’t do school two days in a row, I hear about it, a lot. They will grudgingly give me off weekends but that is about it. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I am glad my problem is in this direction. I would much rather them be bugging me to do school than for it to be the other way around. However, sometimes I would like a month off. Really. Oh well though. At least I get paid well. By the way, just in case you missed it, that was complete and total sarcasm.

In cabin news, been a long time since I talked about updates to our cabin, huh? Jack is working under the stairs. I have some shelves going and it is making a huge difference in here. Actually, a lot of things that I have not been asking for(you know in the interest of keeping my husband sane) have been getting done. We hung up the mirror and got our candle holders hung. We actually did this as part of our Imbolc celebration. It was great. The girls helped me plan the day and we really made the whole day a celebration. Our candles are now blessed for the year. We also decorated the goat collars and blessed them, for easy birthing and such. We made bread and butter. It was a great day. It was relaxing and well, I could breathe. The attitude and feeling around here has been a lot different lately. I’m glad. We are now farther and closer. Isn’t that how it goes though?