There are times…

when you just want to cry

Yep, and this week was one of them. Oh things were going well. As well as they get on a farm. We had huge plans and they were going great. I am still really depressed about this but yeah, it happened on our farm and I need to record it some way, right? So on Saturday we went and drove three and a half hours to pick up some goats. Not just any goats, angora goats. A fiber goat. We were picking up seven for us and one for Joan. Got the trailer all hooked up, got things all settled for them. It was great. The weather looked alright. We drove and drove, got a little lost, but that is alright. I realized that my children have not been lost often. I, however, have been lost many times over. It really is nothing to be scared of. We got to drive through an amazing forest, and those are the kinds of things that happen when you are lost. Anyway, we went and picked up the goats. On our way back we talked about our plans for them. It was all very exciting. Since the drive was so long, adding in our lost part, when we got back we only had an hour of light left. The girls went on quickly doing their chores. I went and heated up milk so we could bottle feed the baby cows. Jack started to unload the goats. Thinking back on this we have decided that if we only have an hour and one person to unload any animal we will wait until morning. We were all still dressed in town clothes, so not very warm. In fact I was wearing a pretty light weight skirt, we were going to be in the car most of the day and it was hot. Not outside though, it was fricking freezing outside. So we were all running around trying to get things done in the remaining light we had. The goats were freaked out. It wasn’t a good situation. Two decided that they could go through the fence. The rest followed. That begun a two hour, into the dark night, run after goats. They first went over to Joan’s. I joked with her at the time, you know when I thought we had the situation under control, that we decided to parade the goats over so she could see them. We have had animals get out before, it is no biggie. Grant and Joan joined us in trying to herd the goats back to the fence. Unfortunately, these goats seem to be speed demons. They could RUN. They run faster than any of us. They got out a gate on our land and out onto the road. Which they started following to town. We chased them for almost two miles, in the cold, in the dark, not wearing appropriate clothes for doing so. Natalie, Layla and I managed to separate one and caught her eventually. This is in thanks to Natalie’s ability to jump and grab a goat. We then each grabbed a horn and wrestled up and down hills for a half mile to get the goat back. The rest were lost. It was dark, most of them were dark colored goats. We lost them.

The next morning when we were hoping to go out and look we had an ice storm. Jack went out anyway and got stuck a few times. He actually came back and said that it was too dangerous to be driving. The times I have heard Jack say that, only once, right there. Seriously. So we waited hoping the roads would get better. He went out again but again got stuck. You know, goat tracks and goat poop? Very similar to deer tracks and deer poop. We had no way of knowing if we were even looking at tracks made from the goats. There was nothing to go on. Then Monday came and the fog was so thick we couldn’t see anything. If I thought goats could do it I would say that they planned the horrible weather so as to disappear without a trace. So we have one goat, who isn’t pregnant. To say that I am upset and depressed is a real understatement. We have one very expensive goat.

There are other things that have happened on the farm this week, and I will try and remember them. We have been getting eggs again. This is exciting. Of course we need to check for the often so they don’t freeze. We have had some really odd weather, we saw 60 some degrees this week. Of course right now we have snow again and the windchill is somewhere around 5. The animals seem to be handling the weather just fine though. I really cannot think of anything else that has happened. Isn’t that sad? Jack and I did get an insane amount of wood in yesterday before the storm. I guess the point of this post is that anything that may have happened in the past week was completely and totally forgotten in the crappiness that was losing seven goats. Maybe they will turn up. We have things out there. But really, I don’t know. They were pretty wild and crazy. I am trying to still have hope. Trying. Trying to figure out the why of this. I am not succeeding very well though.


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