three stooges

Now, am I talking about my children or our new bulls? I will leave that up to you to decide.

I didn’t blog last week, mostly because I was in a slightly womanly induced bad mood. I am better this week. That is a good thing. Still, we are in the middle of winter and unless you just want to hear about how cold it is, well, not much is happening.

We did get some super exciting news. After pretty much figuring that Veeona, the missing cow, had disappeared into someone else’s herd, we ended up hearing about her. This was all due to Frank and his insanely brilliant idea to put up a missing poster in our local store. A neighbor called us up not even a day later. He said that he had just taken his cows to auction the week before. He had one extra. Not only that, the cow was bigger and a beauty(we heard this about Veeona from a few of the local cow people, she was a keeper for sure). He originally thought that she was one of his keeper cows that had somehow gotten in with his sale barn cows. Until he saw the missing poster that is. What an amazing honest man. He called us up and apologized. He wanted to make it right. At first he was going to give us a new cow, but, again honestly, he admitted that he uses growth hormone implants in his cows. Knowing a little bit about us, he thought that we might have a problem with that. Again, another reason not to eat meat that you didn’t know. I actually didn’t know it was legal to use growth hormones, it is in beef, just not in dairy anymore. Uggg. So instead, he is going to give us the price that he sold Veeona for, minus the amount of feed he put in her. So we started shopping for new cows…

And we found them. Actually, we found three for the price that he sold Veeona for. They are small, bottle babies even. I believe though that they will be great. We got three Jersey bulls. How great is that? We are figuring that we will keep them intact until we decide which one will be the lucky guy to breed our cows. Of course this is still up in the air, but still, now we have back up plan instead of They are separate right now. They are super sweet. There is just something about a Jersey’s big brown eyes. I so love Jerseys. The girls are super excited also because they are planning on trying their hands at training them. Even in the super cold of yesterday they were outside working on our cart trying to get it moving again so they could hook the cows up to it. Jack is also excited and has been looking at buggies and such. Okay, I am excited also. This was a very bad, sad thing that happened on our farm. While I am sorry that Veeona was sold, maybe the person she was sold to will see that she is a keeper also and she will live out a good life somewhere. I’m hopeful.

There is something also. We seem to have really wonderful luck with finding not only animals but really nice people while looking for animals. Jack called the lady with the cows and they ended up talking for well almost an hour. She invited us to come and pick up the cows early in the morning so we would have time to sit around and talk. We spent a couple of hours at their place talking about farm life, animals and intentional communities. It is so amazing to meet like minded people. They are hoping to make it up here for a visit and see not only our farm but the communities around us. It was a really nice morning. I love meeting people like that.

Our goats are looking like they are ready to pop. In fact, Megan has had a goopy butt a couple of times these past two weeks. Her ligaments are still hard, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot. We are keeping an eye on her since we never saw her go into heat. We have plans to set up a maternity yard here soon. There are a few others that we aren’t completely sure on. They are all weathering this insane cold we have been having just fine though. I worried a lot until I saw how well they were doing.

Because it has been cold, really cold. Yesterday, the girls and I barely got off the couch. Our cabin is great if we have sun, we barely need a fire. However, if it is cloudy we can’t really get it warm in here. Today is looking like another sunny day and I am glad because yesterday was horrible.

One last thing to leave you with I have opened up a facebook page for the farm, if you want slightly more updating that this blog, along with pictures, it is easier to upload pictures there than here, go like it. Still getting used to it, and there is the, it is winter and not much happening…but still, I expect it to become hopping once it starts to get warmer and babies start popping.


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