forgot some things

You know sometimes I get to talking about animals I forget that there is something else. These are small things but as I was just washing the dishes, my time for reflection I realized that while small, they really affect my life.

One of them is it is cold. I know that many people have to deal with the cold, it is cold. It isn’t like it is just our cabin that is cold. I have been really proud of myself in my ability to be comfortable in a 60 degree cabin. Yes, I am wearing a lot of clothes, but truly I am comfortable. If the sun is shining I can even handle 50. For those of you who know me and my fear of the cold, this is a big deal. Yesterday however was cold and cloudy. We were struggling to hit 50 in the cabin. In fact we didn’t really leave the couch. I was building fire after fire and it was barely doing anything. We didn’t eat much, no one wanted to move. I couldn’t do dishes. Hey, get your house down to 45, turn off your hot water and run just above freezing water over your hands and you will know what I mean. Your hands HURT. Clean dishes aren’t worth it.

Yesterday was fun, I think you are seeing that now, right? We finally hit 60 at around 6:00 p.m. So I started making some dinner. Five minutes in my bacon stops sizzling. We ran out of propane. I had asked Jack to get some more, or at least make sure our other tank was full, but things have been crazy, it wasn’t done. So, we ended up building up a huge bed of coals in the firebox and sticking the pot in there. Our wood stove is not big and it really isn’t set up to cook food. We have tried but it just doesn’t get hot enough or stay hot enough. It took about an hour and a half to cook up some bacon and rice and we were done. We also had to heat up milk to bottle feed the bulls. That took a long time too. It is little adventures like these that remind me that we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

And if adventures like that weren’t enough the fact that all of us have chilblains would do it. If you have never had chilblains, count yourself lucky. It is so frustrating. I am constantly on the girls to wear socks, and lots of them. There is no one to get on me to wear socks though. It seems like it wouldn’t be hard, but you have to realize that all of us prefer to be barefoot. So it is something we really have to think about. It isn’t just, oh my feet are a little cold. The floor, while insulated, is still cold enough to make your feet hurt, really hurt. You stick your feet by the fire and you have chilblains. That is it. Sigh.

Jack will probably tell me that I am complaining and making it sound bad. That isn’t what I am going for. Really, while these things were enough to make me want to pull my hair out while they are/were happening, they aren’t bad. Just a part of our life that we now have. A part that is different from most people’s lives. And a part that I feel needs to be shared. The not quite so pretty part. I try to be positive a lot, but if I never talk about the insane feeling of chilblains, or the not so real joy of trying to cook on our inefficient wood stove, would I really be telling the truth about our life?

No, I wouldn’t be. But I won’t lie to you. Wouldn’t change it for the world.


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