Sadness on our farm

And I am still not over it. In fact, I am still playing it over in my mind a bit and it happened on Saturday. We lost Astrid. Not only did we lose Astrid, but we lost her twins as well. It was a hay bale incident. Those things are dangerous. I am thinking that the reason I have such an issue with this is for two reasons. One, I was raised a city girl. Two, I actually didn’t have any pets until I was older, unless you count hamsters which I don’t. I don’t seem to have the distance between our stock and our pets as much as Jack and the girls do. I just don’t. Also, I milked Astrid for a decently long time. She was so sweet and wonderful. She was the best goat I have ever milked. She was also very beautiful. We were really excited to see her babies that came from her and Billy, two insanely beautifully marked goats. I will be okay eventually, but as of right now, I am still sad.

Not much has happened this week besides that. The girls are super into school right now. Something about winter makes me want to do more internet things with them. So they are so enjoying it. In fact, the past two days the girls have wanted to do nothing but school. I had to tell Natalie that she could not bring her work up with her to bed. I love this enthusiasm but really, I do have to draw a line somewhere, right?

The animals are doing fine. Oddly, we have some warm weather starting up. It isn’t going to last long, but it is here now and we might as well enjoy it. Our snow is melting slowly. A lot slower than I had thought. Of course each night it has refrozen. However, the next few nights we are supposed to stay above freezing. That is something. I told the girls to enjoy not having to deal with frozen water for awhile. They have still been taking the puppies on perimeter runs. Huck has actually been following along. How weird is that? Like, really. Huck, as far as we can tell, is somewhere around fifteen years old. He isn’t a small dog. Winter really agrees with him also. I have yet to see him so active. Of course, most of the time he is yelling at the puppies and they look at him like he is some demented old man, but that is life, right?

I do have one things that I had thought was crazy and now seeing is not so much. We have been cold, oh not super cold, but cold. I had decided that I was going to stash bust and knit up socks like a mad woman. I thought I would make a pair a week. So far in the last week I have made three pairs and I should finish a fourth today. These are super thick socks, but that is what we need right now. I have also been very painstakingly customizing these socks to fit the girls and mine feet. Some of us have very high arches, others have some flat feet. So that is going well. I need to be better about knitting year round for these things. I will get there I am sure.

That is our farm this week. A little bit of sadness, ugly melting snow. A brief respite from bitter temperatures before we all start to freeze again. Life. Again.


One thought on “Sadness on our farm

  1. greatdana

    I'm so sorry about the loss and it is sad no matter, all the time and money and care you've invested in them. Hang in there. Yea on your kids loving school and the socks! 🙂


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