Oh January!

What do you have in store for me?

The girls have been writing poetry and it is kind of getting to me. I used to write. Not just write in this blog but write write. Poems, short stories, long stories. Write. It is a part of me that is kind of dead right now but maybe one day again. I am totally loving pulling out all my favorite poems and reading them to the girls to illustrate what makes a poem. Last week we didn’t do school, we are still in the land of crazy here. I did not want to take another week off so we are doing school this week, but it hasn’t been easy. They love it so much though that I feel bad when we are all crazy and busy.

Besides the loving of the poetry this week we have the sickies. Or well Jack is sick. Sometimes him working at the hospital is not fun. He brings home more sick than he did when he was in a metal tube working with a hundred some other sick people. It is amazing. The poor guy has had it rough this year. He has been mostly good about taking all the stuff I am making him take to get him better. He is moving around a bit better though. His ankle is completely better and his back is now hurting him, but he is able to do a lot more than he has been able to since November and it makes a big difference.

The animals are doing alright. Well, except the ducks. We took in a lonely duck. Well, the duck was sick. So all of our ducks got sick and died, except one. I am wondering if she is going to be alright? Sadly, we do need to get more ducks, she can’t just stay all by herself. Soon maybe. The other animals are doing alright, surviving this cold snowy weather just fine. It has been COLD. We also got two more inches of snow on Monday. We have many layers of ice in between our snow also. If the weather forecast is correct I am predicting that all of our snow will be gone by this time next week. It is crazy that above freezing feels so warm now. I am thinking that when it gets up to 40 we will all be wearing shorts. 🙂

We did move some big bales of hay in with the stock yesterday. It seems like most of the time working with stock is a comedy of errors. It is funny, yet stressful. It is one of those moments when after it is done and everyone is safe and sound, you laugh. Our fence is buried in snow and we obviously need to let it down so Jack could get the tractor in. Well, I was there holding it up until he comes to drive the tractor in. I was hoping that the animals would see the tractor and just stay inside, not wanting to get in the way. I was wrong. They have gotten hay I guess enough times that they see the tractor as sign of food. They all rushed outside and started eating off the bale. Then some of them decided to go after the grass that the tractor had been over, there was no snow there. Then some of them decided to go check out the trees that had some uncovered grass under them. Then when Jack went up to get the other bale, which was on the side of the street, they all followed the tractor up. So I ran to get the girls. They all should be firefighters. They all ran downstairs and got their snow pants, boots and coats on in record time. We went out to herd animals through the snow. yea. We did finally get them all in. It was a lot of work, but it was done. They are all amazingly happy. I am happy. I was really worried about how the winter would be on them. We have been getting a few eggs every so often from our chickens. It is kind of amazing. I was not expecting anything just yet. I won’t complain though.

The girls have been taking the puppies out for perimeter runs. It is going well. They are so freakin well behaved, as long as the neighbor doesn’t have deer parts all over his yard… Anyway, it was all going well, but Bridget really hurt her paw. It wasn’t while they were walking, we woke up a couple of mornings ago and her paw was bleeding. Her pad is sliced down to the meat. It is deep and looks bad. We are taking care of it and she is inside for awhile. She needs to heal and not have it wet and cold all day. I am afraid to write this but she does so well as an inside dog. I hope she heals well though because Conner is missing her.

I have started a new way of keeping track of things. It isn’t so much a resolution as I have taken over our eco auditing. Our community does an eco audit each year. We keep track of how much garbage and recycling we produce, how much money we spend on different things, how much we drive and pretty much everything. So I have started a notebook, as of yesterday, that all that information will be going into. A calendar was too small to get all that into. We are also setting monthly goals. We are hoping that this helps us get things done more regularly. We only really have two more months of slow time. I am sure that starting in March things are going to get busy again. Really, it feels busy now, but that is only because we have so little light.

And to leave off, I have to say I feel old. I am not sure if we have stayed up to ring in the new year since having kids. There really doesn’t seem to be any point. I remember loving New year’s eve, but I have to say that now, if I can get sleep, I get sleep. So, I must be getting old. Oh well though. I don’t mind too much. In some ways our life is more hectic than others and in other ways we are much slower. Much slower. So that is how our last week of the old year went for us. I am sure January has much of the same in store for us. Oh, and I will let you all know Jack’s resolution, he is hoping not to break any more bones nor injure himself this year. I totally approve of this.


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