Oh life is interesting!

Could you ask for anything more?

Really this post is starting out happy mostly because of Layla and Gwen. Layla is helping Gwen with her school. Layla prompted Gwen, “Gwendy, what is daddy that ends with “an”?” Gwendy, “A pan?” Of course I am also fighting with my Esme. She is trying to be on my lap, which also means my computer. That makes it a little difficult to type when you have a cat butt in your face and a lot of keys being pushed that shouldn’t be.

Anyway, not much has happened this past week. We got the animals moved and two big bales of hay put in with them. I wish we didn’t have to do that, the hay I mean. We have plenty of pasture still out there but no fencing. The animals seem happy though. They like the green grass more than the hay, but they eat it all the same. The goats seem all fluffy like. It is totally sweet to see. It is like they have their winter clothes on. The sheep, well, of course they have wool, but it is just different to see the goats all winter like. This past couple of days has seen some frost damage to the chickens. They are fine. They just have a little bit of black on their combs now. That is pretty much to be expected. We have had issues with the dogs. I think I touched on this last week. Part of our problem is that people have been playing with them. Part of the problem is that our neighbor had been butchering deer in his yard and leaving deer parts everywhere. Part of the problem is that they are puppies and have way too much energy. We are working on lots of things with them now. Not getting any better yet though. We didn’t get any fence work done this week. It has been cold/rainy/yucky? Yeah. It hasn’t been fun, so we haven’t really worked outside.

However, we have gotten some things done inside!! We have a bookcase in our bedroom now. Also, we have the start of a closet for me. I will be glad to not be living out of suitcases and baskets. Yes. Other big news is STAIRS!!! They aren’t done yet, but they get us up and down. Eventually, there will be storage for food under those stairs, right now it is construction storage. Oh, when we won’t have piles of wood and nails stashed all over the cabin… One day, right? Other big house news is RUNNING WATER!! Okay, well as running as we get it. Yes, this was already done, but it dripped. So it was totally redone and actually looks much nicer. Also, ooooooo LIGHTS!!! Or at least one light, which is a big thing. We have two hooked up but we can’t find the other light bulb. Hopefully that happens soon. Really though, one lights makes such a difference. We are trying to not let it affect us too much. I don’t want to become dependent on lights. So we are still going up to bed at around 6:30 and still turning off all lights around 8. Jack also hooked up a bunch of electric stuff. I have no idea what this stuff does. I do realize that this will eventually mean that we will have outlets and lights in other places. That is also big news. It just isn’t news yet. I do have to admit that I do not like all the stuff that is now on the wall. It isn’t pretty and I don’t think I will be able to ever make it pretty. I like pretty. Our place isn’t very big and I feel that it needs to be pretty.

Which actually brings me to my current problem. Yes, this is actually a problem. Our place is small, 20×24 around the outside. One sixth of that is the stairs, which while functional take up floor space, you know? Jack and I have been going around on this for a good long while, the need for a vestibule. We could wall off one sixth of the downstairs by the door and make a vestibule. It would give us more room to hang up the insane amounts of coats, hats, mittens and shoes. I would also not have to yell as much to tell everyone to SHUT THE DOOR ALREADY!!!! However, it would mean a lot less room down here. It would also be pretty pointless in the spring, summer and fall. Or, we could build something outside. That is what I have been hoping for. Jack isn’t fond of the idea since, well something with the roof line. I don’t do building. I can’t even build a chicken coop. So, that is our problem right now. I am worried that we won’t come up with anything until summer:)

As for Jack, he is doing alright. His ankle still is bothering him, but he is getting around a little better. It is crazy how fast those weeks went by. He has a lot to do, between two jobs and getting stuff done here. The girls are doing well, though not liking the amount of light we have right now. They complain that they wake up, do chores, eat, do school, eat, school, chores, eat and then sleep. There is no time for fun stuff!!! Well, yeah, we only have so many hours of light right now. There really isn’t a lot of time for extra right now. Another month might see more fun in our life, maybe…The biggest news we have here is that today is Natalie’s last day of being ten. I don’t know how this happened. It is amazing to see the person she is growing to be. I am super proud that she is my daughter. However, I am having issues believing she is about to be eleven. I mean mid twenties, maybe, but eleven? How?


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