Dropping the ball

and picking it back up again…

So you maybe have noticed that I suck. It has been slightly overwhelming lately. I will try to be better though. I am going to get my act together and keep writing weekly. It is going to be hard trying to remember what all has happened but I will try.

Right now as I write this, I have two girls reading together on the couch, it really is true that kids teach kids much better than adults teach kids. Natalie is amazingly patient in helping Gwendy to read. I so love seeing them read together. Also, today, for the first time ever, Layla got all 100 of her spelling words correct. I actually started crying. Yesterday, we talked about natural, human and capital resources. This wasn’t the first time, but it still amazes me how much they get these concepts. They continue to amaze me. Of course, you may be able to tell that we have had good homeschooling weeks lately. It is not always this way. I feel the need to say that because well, I wouldn’t want anyone to get the idea that homeschooling was always unicorns and rainbows. Truth is, after Jack broke his ankle things have either been going smooth or really rough. Okay, maybe not rough but insanely overwhelming. It is really only overwhelming when I think about the fact that it is December and we don’t quite have done what we thought we would.

Jack jokes though that he is more effective broken than whole. I don’t agree. I would actually say that Jack, when he asks for help, is more effective. We are getting help though. People have come and helped us put up fencing. The pig fence area is almost done. The inside partitions are not done yet, but they will have to wait. One paddock of the livestock fencing is close also. I will feel relieved when we get adequate fencing for our animals.

As for the animals themselves, they are doing well. We think that almost everyone is bred. Good news there. However, we may have shetland crosses everywhere. It seems that Imriel is a randy ram. I am not sure if the girls were joking but they claim he even tried to have sex with the cows and the ducks. I wouldn’t put it past him either. I am hoping that Billy did his job to a point though. He sure stunk enough this year. I am not going to put up with that stink for nothing either! We are still unsure about Luna. The girls thought they felt babies and well if she was just bred a month ago they would not feel them. I have read a few places that does can get a little randy and have a false heat during pregnancy. We will see. I am no longer obsessing over this now though. We are having puppy issues. I am not sure what started it but we are working hard to fix it now. Of course that does mean that the puppies are contained for a good portion of the day. They are at least partly the reason for my insomnia. I sleep lightly as it is, when a dog barks, one who is supposed to be protecting everything out there, I wake up. They used to be great and only bark when there was a threat. However, I refuse to believe that there are that many threats out there right now. Who knows, maybe there are. I am starting to think though that they are barking at birds and squirrels. So there have been a few sleepless nights of going out there and seeing. My eye is starting to twitch again. It is all good though. These sleepless nights will be worth it when I can once again sleep without worry, right? That is what I have been telling myself.

Jack did get our water hooked up, so now we have kind of running water. Okay, we have a bucket that is hooked up to a faucet. I still have to pump water, but it is easier. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. He also got the wood to do the stairs. I am excited for that. Let me tell you, going down a ladder in the middle of the night to go yell at puppies, well not fun. Stairs might take longer but I think I would be less likely to fall. Stairs, oh stairs… I will say that starting out in a tent and slowly getting a house just makes you appreciate every little thing. In some ways I wish more people would do this type of thing. It changes your outlook on life in ways you could not imagine.

Weather. Oh my goodness, the weather has been pretty crazy also. It has been days since we have had to have a fire. Not only that it got up to 80 degrees in here yesterday. It is December!!! I am so happy that we have so many windows to let the light in and heat it up in here. It is currently 38 outside and we are sitting comfy at 60 in here. How wonderful is that? We had to open windows yesterday too. Okay, I know that it isn’t likely to happen again this year, but still, it is nice to have warm periods.

I think I am going to leave off there for now. The girls are still working and I have things to do also. I will say, I was right, things don’t slow down this time of year. We really do have a whole lot less time to do it in also. I think if we had lights it might be different, but we head to bed around 6:30 or so. I am looking forward to long days again.


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