Really this post isn’t about donuts. It is just on my mind because well I just made amazing donuts. It also makes me realize that if some five years ago a very knowledgeable person didn’t tell me that I, nor my daughter, should not eat gluten anymore I would not be where I am today. Weird to think that gluten, or the lack of gluten, would change my life so much? Let me ask you, have you ever made donuts? I hadn’t either before going gluten free. See, five years ago ready made gluten free options sucked. Oh, they were there, but they tasted horrible. Now, not to toot my own horn, but my donuts? Just as good as the gluten stuff. Not to mention that they were fricken fresh. How many of you get fresh fried donuts? I guess what my point is I never would have realized that I was capable of some of the things that I apparently am capable of. I think it has made a big difference in my life, and not just that I don’t suffer from stomach pain as much anymore.

On the farm though, that is what this blog is about, right? Kind of. We had a slightly productive weekend. The girls got to pose for a painter. It was kind of neat, no it wasn’t, it was amazing. He is amazingly talented. It was also cool that he talked to the girls about color, and shading and well, they learned a bit also. It was great. While they were posing Jack and I tried to get insulation under the cabin. It really didn’t work that great. We tried and tried, but yeah, I failed. I didn’t realize how badly I failed until the wind really started and blew most of it away. It sucks. Mostly because we were insanely cold for a few days. It almost hurts to walk on the floor without multiple pairs of socks. Good news is that Jack realized that we needed help and asked some people to come over and help us finish it. So, it should be okay. We also have our work party this weekend so hopefully we get some stuff done. I am admitting to being very impatient right now. Really impatient. But that is alright. I am working on it. So, we failed at insulation. We also got a lot of stuff from the tent into the cabin. It feels good moving forward, if slowly. Though I have to say that my back and legs did not agree with me. I probably lifted way more than I should have. We also got more wood scraps from the furniture store locally. We are pretty lucky that, as long as it is sunny, we usually only have to have a fire in here for a few hours in the morning. We stay at a nice 60 or so the rest of the day. However, if it is cloudy it takes a lot more. We also got more pallet wood, so hopefully we will be moving forward on covering more walls and making more shelves and such. That would make my life easier.

Animals are doing well. Though we did have another visit from the mink. Two chickens died. It was sad. I am hoping that we can catch the sucker soon. We can now go right up to the wild cow. We tried to move her in with the rest of the stock yesterday, but she didn’t want to leave her space. Soon though I have hope that she will be good with us. She is all alone up there and I hate that. We are also thinking about moving the chickens in with the stock. The ducks are doing amazing things in there. They are going through the cow patties and eating, well who knows what they are eating, probably bugs, but they are spreading poop all around and eating bugs!!! It is amazing what a multi-species grazing can do. However, we still don’t have adequate fencing. The people who came and dug holes for us told us that they wouldn’t be able to come back for well, their words, three to four weeks or until spring. In other words, yeah, we can’t count on them. Great, right? We will see though what we can get done. I am not going to give up just yet.

So yeah, hasn’t been a great week, or a productive week, but we are working, we are dealing. Hopefully I deal better this coming week and we are more productive also. That would be wonderful.


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