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Really this post isn’t about donuts. It is just on my mind because well I just made amazing donuts. It also makes me realize that if some five years ago a very knowledgeable person didn’t tell me that I, nor my daughter, should not eat gluten anymore I would not be where I am today. Weird to think that gluten, or the lack of gluten, would change my life so much? Let me ask you, have you ever made donuts? I hadn’t either before going gluten free. See, five years ago ready made gluten free options sucked. Oh, they were there, but they tasted horrible. Now, not to toot my own horn, but my donuts? Just as good as the gluten stuff. Not to mention that they were fricken fresh. How many of you get fresh fried donuts? I guess what my point is I never would have realized that I was capable of some of the things that I apparently am capable of. I think it has made a big difference in my life, and not just that I don’t suffer from stomach pain as much anymore.

On the farm though, that is what this blog is about, right? Kind of. We had a slightly productive weekend. The girls got to pose for a painter. It was kind of neat, no it wasn’t, it was amazing. He is amazingly talented. It was also cool that he talked to the girls about color, and shading and well, they learned a bit also. It was great. While they were posing Jack and I tried to get insulation under the cabin. It really didn’t work that great. We tried and tried, but yeah, I failed. I didn’t realize how badly I failed until the wind really started and blew most of it away. It sucks. Mostly because we were insanely cold for a few days. It almost hurts to walk on the floor without multiple pairs of socks. Good news is that Jack realized that we needed help and asked some people to come over and help us finish it. So, it should be okay. We also have our work party this weekend so hopefully we get some stuff done. I am admitting to being very impatient right now. Really impatient. But that is alright. I am working on it. So, we failed at insulation. We also got a lot of stuff from the tent into the cabin. It feels good moving forward, if slowly. Though I have to say that my back and legs did not agree with me. I probably lifted way more than I should have. We also got more wood scraps from the furniture store locally. We are pretty lucky that, as long as it is sunny, we usually only have to have a fire in here for a few hours in the morning. We stay at a nice 60 or so the rest of the day. However, if it is cloudy it takes a lot more. We also got more pallet wood, so hopefully we will be moving forward on covering more walls and making more shelves and such. That would make my life easier.

Animals are doing well. Though we did have another visit from the mink. Two chickens died. It was sad. I am hoping that we can catch the sucker soon. We can now go right up to the wild cow. We tried to move her in with the rest of the stock yesterday, but she didn’t want to leave her space. Soon though I have hope that she will be good with us. She is all alone up there and I hate that. We are also thinking about moving the chickens in with the stock. The ducks are doing amazing things in there. They are going through the cow patties and eating, well who knows what they are eating, probably bugs, but they are spreading poop all around and eating bugs!!! It is amazing what a multi-species grazing can do. However, we still don’t have adequate fencing. The people who came and dug holes for us told us that they wouldn’t be able to come back for well, their words, three to four weeks or until spring. In other words, yeah, we can’t count on them. Great, right? We will see though what we can get done. I am not going to give up just yet.

So yeah, hasn’t been a great week, or a productive week, but we are working, we are dealing. Hopefully I deal better this coming week and we are more productive also. That would be wonderful.


lost time

So. Let me collect myself. Isn’t it funny how one event can totally wipe out everything that happened? This week was like that. We did get a bit done on the cabin this weekend but were held up short by running out of wood. We were looking that we would have just a few more days of work and we would be moving upstairs!! We did move the girls upstairs and hung up closet rods. They hung up their clothes. It was great. We were moving forward!!! Yea!!! Jack did get called into the hospital like 5 times over the weekend. That also slowed us down, but we were trying to not let it get to us. He went in early Monday so he could get home early and we could work more. However, that did not happen. He got home late. Kind of sucked, but then, hey it just meant that he wouldn’t have to go in as much this week. We however did not get to move our animals. There was always the next day. There was always the next day.

Sometimes things don’t go that way though. Jack had enough light to go check on the pigs. So off he went into the dusk, feed sack over his shoulder. It had been raining off and on for awhile. The ground was slick as well there are a lot of words you can use here I will let you fill in the blank 🙂 If you remember Jack seems to have issues with wet clay, that was how he opened his finger up. He went in with the big pigs, fed them and as he was going to get out he slipped. He heard a snap. He was in a pile of mud, with two HUGE pigs with a broken ankle. There was no one near him. He called out and thankfully Natalie was near enough to hear him. He got her to go get me. I had to go get the keys to the truck from him and pull the truck over to the pig area. He slowly made it over and hobbled into the truck. It wasn’t fun. I know I haven’t mentioned this, but I have issues with bones. Like, I don’t like to think about people having them and if they do have them I would rather not think about them breaking inside of them. It is one of those things I have a very hard time dealing with. So has Jack was moaning and in pain and talking about it grinding I was desparetely trying not to vomit. Every bump in the road on the way to the ER caused him to moan and me to almost vomit. It was great. He said that he could feel himself start to go into shock while he was making it to the truck. He was making enough noise that I wasn’t too worried. I also have to mention here that my girls are awesome. As I was running back to get the truck I yelled at them and they quickly finished taking care of the animals and got ready to leave. They were in the truck in no time when I came back to pick them up. Anyway, about halfway to the ER Jack stopped moaning. That was when I started to worry. He said that he was finally not feeling the pain as much, but damn I was really worried for a little while there. We got to the ER though, Jack had called them ahead of time and told them he was coming and why. So they met us out there with a wheelchair. I parked and went in. They have changed a little bit since the last time we were there. They came out and asked if we wanted to go back with him. We needed to wait just a little bit while they got him settled. That was when I noticed that Natalie wasn’t doing so hot. She was freaked out, over many things, money over yet another ER trip, how we would be able to finish the cabin, how we would be able to move the animals, lots of things. I told her that we would just have to figure it out. We could ask people for help. We would make it. We had to. We ended up going back with Jack after that. Natalie still very unsure. We found that it was actually broken. He broke the bone in two places in a spiral. So special. They splinted him up and we went home. In all, it was a better trip. Oh sigh though. I had a hard time sleeping that night as I was up thinking about the same things Natalie had been thinking about.

I have to say that we have been slightly lucky though. People have really been great about offering support. Joan and Grant came over last night and helped us move the animals. Penn stopped by and helped us out also. I haven’t had to tie Jack up yet, he for the most part has been alright with sitting or laying down all day. I explained to him that the faster he can heal the better. That I was not looking forward to being the only physically capable adult again for six weeks. He did come out and verbally help us move animals. Though he did end up physically helping more than I would like.

One thing I have noticed, I have a whole lot less time to write this. I did start this Wednesday morning like a good little blogger and here I am Friday morning trying to finish it. So I am going to try and be quick and do this. We are starting to dry Astrid off. We did not see her go through another heat cycle, so good chance she is pregnant. Also, with our issues with her and milk, she wasn’t milked for months and we still producing and lots, we wanted to start now. I am seriously wondering though if she will always have a bag. We haven’t seen Luna go through another heat either. Is she pregnant? Who knows. I want to buy some pregnancy tests, they aren’t that expensive but Jack says if they pop out a kid they will. I don’t think that way though. Luna, if she doesn’t pop out a kid this month will already show that she has hormonal problems and if she does, well, I am not sure if we should keep her. So yeah, we will just have to wait and see though. We did take the two big pigs in yesterday. I am pretty happy so far with this meat market. They will save the hide for us, the boar’s head(he has tusks), my lard, well they were just very nice to work with. The crazy cheviots were put in with the stock, they seem to be adjusting well. So we just need to tame the other cow and get it in with stock and we won’t have any more animals that far away, well at least until we get better fence. We need better fence.

Today is also looking like it will be a busy crazy day. We didn’t get school done yesterday because of dropping off the pigs. So we have two days of school, we need to get things set up to do the insulation under the cabin. We are changing what we are using so I can do it easier. I need to get it done tomorrow though because we are due rain, and maybe a bit of it, on Sunday. Oh fun. So this is my sloppy probably not that great blog post. We are alive, mostly whole, some of us are a little older, some a little crazier, but still thankful to be where we are.

Halloween SAVED!!!

Well, Halloween was saved. I thought and thought about what we could do with what we had. I have fallen back on the gypsy costumes before, it is pretty easy when you have the clothes to do this. I asked the girls if this sounded alright and they reluctantly agreed. Until they saw how the costumes were and then they were excited. It was great. However, we also take this time to be very serious and I turn their costumes into a homeschool lesson. For the past few years the girls have chosen some sort of goddess. So it went into a lesson about different religions and well it was interesting. This time I was wondering how much we could learn about gypsies. I was surprised. Really surprised. I am not one to tell you all what to do, but if you are curious go look up gypsies, learn a little bit, you might be surprised, as we were, about how hard the gypsies have had it for an insanely long time. After reading about it, I didn’t really want to dress up like gypsies. I really didn’t. I tried to tell the girls why. I asked them how they felt when people dressed up like witches, all green and ugly and mean. They said that they knew who they were and they didn’t need to educate others on how witches really were. If that is what they wanted to believe, well too bad for them. It was one of those moments of hmmm, my children made a decent point. As it was, it was too late to go back on what we were going to be. So we went to town, with Megan our goat, dressed as gypsies. This year, as opposed to last when the girls dressed up as Celtic goddesses, people actually knew what we were!! It was amazing. Everyone loved Megan and thought it was an amazing idea. It was really really great. We then came home did our night chores and then went onto Dancing Rabbit and their Hollerween fiasco. It was a lot of fun. All in all one of the better halloweens we have had in awhile.

Onto cabin news. We had a very bad cabin day over the weekend. We were going to move the bedsteads into the cabin so we could stand on them to put up the ceiling. I tried to pick it up and found that those things are really really heavy. Luckily, Joan was home and helped Jack get them up there. So the bedsteads got up there and then we went onto nailing the boards up. Jack realized that he was out of nails. So he calls over to DR and sees if they have any for sale. They do. Great!! So he goes on over and gets them. Gets back and we nail up a few but the gun is having issues. Hmmm, the nails are not the right kind for the gun he has. Hmmm. So he calls back asking if he can use the gun. Goes over and gets it. Comes back. Get it all hooked up and connected. We get three nails in a board before the air compressor dies. Yep, it broke. Can you believe it? Uggg!!! It was just one of those days. So we started on putting up more of the kitchen shelves and a bench for by the door. So we are still camping on the floor of the cabin. It isn’t great. but we are getting there. Also, Tuesday we went into Memphis to do some chores and we got back only to see that while we were in town the store had called us to let us know that our stove pipe was in! Aggg! So Jack got back in the truck and went back into town and got the stove pipe. He started getting it all ready. Yesterday we had our first fire! Yea! For Warmth!!! He is getting a fire going right now as I type too. It is really nice to be able to be warm. Little things that are easy to take for granted, you know?

As for animals, well, we haven’t seen the mink out anymore, but we did have a dead chicken. Not sure what got it, but it was dead. We have also had more issues with our animals getting out of the fence. We moved them and usually this helps. It didn’t this time. We couldn’t figure it out. We really were about to go crazy. Then once Jack went down there to get them back in and saw that no one had hooked up the fence. Seriously. So that is why the animals kept walking through it like it was nothing. It really was nothing. So our break outs have gone down a whole lot. We did have someone out yesterday and they dug some holes for us to put our real fence. So that is going along also. Kind of crazy, and maybe just a little late. I am looking forward to when moving animals will be opening a gate instead of the hour long moving that it is now. Again, little things. Life is full of little things right now. I am not sure if I would have it any other way though.

And Luna. Because what post would be complete without mentioning Luna? Well, no baby. Now, we had something interesting happen. She went into heat. I tried searching and couldn’t find anything so I posted on a goat forum I go to. Sometimes a goat can go into heat while pregnant. Or she could have had a false pregnancy. Which may mean that she has hormone issues. Who knows? We probably won’t until either a baby pops out or not. Astrid, I did post that Astrid and Billy got together, right? Well, in a few days if we don’t see her go into heat, or really even if we do, because that first heat after getting pregnant can still happen. Yet, we have reason to believe that maybe possibly it took on the first try. Her milk has decreased by more than half this past week. Now, she is also getting on into her tenth month of lactation. So that could be part of it also. We are trying to be positive though.

So, we have gotten a bit done in the cabin, animals are doing well, if confusing. Halloween was saved. Things as always are crazy, but I would start to worry if it wasn’t. I am used to crazy. I am not so used to things just working out, you know? Hopefully, things work out better and we are moved upstairs! That is my goal for this next week. Oh and one last thing. I don’t like the cold weather so much. However, I do feel like my life is going way too fast lately. I am tired of wishing for warm weather. I am not moving back to Hawai’i as much as I would like to. So, I need to just start looking for the great in all my days. Something that I realized a few nights ago is that, oh my goodness, it is nice to curl up in bed at night and cuddle. It is nice to wake up in the morning, okay it isn’t really because it is really cold. However, it is nice to be freezing your butt off and to be holding a nice hot mug of well tea or hot chocolate. These are little thing, and haven’t I said that the little things make all the difference, that have warmed me when I have been freezing. I hope you are finding some warm happy thoughts where you are right now ❤