Minks stink!

Really, I don’t know if minks actually stink. I do know, however, that they are the devil. That is the big news on the farm this week. Minks are the devil. Last week, while we were all sick, though Jack never really got it like the rest of us, we kept have midnight attacks. Okay, it was more like an attack every half hour. You know, a raccoon will see you out there with a gun and hear that first shot and most likely not come back for a week at least. They are pretty smart, they know you are listening for them. They know the chickens are now on guard and will announce they quite readily. They don’t come back for awhile. Minks are something else though. At first we didn’t know it was minks. When I say at first, I mean it was two nights of waking up to chickens screaming and finding dead chickens before we put all the clues together. It was not fun. The first night, the stinker only got a few chickens. It was a few night later that we lost seven in one night. I am not sure what happened, if it was the wind, if we were sleeping deeper, I don’t know. By the time Jack got out there we were missing most of the chickens from one of our coops. We lost in all a dozen birds. That is just a little bit hurtful. One of the last nights we saw the mink Jack thinks he may have gotten a shot at it. Maybe. Esme, aka jungle kitty, also was out that night. Something happened because we haven’t seen sign of the mink for six nights now. We think Oreo had a tussle with it. He came in one morning with his eye swollen shut. He is pretty much healed now, but I was slightly worried for a little bit. And probably me being an overprotective mother, I did not want the cats going out at all those nights. However, try to keep a cat inside when they want out. My conclusion still stands though. Minks are the devil. The waste was significant. They didn’t eat the birds at all. It was very frustrating and just wrong. Evil.

All other animals are doing well. I am very saddened by the loss of our chickens though. Really sad. We need to think of something to help deter minks. In big news we are helping out a fellow community member. She won a cow in a raffle, yes, really 🙂 Only in the midwest I think. However the cow is not ready to be butchered. In fact she needs about another eight to ten months on pasture. So we got her last night. She is in our upper pasture right now but will be moved in with our other stock in a few days or in about a week. We will see. The poor girl is scared witless. It shows what a difference it makes in animal care. You can actually give an animal everything it needs, grass, water as much protection as a fence gives and it will be a mostly happy animal. It will. I guess we just do things a little different. Is it any more right? I don’t know. We do however give that animal love and compassion. We give it just a little bit more. Does that make the animal happier? Well, when I hear my animals calling for me, wanting to be scratched and loved, well, is it for me, or is it for my animals? It does make my job easier when I need to check them out. It makes it easier on them, they aren’t as scared. I can tell you that this new girl, we couldn’t get anywhere near her. Same with our wild sheep, though maybe they are getting closer. Anyway, I have to ask that question sometimes. Am I caring for animals the way I do to benefit me, or the animals. In my heart though, I have to say that I could not care for them any other way. I am responsible for them. I take their care very seriously.

The day passed where Luna could have gotten pregnant at her previous farm and given birth. So now, we know that she should give birth somewhere between 10/29 and 12/15. Yep, because 6 more weeks shouldn’t stretch my nerves anymore. Really. I am good. I won’t go crazy. I do know that I have about a week where she shouldn’t give birth, so I am just going to rest. We seem to have other goats going into heat. Billy has been having fun. I am excited to see babies, in like many months.

Jack’s parents came out again. They are looking at a house AGAIN! We can be hopeful that they finally found a place they like. We also got a lot of work done. I can’t remember and I still am horrible about writing things down lately. So please forgive if I have already said these things. I have another counter and some shelves. Very exciting for me. I also have a shoe rack! Oh this is nice after so long of having shoes laying all about. Five people have a lot of shoes! We also got the floor down in the girl’s room. Oh and in other news, last Thursday was cold and windy. We were all sick and didn’t want to sleep in the tent. We moved our sleeping bags into the cabin. I thought that I had made quite a funny when I said “It will be like we are camping” No one really thought it was funny. Oh well. Anyway, we have been sleeping on the floor of the cabin now. We are hoping to more upstairs sometime soon. We also should get the rest of the parts for the wood stove today, so we will have heat. That is happening just in time because it looks like we are in store for some seasonal weather. We have been lucky with the heat we have been having, but it looks like it will stop soon. Jack has been really busy with his two jobs and we just haven’t moved as far as we hoped. It is kind of disheartening, but oh well. I really can’t believe that this is the last full week of October! I also feel very bad because for the first year ever I have not made the girl’s costumes. It is a week away and I have been sewing. I am thinking that they need a bed before costumes. I am not sure what we are going to do, but we might figure out something. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so it is kind of bugging me that it isn’t happening like it should this year. So, I think that is about it.


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