I am starting early on this post because well, I’m sick, I pulled a muscle in my neck, and really not much is getting done these past two days. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a little more productive. This past week has been kind of lost. I haven’t been keeping notes on what has been happening. Oh wait, you didn’t know I had notes? I do. I make a calendar every month. On each day I have the sun and moon rise/set time, how many eggs we have gotten from which coop, how much milk Astrid gives morning and night, and other exciting news, who had sex, who is in heat, who has jumped the fence, if we planted things, harvested lots of things, canned things, weather, pretty much anything I find exciting. I find a lot of things exciting, in case you didn’t figure that out. Oh I also write about our progress on the cabin and such like that. This past week I have totally sucked. No excuse really. Feeling maybe slightly overwhelmed and wanting a break. Can’t take a break on many things so I guess I decided to make it look like I took a break on the calendar. Really, if you can’t take a break, just pretend you did. Pretend you didn’t milk for a week, or collected eggs or anything. Nothing was done this past week.

That isn’t true though so even without my notes I will try and let you all know what has happened this past week. One thing, oh you already know this considering I didn’t name this blog post LUNA GAVE BIRTH!!! Luna is still pregnant. I actually tried to contact the lady we got her from and get more information. The email I got back has led me to believe this lady is completely nuts. In other words, she is nuts. I am almost to the point of believing this is Billy’s child, so maybe she will give birth in two weeks. Sigh. Exciting news for Natalie and Layla though, they have been starting to milk. It is hard for them. I think I make it look too easy. Since the only thing I have written for this past week is that Astrid and Billy had SEX, and SEX is written very big in red pen, well it stands out a bit. And since Astrid has the slight stench of Billy hanging over her I decided that the girls should take this opportunity to milk. We have been giving the milk to the pigs who do not mind the slight flavor stench imparts. They have spilled milk, part of this is because Astrid does not stand well while she is in heat and knows Billy isn’t that far away. They are getting there though. I am proud of them. Last night I only got a few squirts after them, so they are getting much better at finishing the milking. I did mark down a few days how many eggs we have gotten, it hasn’t been much. Pretty depressing actually. The chickens have for the most part done well this year considering the weather. However if they don’t start laying better they will end up serving us in another way. We did move the stock again, they are doing some amazing things. Okay, I guess only if you count eating amazing, which again, a lot impresses me. It was kind of funny though. It was a few days ago, we were going to move them that night. It was still a few hours away. It had rained and we knew since we put the fence in dry ground and it had rained the fence would likely fall soon. Well, as we looked out and saw that everybody was out and the fence had failed in many places we took it as a sign to start moving them now. It went well though. Well, it went well until I was leading everyone back in and ended up going through a patch of brambles. I had almost everyone right behind me, you have to move kind of fast when you have a bucket of food and have twenty plus animals following you. I started going through the patch and realized that it was hurting quite a bit. I couldn’t stop though, I had to keep pushing through. I had blood flowing down my legs. It really wasn’t fun. Now if it had been colder, I would have been wearing pants, but I wasn’t. So now I have quite a few scratches along my legs. I am healing though. Maybe next time I will plan my route a little better.

Cabin news, well, it has hit me a few times these past few weeks. It is hard to explain this so bear with me. It is very interesting to be building something like this. Something that we get to plan and make it fit our life right from the beginning. Now, not that everything is perfect. It isn’t like a dream come true or anything. But we are planning where the walls will go, where the closets go, the shelves, everything. We got up more insulation this week and more of the wall paneling. Still have a ways to go, but maybe by the end of this month we will be moved in upstairs and will have the tent taken down!!! Jack has built another counter and a few shelves and I am doing my best to organize our spices and teas. You never realize how much you have of these things until you put them on a shelf. It is going though. It is also nice being in here when the weather isn’t as nice. On our rainy days, it wasn’t wet in here! Oh my! It was wet in the tent. Also, having windows made it not really dark and gloomy in here either. It was just amazing. Oh, and the phone company came and made it so we have phone and internet in here. Really nice. But now, I can look out and see all around us. It is pretty amazing. Oddly, the cabin seems smaller than the tent, even though it is the same footprint. I think it is partly because the cabin is more accessible. It is more open, though of course we don’t have everything in here yet. Hopefully we get everything organized shortly.

So yeah, this has been my vacation week. You are lucky you are even getting this much. In fact, we aren’t even doing school this week. The girls went out this morning and have been planting garlic. Yesterday we were all too sick to do much at all. I plan on making more salsa this week along with moving things in and organizing. Oh and maybe I will make the straw ticks this week. You haven’t heard about them yet because they are still sitting full cloth on a bench in here… 🙂 Anyway, I fully recommend having a pretend vacation. Go for it. At the end of the day, when you are exhausted over all that you have done, look back and pretend you sat on your butt and did nothing all day. It will be a test of your imagination. If you feel fully relaxed and refreshed after your day of “rest” you have an amazing imagination and deserve your vacation:)


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