ohhh, that smell

Seriously that smell is sickening me. It is the smell of BillyBob Bugerweed in rut. Uggg, I really cannot stand it. And it seems like it is everywhere. I hope he gets out of it soon and maybe we will be able to touch him, or go within a mile of him again… We make fun of billys a lot here. I would feel sorry for them if it they didn’t seem to enjoy themselves so much. And if the ladies didn’t enjoy it all also. Really, why were they made to piss all over themselves? If a male of the human species pissed in his beard and came up to me and rubbed it on me, I don’t think I would be horribly turned on. But it really gets the goat ladies. There just ain’t nothing sexier.

The big news this week is how fricken quick we have had to move stock. They are getting bigger, we have two cows now and they are going through the green stuff pretty quick. Usually we have to move them once a week. This past week we moved them Thursday, Sunday and we need to move them today. Yeah. Not to mention that they keep getting out. Jack has a spot he is planning on fencing in with the new fence. This means taking a break on the cabin, just as it is starting to get colder, to build fence. But when you look at us having to round up everyone, say that it about two hours a day, and moving them, a little over an hour every few days, that it taking a lot out of cabin building also. He is hoping that this bit of fence will hold them for a couple of weeks so we can build cabin and then more fence. Astrid has increased her milk. I am not sure what is up here. It hasn’t quite doubled, but close and I think I need to get some cheese making supplies. The girls are totally loving being able to drink all the milk they want. Admittedly I am loving always having milk and eggs to bake with. I have gotten so used to using water in my baking so being able to use all the milk I want, well it is enough to make you feel rich 🙂 Luna has not given birth yet still. However, a few days ago I went out there and she was a little goopy. Maybe? I am going to take it as a good sign and just be hoping that it is soon. I would really like that baby out and getting bigger before it gets cold. I hope if I keep saying that it will either happen or it won’t get cold this year.

Cabin is progressing. We did get all the walls up downstairs. So what we are waiting for is for the kitchen to be somewhat put together, the sink is in, the pump is half set up and we have a counter, and we will start moving in downstairs. I am kind of hoping that that will be done today, maybe tomorrow. Friday and Saturday are looking a bit on the chilly side. It will be so nice to be not in a tent. But I am figuring that we are still a couple weeks, at least, away from taking the tent down.

We did decide to move the puppies in with the big stock again. We figured that they were big enough to no longer be eaten by the pigs. This was a proud mommy moment. We put them in and as soon as they saw that they were surrounded by goats, sheep, pigs and cows they went submissive. They didn’t move, they just let everything sniff them. Not looking at them, not being scared. However, when the pigs did try to start to eat them, they growled and snapped, just enough to let the pigs know they were not food. They has also been protecting their food from the pigs. I was so proud of them I almost cried. Not one animal had to butt them. It didn’t take any time at all for them all to be one happy family. Now, last night we had yet another break out. Bridget and Conner got out. By the time everyone was in again we figured we would just leave them out. Then we decided to put them in with Astrid and Luna. Oh my goodness! I thought I was going to go crazy. Seriously crazy. They kept barking and barking. We kept going out them and telling them to stop and stop, there was nothing out there. This actually went on for almost two hours before Jack took them both down to the big stock. You know what, they didn’t bark anymore. I am thinking that they couldn’t handle being away from their pack. Not knowing if anything was getting them. Once they were down there it was all quiet again. So far I am really impressed with these puppies. Of course it would be nice if they didn’t get such a kick out of chasing chickens… I guess you can’t have it all.

So that is about it. It has been a little crazy with Jack working two jobs and all the stuff that is going on here. I am trying to have faith though that it will all be alright. The ten day forecast is looking for the most part, so this is me trying not to worry. And now I am signing off because procrastinating me has to finish one more fingerless mitt for the silent auction this weekend at DR. I will get it done, but yeah, I should be knitting right now 🙂


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