Frost and in case you wanted more, another Frost!

There are certain parts of the year that make me look back on my life and wonder, “How the hell did I get HERE?” Jack and mine’s anniversary is one of those moments. We have been married fourteen years as of yesterday. If you were to take me back to the first day of high school when I sat down next to Jack for the first time in science class and told me that I was sitting next to my future husband I would have laughed in your face. Even if you had told me a year later when he saved me from having to go to a dance with someone I didn’t want to go with, I am not sure I would have believed you. A year after that, in junior year, when I realized that he actually listened to me instead of well focusing on what most teenage boys focus on, well I might have listened to you, still thought you were crazy but still. At the same time if you would have told me that I would be living on a farm killing and processing my own meat, I really didn’t like meat like ever. Or that I would have three kids who I spent a good portion of my day teaching. Let’s put it this way, this is not the life I thought I would have. I wouldn’t change it for anything though. I think if I were in the life I had imagined for myself I would just be another very unhappy person. My life is so full in so many ways. I am thankful for the adventure that we have gone on. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and find myself, to grow. It means a lot to me. It also means a lot to me that Jack has stuck by my side through all my freak outs, gently pushing me and telling me I can do it. He is a good part of my growing these past fourteen years. I love him with all my heart.

So what has happened the past week. Well, guess what, Luna has STILL not given birth. Seriously. She has another two weeks or so before we say that somehow Billy got her pregnant in the first month she was here. It is possible, I am hoping not though since geez, I want that baby OUT and getting bigger so we don’t have to worry about keeping it warm. The cows are doing great. We have come up with names, Ruby and Jewel. We figured out what was up with the dead chickens. They were going egg bound. I can only guess that this was because they started laying way early. Their food rations were very sufficient and should not have been suffering any deficiency. We lost all but one Iowa blue. Very sad about that. Astrid has very oddly started giving more milk than usual. I shouldn’t say that it is odd. We have been milking her for a little over a month now and her body has probably said, “Oh hey, I guess I need to be producing more now.” She is so sweet and a joy to milk really. She nuzzles me and Luna comes up behind me and nuzzles me. I have said many times that goats are the cats of livestock. They are full of curiosity and well standoffishness, and well if a goat doesn’t want to be around you, they just aren’t. So when a goat actually wants to be around you, it is like a cat jumping into your lap. Thankfully the goats for the most part don’t try to get in your lap. Except for Fiona who will try and climb into your lap if you let her. So be careful about that. Jack didn’t believe me that she was trying to do that until I told him to just sit down and stop pushing her away and sure enough she just lay calmly down on his lap. Goats are funny. The girls have reported that the crazy wild sheep have tamed a little, though we have ran out of apples to tame them with. They will now come up to you and follow you around. However, they still run away if you try and touch them.

In other farm news, though it had nothing to do with OUR farm. I got a hundred pounds of tomatoes to process last Wednesday. It was kind of a crazy day. They were canners and well, there were a lot of split ones. I didn’t have much choice but to can them all, quickly. We also had two frosts this past week, one Saturday night and one Sunday night. It wasn’t fun. It was so freaking cold. It has warmed up a lot but the damage was done to our garden. The tomatoes on the lowest row all died. So we have been collecting lots and lots of green tomatoes. I am guessing I will be making green tomato salsa. Because not only do I have an excess of green tomatoes, I also have a whole bowl full of hot peppers. I have a lot of work to do. And my sanity is slightly impaired right now.

We got the whole first floor down and coated twice! It still very possibly needs more coats, but this might do. We also caved and got fiberglass for insulation. It is the cheapest option and quick. Most of the downstairs is insulated now. It is a good thing. The weather seems like it is going to hold off for awhile. This coming week will see me not only making salsa but making straw ticks for the girls and us. Goodbye crappy mattresses! I will try to take pictures while I am doing so. I suck at sewing, but really, it is straight lines, right? Oh sewing goddess help me 🙂 At this point in the cabin building I would rather get as much done in there before moving in as long as the weather holds. Unfortunately, the problem we are running into is that the person we get the old pallet boards from is running slightly behind. He has a lot going on and well, we have been really late in getting boards. We ran out this weekend and it might not be until tomorrow or Friday until we get more. That is what is currently holding us up.

I think that is most of our week though, frosts, milk, dead chickens, eggs, frost, floor, you know, the usual stuff. Hopefully this next week sees milk, no frosts, no dead chickens, eggs, more floor, walls, insulation and maybe oh my, starting to move into the first floor of the cabin. Next week there will be pictures. Promise.


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