oh oh all I want to know, where does the time go?

We have cows. Two sweet youngins. They are jersey/shorthorn heifers. They came from an organic dairy, but were bought as bottle babies. The people had them for about 6 months and decided, I guess, they were just too much. So they are ours now. It was quite an adventure getting them. And probably not in the way you would imagine. Getting them was fine. Even if it was raining. On our way home though most of the girls had to go pee, so we stopped at the gas station and Layla heard some hissing from our tire. Yep. She told Jack but either he didn’t hear her or didn’t think about it. So she told me and I told Jack. We had a pretty huge hole in our tire. It was flattening at a decent rate. So we went to the store to get something to fix it. Two products failed. The third one got us home. It was a nail hole, and there is another nail, at least one, in our tire. Yep. We have to replace our tires now. I’m trying to not feel like the universe is out to get us. Really, I am not. We got cows! They are sweet. But damnit, it was not fun dealing with that last night. We were very late in getting home, it sucked. But we have cows! What is the yogi tea bag saying? With each loss there is an equal gain and with each gain there is an equal loss. But geez!

Jack’s parents came to visit again. We got a lot done. We spent two days de-nailing boards. I am not sure if they are so enthused to come back 🙂 We got the upstairs windows in thanks also in part to Shagbark. Jack and Phil got some more siding up while Judy and I de-nailed and de-nailed and de-nailed… We did hit our knuckles often and I did hit myself in the head with a hammer, don’t ask. But we de-nailed a half pallet of pine boards. Jack and Phil then planed them all. They are all ready to be put down as flooring now. Really we couldn’t move in too soon for me right now. It was COLD last Thursday. Really really cold. And windy. Not fun and Saturday’s low is like 36. What the hell? I am not ready for fall. I really thought, way back in spring, that we would be moved in by fall. It is sad because there are still parts of the day that are nice, just the parts that aren’t nice are really not nice. But the cabin is coming along. We will move in eventually. I think our floor is going to look really nice too.

We had two mysterious chicken deaths this past week. It happens. I know this, but still it bugs me when it happens. The goats are still getting out the fence. It is frustrating but almost becoming just something we are all dealing with. We recognize this as a managemnt problem and one that we know the solution to. We just need to get to the point where we can build fence. This is solvable. Sometime soon. It is so interesting to occaisonally hear a “MOOO!” So sweet. Oh, the girls are also “civilizing” our wild sheep. They have been going up there and throwing apples and getting them closer and closer. Soon, soon. They have been able to scratch them once. For the most part if you move, they run. Maybe I should say bolt. We are working on it though. Everyone is getting so big though. It will be nice when we are a farm of something other than babies. Our cows are only about six months old, so it will be about a year and a half until we are getting milk. That is alright though, we are patient people.

So cabin is coming along, slowly but coming along. Animals are doing alright. It feels good having a full farm. Though it will feel better when we have worked out some kinks. It is cold and getting colder. Huck is doing not so well. He has started to shake. He also gets worried whenever we leave. He has tried to follow us a few times. Yesterday the girls and I went for a short walk and Huck howled pretty much the entire time we were gone. It was sad. I am not sure what to do though. Oreo and Esme have worked something out. Maybe it is just because it is getting colder? But they are almost cuddling. It is sweet. Things go on, things change and life happens. At the end of the day we are tired. Sometimes we are not in a great mood, sometimes we are very happy with what we have gotten done. And some days, no most days, we wonder how the hell the day passed, in fact, how did the week pass? Did August every really happen? Didn’t summer used to be longer? Where does the time go?


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