Because if nothing else it is greening up out there. The small amounts of rain have been soaked into the ground and the plants are taking it for all it can. It is pretty amazing. To see places where we have had the animals, either the chickens or the stock, green up like this. I am looking forward to seeing our land green up and become a wonderful place for our animals.

It has been a pretty rough week, but I am going to just put all of it, or at least parts of it behind me right now. I am going to keep telling myself that things will be getting better. They will. Jack got a new job. He will be working as the project manager for the new community building at DR. We are kind of excited about this. One he will be close, he won’t have to commute to Memphis everyday. He will be cutting his hours at the hospital, so he won’t be working two full time jobs. I feel better about how this is all going to go now. The only down side is that we will again have less time. Oh time, can’t we just have a little more? Please? I feel like I am going a little crazy with the lack of time lately. Insomnia has been plaguing me again. I think this is horrible irony. I mean, I can’t actually DO anything at three am, you know? Being awake then and then dragging my butt the rest of the day is pretty counterproductive.

So to sum up this week… I already mentioned that Jack got a new job, that was a pretty big thing here. We also got to go to the no-talent show. That is always a big hit. The girls recited poems. I was super proud of Gwendy for being able to recite all of Betty Botter. It was a fun time and it is always cool to see what people have prepared for it. Saturday was a super busy day. We got fishies. I am not sure if you remember that we got fish a few months ago and had a few deaths. Well this time we may have gone overboard. Jack brought three 50 gallon barrels to bring the fish home in. It took awhile to unload them and it took all five of us. It was fun though. We got some grass carp to take care of the chara in our pond. While we like what the chara does for the pond, we don’t like the chara as much as it likes our pond. It has been getting out of control and all attempts to remove it gently has made it triple in size. I also had a fiber meeting. Gwendy actually started using the drop spindle. I am constantly amazed at my children. Really I am. Sunday was mostly a day of work. Jack worked on the roof and it is almost up now. Yesterday was pretty amazing as Mardoc came over and helped Jack. All of our windows on the bottom floor are in! Most of the siding is up also. Yea!! It really can’t happen too soon for me right now. Really it has been cold, really cold and windy. As we were doing school today and our papers were flying all over the place Natalie mentioned that it will be nice when we don’t have to worry about the wind inside of the house. The cabin will be nice in many ways.

The animals are all doing fine. Or mostly. We have had some break outs lately. It is really frustrating. Super frustrating. In fact, a good part of the reason why I am not chipper this morning, besides the fact that I woke up at 3:30 this morning is because of a mass animal break out this morning. It is frustrating, it happened a few nights ago also. Jack actually mentioned that he wished he could stop on the cabin and build fence. Fence really needs to be done, but we need a place to live a little bit more. So this is short, but know that we are still here trucking along. It isn’t always fun but we will get it done 🙂


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