In case you didn’t know it was September. I am not sure how it got here either. We do a morning verse to start off school. The first full week of each month we read a poem for that month. It kind of takes me by surprise every time I have to read a month poem, didn’t we just do June? Really, didn’t we? Time goes by too fast. I was awoken this morning by some super crazy winds maybe some of the hardest winds we have had yet this spring/summer. As I lay awake thinking I realized that we will very possibly be spending six months in the tent this year also. We moved into the tent about the third week of March, and we haven’t moved into the cabin yet…

This past week was interesting. Last Wednesday Jack only did a half day but everything was screwy. We ran out of propane first thing in the morning. It is bad when that happens, we usually have an extra tank laying around but alas they were all empty. So cold breakfast it was. By the way we eat a hot breakfast every morning. Cereal is way too damn expensive. So it is almost always eggs with assorted veggies and cheese. So into town we went because we needed propane and Jack ran out of thingies to do the roof with. We got to the hardware store to find out that someone, less than an hour before, came in and bought the entire case of strips that Jack needed for the roof. The problem with “town” being well very very small is that there is really only one place that has what you are looking for. We ended up having to go to “TOWN” which is still very small. I really hate running around like that. Sigh. We got what we needed though. Though not as much happened on the roof that was supposed to since we had to make those trips.

In animal news our le fleche birds started laying. I am kind of surprised that the others are taking so long but I imagine that they will all start soon and then we will have a ton of eggs again. We also came to an amazing revelation, Astrid has been going into heat for over a month now. We had originally thought that her jumping the fence and acting funny was a pregnancy thing. We are now realizing that this is only happening about every three weeks, which is a heat cycle. Duh! So now we know for sure that she isn’t pregnant, which is nice since I have been milking her twice a day. We also had a crazy sheep break out. Those damn cheviots! They got out a few times on Friday, but the last time they got out was bad. They ended up going down the road. As it was raining and this was the second time they had gotten out on me that day I was so very tempted to just say good bye and leave them. Really, I was annoyed. We got them back in though after a lot of not funness. Jack had started to try and make them a new fence but found that even with the rain we were getting he couldn’t get t-posts into the ground. We also got rain on Saturday. In all about 1.8 inches, our ground is still too hard. It sucks, but we are getting it done, kind of :)Jack was able to fix parts of the fence that we think they were getting out of. Lastly, but so not leastly, we actually saw the boar successfully mount the sow. Like for real. Since we have had them for four months and we haven’t seen anything going on, this is big. We are still planning on eating him though. Just because he finally got it, I don’t think it is going to save him. However his line may just live on. We will see. That is our big animal news.

So we have been getting rain. It is weird to see so much rain in the forecast when we have been dry for so long. It doesn’t seem real almost. It has made getting stuff done on the cabin hard though. Jack was actually out there in the rain working, but there is only so much you can do. Seeing how much rain we have in the forecast actually worries me. It seems like this year has either been way too hot or now rainy to get much done. Though part of this is, no a lot of this is because it seems to have this crappy weather happens a lot when Jack is actually home and can work. Right now it is perfect weather, okay maybe a little windy for working on the roof, but still. Even with the crappy weather the roof metal is up on 3/4 of the cabin. yea!!! I am hopeful that we, and by we I mean Jack with me handing him stuff, can get the rest done shortly.

Oh we did go to the fiber festival. It was decently bad. I am not sure if it was the rain or what. The silent auction was about a quarter of what it was last year. It was kind of depressing, even if I did get to eat lamb. I miss lamb, really miss lamb. Anyway, we did put it out there that we were looking for a large amount of fleeces to use as insulation. There wasn’t anyone who had any though 😦 Still trying to stay hopeful. We will find something sometime I am sure.

I also need to thank everyone who donated this past week. It was and still is a really hard thing for me to ask for help. All the money that we have gotten is going towards paying for the roof. We thought we were doing well going to auctions and getting all these things at a very low cost, but it just wasn’t enough. In some ways, yes, if you are building a house you should realize this is going to be a major cost, but really we have gotten so much of the materials for cheap and some even free that we thought we were doing really well. All of our siding, and floor and walls to be are reused pallet wood. Parts of our floor are osb that was to be thrown away. Parts of the walls are lumber that we got from an auction. The roofing metal Jack said needs to be new though, you do not want a leaky roof. All of our windows we got for a dollar each at the same auction. No, they aren’t great windows, but they are windows. The cement for the piers was also gotten at the auction. It is crazy when you think about what a cabin costs though. So you all have our insane gratitude. I think we need to make some kind of dedication in the cabin that says “This cabin was made possible by…” So thank you thank you thank you ❤


One thought on “September

  1. Mama

    They canceled our fiber festival after only one go. I was so disappointed. It was successful, it was just that the people who ran it felt they made more money doing it in Raleigh instead of the halfway point between our town and the capital. Oh well. They lost a lot of business because I can't afford half a tank of gas to get there and back and the outrageous entrance fee (it was $15 last time for me and $10 for each kid!)


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