Some days suck, some days are great

You know sometimes the hardest thing about writing this each week if figuring out a title. How do I sum up the past week in a title? Really, it so depends on when I start writing this. Sometimes Wednesday mornings are sweet and calm. Sometimes I am introspective. Sometimes I am freaking up to here done and want to start drinking before it even hits nine am. Seriously, that was this morning. Megan(the goat who was known as Houdina, we stopped calling her that in hopes that she would stop escaping) was out as I woke up this morning and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. She is a jumper. She can jump the fence quite well. So Natalie woke up and she went about to getting her back in. I got Layla up. Usually getting Megan back in is not hard. She goes right to Natalie, not to us which is why Natalie went to go get her, and Natalie just puts her back in. It takes a few minutes, is annoying, but oh well such is life. Well, about twenty minutes later I go out with my milk pail to milk Astrid and not only is Megan out, Dancer and Phedre are out too. Okay, deep breath. I see that Natalie and Layla need a little bit of help. So I set down the pail and start to the helping. My part is mostly staying in the fence shaking food while the girls get the wanderers back in. It would seem that my part is the easiest, but being in the middle of a goat/sheep/pig mosh pit is really not much fun and has probably the most risk of getting injured. At the worst we had five animals out. It was not a fun morning. The girls also got a ride out of Joscelin, our ram. They had put a collar on him when he decided that he DID want to go back into the pen. They were both holding on when he ran full speed down the hill. Layla let go and tumbled down. She got up brushed herself off and smiled HUGE and said “THAT WAS FUN!!!!” In all it took us fifty minutes to get things straightened out. Though I say that and we still have a goat out. Dancer was getting on my nerves, she is staked out to the tree that she kept going to. I figure she can eat all she wants for a little bit if she is that insistent on going to that tree. So that gives you an idea on how exciting some of our mornings can be. That was all before eight.

A lot has happened again this past week. Probably the most satisfying, for me at least, was doing some clean up. Sunday morning when we went about moving animals around we also cleaned up. We have had some windy weather which has blown things about, not to mention three kids who just leave things all over the place. We have so many feed scoops and finding one is difficult, really. Not any longer though. We moved chickens so they are all closer together, makes it easier for us all. In general things can run smoother. I say can, not that it always does. We are in a kind of hard place. We have been moving our babies around close by. This coming week we will have to move them farther away. Since Connor has been barking at odd things in the middle of the night it makes me uneasy. There is something out there. I have to hope that Connor barking and electric fences keeps it away from my babies.

Luna has yet to give birth. Astrid has gone up in milk production by a cup a day. I will probably start milking her at night too soon. I made mozzarella yesterday. I was using not the ingredients I would have liked to. There is no rennet up here but junkit, which is junk. I also had no citric acid and used apple cider vinegar. I still ended up with a decently tasty product. I really do miss making cheese. It is really exciting for me to have goats again and the ability to make cheese with fresh milk. Really exciting. On food notes, those roosters we butchered. Oh my goodness. I am not sure what was different, but they were so tender. I didn’t have any issues with toughness. They tasted good too, not gamey and kind of icky. I am really picky about my chicken, in fact it is probably my least favorite meat. So it means a lot that they were good.

The end walls are up on the cabin. The sheathing is up also. Jack also got up the last bit of sheathing on the roof. So the cabin is totally encased. He had to order more roofing, but is hoping to have the roof done by the end of this weekend. Really, that will make me happy. I am frazzled to the end of my nerves with seeing him on the roof. Having all ladder work done will be good for me. We might have some leads on getting some wool. It has been hard to find around here. So yeah, if you read this and know of someone who is hoarding wool in their barn let me know. I am getting just slightly worried about insulating our cabin. It kind of needs to be done.

Jack also got some planting done, part of the reason not much was done on the cabin this past week. Between cleaning up around here and planting, it took some time out. Anyway, he tilled up some areas in our flat spots and planted turnips, beets, buckwheat, cowpeas and bush beans. We aren’t expecting crops out of all these things, more like hoping for some hay and just to start getting that area planted. So hopefully we start getting some rain. It has cooled down a lot still. Though we have some 90s coming our way, it is still chilly at nights. It is really weird. Oddly, this is closer to average for us. I just haven’t really seen this weather since we got here. Just weird. Oh well though.

I have actually been writing this as the girls make breakfast. It is kind of nice that they do this. They pretend that they are a restaurant. Tent Cafe. Natalie went and picked some kale, they fried up some sausage and eggs. So they are serving up nice platters of food, with kale as decoration. They also each got a small round of fresh goat mozzarella. Natalie is upset because she forgot she was going to fry up some okra. Even if our garden is small we are producing some of our food. We haven’t irrigated at all this year, with the hot and the dry it has been rough but some things are still kicking. They have such pretty plates. I am wondering what the name of their restaurant will be once they aren’t in the tent. I do so love it when Natalie announces “Eat at the Tent Cafe, in small town Rutledge Missoura!!! Kale from our farm, eggs from our farm, cheese from our farm!! Only the sausage not.” Though they say that soon too the sausage will be from our farm. It is nice, this is what we are shooting for. Oh and yes, by the way, Natalie calls if Missoura, like she is an old timer here 🙂 So, signing off for a week. Thank you to all who did comment last week. It is nice to see why people are reading.


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