slowing down

Or so I think. Every year around this time I start thinking to myself, “Oh, it is almost fall, then life will start to slow down.” Really, I think this. I don’t know why. I can’t really remember life being slow since having kids. I think to a point that reading Little House books doesn’t help with these thoughts. Laura always talks about how not much happens in the winter. We just read Farmer Boy though. No longer do I want people to equate us with the Ingalls. While I think they are cool and all, that isn’t quite what we are striving for. There are quite a few things that bother me about the Ingalls. We aren’t striving for a homestead, we are striving for a farm. A working farm at that. Not a hobby farm. A farm. Life on a farm doesn’t really slow down. While our farm isn’t quite all there yet, life still doesn’t really slow down. There is rarely nothing to do. I keep having these daydreams however of sitting by the fire spinning all day long. I imagine getting all these amazing things done through the winter. It never happens though. Somehow I still have yet to even make us all slippers. That will need to happen this winter. Though of course I say that every end of summer. One day…

It is very oddly cooling down though, which is probably the cause of these day dreams. As much as I LOVE warm weather and summer, there is something about the start of fall. Daydreams. As much as I know I am going to hate winter when it comes, I still disillusion myself into thinking it will all be okay. Maybe it is because I have to romanticize the cold to not make myself depressed 🙂 I am wearing a sweater now though and have worn it a few times this past week. A few days ago I pulled out my thigh high socks. I had to double them. It was cold. We have more cold weather coming our way. The girls are seeing a difference in their chores. The animals don’t quite need as much water anymore. They are eating more though. I find myself wanting to bake and start getting everyone fat for winter. Maybe it is going to be an insane cold winter. I hope not. As much as everyone said that we would see insane amounts of bugs this year because of last years warm winter, we haven’t. In fact, I think we have seen less bugs than we saw last year. So I am alright with another warm winter. Even a late winter. An early spring would be welcome also. Can we just have 80 degrees year round?

As for things that have been happening, we have gotten rain!! Twice this past week. Amazing. It is all these cold fronts coming though. We are supposed to get rain again tomorrow. We got the rest of the rafters up. Shagbark and crew has come over a few times this past week and helped. The osb on the roof is almost up. There are two half sheets that need to go up. We had to wait until we could get a huge ladder. Jack has most of an end wall up on loft. I have to say that while they were putting up the osb I felt like vomiting. I wish I had gotten pictures. The things Jack does amazes me and frightens me and makes me want to vomit. Really seeing your husband dangle head down while holding a nail gun over the side of a roof is enough to make anyone want to vomit, isn’t it? Isn’t it? It can’t just be me. My nerves are completely frazzled and really I should just start drinking now and not stop until the rest of the roof is done. I will feel so much better once that is done.

The animals are doing alright. I really have come to the conclusion that Astrid is not pregnant. I milked her yesterday and this morning. I am going to get her back into a milking schedule. It is going slow. She gave about a quart and a half yesterday but just two cups today. She has the ability to be an amazing milker though, especially if she is still trying to go after not being milked much. So we will see. Luna has still not given birth, but I think she is getting closer. Of course she is getting closer, it isn’t like she is becoming less pregnant. Exciting news yesterday was all the girls coming back from the pigs saying that maybe maybe they had sex. They didn’t see it happen but there was definitely something going on between them. I think it is because they heard we were going to butcher them. by that I mean the pigs. The girls are all ready to butcher them. Our chickens have started to produce more eggs. Again probably because of the cooler weather. We also butchered six roosters yesterday. What a wonderful way to spend an evening. So far we are impressed as the ease of butchering the La Fleche. He was much easier than the other breeds. He also had amazing fat, it was more orange than yellow. We didn’t get to butcher two of our breeds, no extra roosters, so we didn’t get to compare all of them. I really need to get some pictures going up here. It is interesting to see what gets pictures though. When Jack is doing something there are pictures. When I am doing something, not so much. When we both are doing something, not so much. So when you look through the pictures of the cabin being built and things just show up, that is when I was helping.

And I have a question for those of you. I really have no idea who reads this. Part of me doing this is so I have something to go back to and remember what was happening. Part of it is for the readers though. I have no idea why you are reading this though. Is it because you want to know how building is going on? Gardening? Animals? What life is like in rural Missouri? Community? Seeing how crazy we are and when we finally go completely crazy? 🙂 I am just curious if there is anything I am missing that people want to hear about. So leave a comment if you have a second.

In closing, I leave you with one of those moments. You know, those moments of parenthood when you say something that you never ever thought you would say. Never. This happens to me often. My kids are growing up a lot different from how I did. Last night while butchering the chickens, of course all the girls were helping I am not sure if it would have went as smoothly without them, anyway they turned it into a anatomy lesson. They were looking at body parts, observing that the testicles of an older rooster are much much bigger than the younger ones. In fact, they are bigger than the rooster’s heart. Considering that he had two testicles and only one heart, well, I think most of his innards were testicles. Anyway, they were playing with innards. That turned to fighting about who got which innards. Which led me to say, “Girls if don’t stop fighting over chicken hearts I am going to have to take them away.” I did have to take them away in case you are wondering. Our farm was six crows short this morning. I think we actually got the rooster who started crowing at four am.


4 thoughts on “slowing down

  1. Mama

    Okay, hopefully it won't randomly post and delete a billion comments this time.I love reading your blog because I love hearing updates about you and your family. You guys are awesome and you're living your dream. That's something most of us don't have the guts to do. It's great to hear all the updates about how things are going around the farm and watch you slowly build your future.

  2. Gene

    I got really into the idea of intentional community about a year ago and read a lot of stuff about it. I was shocked when I found out I know someone who is ACTUALLY doing it, and in a self-sufficient kind of manner! (i.e., not just making hammocks and tofu or whatever) I subscribe to a ton of RSS feeds in my blog reader, but there are none I look forward more to than yours. I am on Ms. Rikki to come out and visit you guys, hopefully we can make that happen next year. Please keep writing!

  3. wildflowers

    Thanks Monica ❤ It is a lot of work and sometimes feels really crazy and really slow. Hopefully you get to come visit us soon.Kristina, I miss you ❤ I wish we were closer and had closer ideas to what we wanted in life. Miss you lots.Gene, you all should totally come visit us. That would be great. You would get to see three communities up close. I kind of wish we had gotten to see more, but really we fit here and I am happy. But really, I do love the communities that produce something. They have their jobs right there. We don't have anything like that here and those who have to make money have a hard time doing so. If you have savings or whatnot to get started it is fine, but not having an easy job close by is hard. I would totally go for a twin oaks hammock though, or some eastwind nut butter yum!


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