feels like spring

Except for some days that are still hitting 90.

Really though, we have had a few days now where it has been cloudy most of the day. There has been a light, very light, wind and it has been cool. What the hell? Are we finally getting a spring? Or is fall coming early? I don’t want to think about that. I don’t want fall yet. I still need to store up more warmth and sun to last me through winter. Not ready for fall or winter, ya hear that? Not ready. Not to mention we would need our cabin done and ain’t ready for that also. I am actually quite astounded that my spell check allowed that ain’t. Ain’t ain’t a word!

Anyway, I am writing this early since there has been things going on. Wow. We had a work party on Saturday. The community came to our leasehold and we put everyone to work for two hours. This is amazing. Every other week we go to someone’s leasehold and do work. This week Jack had help putting up the house wrap while the rest of us banged nails out of pine boards. The pine boards will eventually be our siding. We actually got them all done. When I think about how long it would take us to have done it by ourselves, well my gratitude is overwhelming. Later that day, an unannounced fellow community member came by and helped Jack build rafters. We had met him while we were in town and he asked Jack how it was going. He asked if Jack wanted help and Jack told him he would give him a call. Well two hours later he comes biking by. He said he knew Jack would probably never call him (he was probably right). So they got a lot done, 3 rafters!! The next day Jacob came by and helped Jack build four more!!! It was really amazing, we have three left to build and then the fun part of getting them ready to stand up.

Our goats have yet to birth. I think they are waiting for the full moon. At least, I am hoping that they are. I am a nervous goat mommy and would like this part over with. I swear there is not much worse torture than waiting for someone to give birth. We did have our first egg from our Iowa Blues on Monday. That was an amazing thing. I wasn’t expecting that for at least two more weeks. It was a scary moment though. I was in the tent getting ready for school when I look out and see Natalie running, very fast by the way, up to the tent. Of course I always assume the worse. So I run outside and start asking her what was wrong, what happened???? She stops and opens her hand, talking is not something Natalie is good at when she is excited, and there is a little egg. She finally got the words out that it was an Iowa Blue egg. We got another that day. Excited that our baby chickens have started laying.

Last night Jack and I put up the bottom siding around the cabin. He had done the north side a few night ago. Last night I cut wood while he nailed it up. It was interesting, our saw blade is quite dull, but we got it done. We are hoping to get most of the top done soon. We will have to get more boards though. We think at least. We are also hoping to have some people come by on Sunday to finish up the rafters. It is supposed to be cooler. I hope so. I hope it gets done too! It is nice looking out and seeing progress. In fact, I have been dreaming about living in the cabin. Oh, having shelves! The girls are planned to have a closet. Rooms!!! I was daydreaming out loud with the girls a few days ago. It is amazing how wonderful life is going to be with solid walls. I say that sightly sarcastically. I mean, our life will change, but life is still life. There are things that will be better, the big one would be that we no longer have to build a place to live. Imagine all the time that will free up. Next big project will be figuring out winter animal housing. YEA!!!

Gwendy has convinced me and we did start school this week. She is doing really well. A lot better than I had thought she would to tell the truth. Our biggest problem right now is that she had been doing some school stuff with the girls before and now she still wants to do that school work. She is writing sentences, but doesn’t know the words or even some of the letters. Her handwriting is pretty good though. She can recognize some words, but again, letters? Not so much. We are working on it though and she is pretty happy to sit down and to be doing work. I can’t believe that she is this old already. She does have to grow up though. It is hard for me. Part of me still wants her to be a little baby. A bigger part of me is glad to not have babies anymore. It is a confusing time for my heart.

Oh and talking about tomatoes. Yes, I know I wasn’t actually talking about tomatoes, but I don’t know how I missed talking about tomatoes since it seems tomatoes have become my life. You know, on top of animals, home schooling and helping with the cabin. On Saturday a guy Jack works with gave him about 75 pounds of tomatoes. Yep. So I started on those. Then on Monday, no the 75 pounds were not all processed yet, another guy he works with gave him about 30 pounds. Then yesterday we received about 20 pounds? Somewhere around there. I am not sick of tomatoes. I could stand to see more. We go through a lot of tomatoes and having our own canned is good. Our tomatoes in the garden are starting to ripen also. So while this have been not overwhelming but definitely a lot, I won’t say things like, I would like to never a tomato again! I know that we need these. I figure that we need about a hundred quarts of tomatoes. Whether we get there or not, well I am not sure. I will take every tomato I can get.

So that is life on the farm here lately. Oh, I have also been spinning, washing, carding and picking well every free moment I have. You know, farm wenches and managers of minions have lots of free time. You can only eat so many bonbons in a day.


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