and on and on…

It is still hot. I am remembering last summer and well, it is interesting to see two summers, our first two summers that have, on average, highs 10-15 degrees above normal. Again, it could be worse. I am sure it could be. Right now, the wind is slightly blowing, today shouldn’t be as hot as yesterday. It is as good as today gets. The animals are handling things alright. We are pretty on top of things and checking them often. I do not ever want to lose another animal to the heat. Or cold, or anything I can prevent really. Well, except for us eating them. That is acceptable to me.

We hosted our annual board meeting yesterday. Our high yesterday was 103. Yes, that is not taking heat index into account. I was so worried about how it was going to be. It was hot, it was in our tent. There were about 10 people here most of the day. We were all supposed to be talking and figuring things out also. It went well though. These are the kinds of things that make me really happy for living in community. It is really great. Really great. Words cannot describe. Anyway, we got a lot of work done yesterday along with jumping in the pond often and drinking lots of cold water.

Not much else has been going on. It is hot and that kind of stalls things a bit. Jack’s finger is for the most part better. He still can’t bend it quite like he should be able to. All of the sheathing is up around the cabin, which makes it a lot more sturdy when you climb up to the loft. Not that I do that often. Damn, never realized how uneasy I am about heights. We had a few people come over a few days ago and they helped us carry all of the rafter thingies up there. Now, we need to cut them and get rafters in place. I am looking forward to a roof. I am hoping that a roof will make me able to go up to the loft and stand instead of crawl around. I can’t help it, my legs go all wobbly and I start to feel sick. It is much safer for me to crawl, really it is. The hard part is that I feel the same way watching anyone walk up there. I don’t want to pass on my fears to the girls, but damn do they have to walk so quickly and so near the edges? damn.

The puppies have been staying with the livestock lately. Poor Conner, he gets kind of bullied. They do love to snuggle with the sheep and they are starting to get along better with the pigs. In other words, for the most part, the pigs have stopped trying to eat the puppies. That is a good thing. The goats are either indifferent or not as nice as they could be to the puppies. But again, at least they have friends in the sheep. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with some wooly sheep? Okay, it is a little hot out for that, but no one seems to mind. In fact, I would say that they sheep are friends to all. Everyone loves to cuddle them, even the pigs.

The cattle waterer isn’t fixed yet. Hopefully soon. We have been busy, though now that I think of it I am not quite sure with what… Hmmmm…. Anyway, we did get 12 more chickens, they are interesting. Very interesting. We lost a few trying to get them in. I am pretty sure we have all of them again, it took about a week to get them all back in. That was not fun. They are pretty small flighty birds. Interesting. We also got six muscovies. Yea!!! I kind of love ducks, but only muscovies. They are youngins though, it will be awhile until they are up and roaming. I am just hoping that we didn’t pick out all drakes. That would suck. We should find out in a few months.

I feel like not much has happened. I also feel though that if I skip a week because not much has happened this blog will start to stop. So, you get to read about a whole bunch of nothing. Expect most posts to follow this, it is hot, the cabin got this much done on it, the animals are great, it is hot.

Because you know what? It is hot and it is probably going to be hot until it is cold. Isn’t that funny? That is why I TRY to enjoy what we got, because whatever you change it to is probably going to suck as much if not more. There is some parting wisdom 🙂


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