And the heat goes on

and on and on….

But we are making it. It has been hot. It is so weird to feel our wood stove hotter than it feels like with a fire in it. Okay, maybe not quite, but it seems like it. Everything is hot to the touch. We have been working really hard on drinking enough, not just water but things to help make sure we are getting electrolytes and minerals that we might be flushing out of our bodies. We have been eating cold fruit. Our freezer has not been working, it is about the temp of a frig right now. We haven’t had any frozen water, so it is packed full of just about everything. None of us has been very hungry but we are trying to eat. We have been getting in the pond often, spraying ourselves down with water. Well, basically our days are spent making sure that we are handling the heat and the animals are handling the heat.

I had an insight a few days ago when it was insanely hot. I didn’t feel like moving. I didn’t feel like getting up and drinking water. I just wanted to sit and not do a damn thing. I saw why chickens will sit a few steps from a waterer and not drink. It is too much work. If I didn’t have the thought process of, hey if I don’t get up, it is bad. Which means, you don’t have to have air conditioning when you have a heat advisory(ours started on Tuesday and will end on Saturday), you just have to really step back and think, have I peed? Have I drank enough? Am I making sure I am not overheating? Still, it is dangerous. It really is. That said, I handle the heat the best out of everyone in this family. So it falls to me to stand by the oven to cook, to heat up water to wash dishes in.

That being said, oh my goodness we are all short of temper. Really. You can try all you want, the fact is, even if you have a/c in this type of weather, you are not comfortable. Now, try not being comfortable for over a week. Not sleeping well because it is so hot. It is interesting. Not really fun either. Oh well though, we are living and doing the best we can.

The animals seem to be doing alright. We have been splashing down the chickens. The sheep/goats/pigs seem to be handling it much better. I am looking forward to a few days from now. It should go back down to the low 90s. I can handle low 90s much better than 100. I know it is only ten degrees but it makes a difference. A big difference.

Oh and Jack had an ER trip on Sunday. He was cleaning up the cabin, after working for a few hours. It had rained that morning. The clay soil all around the cabin was wet and slippery. He stepped out and onto the clay and bam! We don’t know what he hit exactly but most of the skin around his pinkie knuckle was no longer attached to well, his knuckle. You would think that in a small town the ER wait would not be long. There was only one person ahead of him, he was already being seen even. We still waited two hours. We had not eaten dinner, the kids and I were tired and hungry. It was a horrible experience. Horrible. And now the cabin hasn’t been worked on in over a week. He is mostly healed, in fact he is healing really well. You don’t realize how much you need all your fingers though until one is out of service. With the heat though who knows if he would have been able to work on it anyway.

Basically, it has been a really rough couple of weeks. Emotions are high, needs are high and no one is really getting what they need(or maybe just want, who knows). It is yet another disaster Monday as I finish writing this post that I have been working on for a few days now. Our water situation is not good. Jack tried to install a frost free hydrant by the cattle waterer. It was not going well, but it was going until he cut the pipe to the waterer and found that the pipe was a lot bigger than he thought it was. In other words, the connector that he had gotten was not going to fit. He managed to get something together, but now we have no water in our cattle waterer. We can use hoses to get water to everyone. However, those hoses we were using to get water to the pigs. So we had to go back to buckets and pond and hauling for the pigs. Which is the much harder haul. Uggg, it is just a sucky negative day. So I am going to try for some positiveness or I may go insane.

Astrid, one of our goats who we got a few months ago. Quick background, she was pregnant in January and lost her kid. The lady tried milking her but just stopped. She came to us with mastitis. We cleared her up though and she was good. However, we noticed her bagging up again. The lady thought she might be pregnant, but wasn’t sure. So with the girls helping me, I milked her out again this morning. I got a quart out of her, no clumps, we were worried that somehow she just filled back up and had mastitis again. At first we did think that maybe she was pregnant but then it went weeks and no babies. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just make sure. Her milk was on the yellow side. So maybe she is pregnant and going to birth soon. So we got a quart of milk today and made french toast.

Sunday, yesterday, was so much cooler!!! So much so that except for some moments in the sun, I have been on the cold side. It is nice, but again, I kind of like the heat. Not saying it isn’t hot, we are still in the upper 80s. We are not sweating our butts off anymore though. YEA!!!

Okay, I am sure there is something else that is positive. We are healthy. There is one. Anyway, at least this is ending on a slightly more positive note. Here’s to this week being much better than the last!


One thought on “And the heat goes on

  1. greatdana

    Wow, good job getting through that! Good luck getting the watering systems back in action. I hope Jack's finger gets completely better soon. No fun!


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