It is hot. It was hot last year, but not like this. Or at least our life wasn’t like this. Last year we had nothing to do. We could lay around and sweat and be alright. This year is different. We have animals and they MUST be taken care of. We are going on our fourth day of heat advisories. You know, where they tell you to rest and stay in air conditioning. To check on your neighbors and make sure you are drinking enough water. There is a problem with drinking too much water though… I made up some electrolyte drink, we are all getting dizzy and light headed. It seems to be helping a little bit. We have all been eating bananas and oranges. No one is really hungry, it is too much work to digest food right now.

Very sadly we lost twelve chickens on Thursday. We made sure they had water, they had shade, but there is only so much you can do. Especially when you don’t have fans you can plug in to cool them off with. Yesterday about every hour we hauled and dumped a few gallons of cool pond water in a corner of each coops shade. They could get their feet wet and it cooled it off a little in there. We also had wind, which we did not have on Thursday. I wish I had done the water on Thursday, but by the time i realized how bad it was, I don’t think there was any saving the ones we lost. I am sorely missing my langshans. I was so happy with them and excited to see how they would do. And now they are gone. Gwendy cried, they were her favorites also. The sheep seem to be doing alright, we have been hauling so much water the past few days it is crazy. We are tired and hot and exhausted, dizzy. There are many words we could use to describe how it is going.

And yet, a phrase keeps going through my head. We started school again and it is going well, slow on these hot days where we must take breaks to cool off in the pond or go cool off animals, but going well. Part of our work is to read stories and the girls take turns paraphrasing the story. Natalie paraphrased yesterdays story. Her last line was “He felt rewarded, even though he face many difficulties.” I have to say that every time I haul water and throw it at chickens and see them not panting anymore I feel a gladness in my heart. Seeing the animals up and moving around and dealing with the heat makes me feel good. I feel so awful about the twelve we lost. I wish I could go back and do that day over. I am not sure if it would have helped, but I feel like I could have done more.

We haven’t gotten any work done on the cabin. It is just too hot. It is too hot at night even. It looks like we should get some relief soon, at least it won’t be in the 100s, just in the mid 90s. Hopefully the breeze stays, it can make a huge difference in how things feel. Hopefully we can get back to work and not just running around making sure our animals aren’t dying.

So send some cool thoughts this way. I thought I would update to let everyone know how we are doing in this weather. It is rough. We will make it though. It looks like I have to do some more research on chicken breeds. figure out what breeds will do best here. We are so hot in the summer and decently cold in the winter. There has to be something though. I will find it. I hope wherever you are you are staying cool and comfortable.


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