Slowly going faster

I just used that in a response on facebook and it just really describes how things are going. Kind of. I did skip a week. I am sorry. I tried to write and I just couldn’t. Things have been so slow for me it is depressing. The animals are great. We got our four sheep and we are complete now. It is just something about how things are going though. We just got our curriculum yesterday and today we started up school again. Things are just slow and have been slow for awhile now. For ME. I find that I need a few things going on to manage my time right. If there is just a couple of things I tend to just not do any of them. It is a really big fault of mine I know. I also tend to get a little depressed. Le sigh

So for me, while keeping the puppies behaving helps. Training them according to their age helps. The rest of the animals however are taken care of in a a very short while and mostly by the girls. I want them to have this responsibility. It is good for them. I feel like I am juggling to a point and most of the things I am juggling are things that I am not doing. The cabin is Jack’s. Yes, I help. It is really driven home how much I help when I go in to make dinner and get called out three times in a half hour. It is still not what I consider real help though. Yes, it would take so much more time if I didn’t hand Jack up nails, screws or pick up the hammer. No, it wouldn’t go THAT much faster if I was up there hammering or whatnot with him. Still, it is hard for me to FEEL like I am helping.

Jack’s parents came to help this past week though and we got a lot done. The flooring was put in, the walls stood up and and flooring started on the loft area. It is really nice to see how it is all going. A friend here told me that once the piers are in, it goes much faster. Another friend told me that it seems to go faster, but does it really? I understand that now. Yes, walls and floors are good and it is a lot of progress but there is still so much. I don’t doubt we will have a comfortable cabin to live during winter. I have a little more faith now. This was really hard for me when there were just a few concrete piers in the ground. I am hopefully going to upload some pictures to flickr and post a link on here so you can see the progress.

Also, while Jack’s parents were here we had land day! Yea!!! It is odd sometimes to think of land day last year. For those who do not know, land day is when a community celebrates the start of their community. It is usually the day that the acquired the land. It is a big deal and a big party. Chad made pizzas. We went earlier in the day to help cut up toppings. Other community members helped during the making and baking part of the pizzas. We made 15 gallons of popcorn again, we did this last land day also. There was a tour before the party where people got to come and see what we have done in the past year. That is really neat. Since this is our first year as members well it was nice to talk to people about what we have done so far and what we are planning on. It was really hard however to not be working on the cabin. Everyone needs a break though, right?

The weather has not been helping us much either. It has been hot and is going to continue to be so. Hot, hot hot. Hot. At least we have a wind today and hopefully for the rest of the time it is going to be hot. A wind can mean the difference between sweating your ass off and being at least not miserable. That is one thing that I wonder how much will change once we have walls. Tent walls still let in the breeze.

That brings me to all of our grand plans. Geez, when I think of it, it all seems so easy. Yet everything takes so much time. Time is not something we have in abundance. Not with Jack working. Le sigh again. We hope though, at some point in time, to have a porch on the east, west and north sides of the cabin. That should help a little if it is too hot. Also, there should be a greenhouse attached to the south side eventually, which will help with heating in the winter. There is also the dock that needs to happen eventually. I really do mean need. It may sound like a luxury, but here a pond is not just a body of water. It is where you get water, to water your livestock, wash your clothes and yourself. The edges of our pond is covered in cattails. Great, but not so when you need to get a bucket of water out. It is also very muddy. Great, okay never great. It kind of negates the point of going into the pond to wash up 🙂 Anyway,there are more things too, I don’t want to get into all the things we thought we would get done this year. The most important thing is that we have a place to live come winter. That is where our focus is right now and that is where it will stay.

I do have to admit that I got shivers when we were raising walls. Deciding where windows were going to be. Stair placement. It was really amazing to be deciding these things. To have a house that is OURS! No, it isn’t exactly what we want, what we want costs more money than we have. But we are still making these decisions and it is exciting. It was neat to think about how the bathroom would be and the kitchen area. It is also hard work to come up with something that we both want. Damn, compromising is hard sometimes. For the most part I think we have it down, we are usually both decent about letting things go. I think my biggest problem is that some of the things I want are not structurally sound. I think that frustrates Jack. What do you mean, we can’t just fly to the loft? I don’t want stair, nor a ladder, nor anything that impedes the main floor. And yet there is a loft that needs some way to get up to it. Yes, I can be that difficult. That is okay, I did consent to stairs, they will have storage built into them and I will live with something that I can’t move around.

It is really windy now. Crazy wind. Really crazy wind. It is also hot. SO while the wind may be making the tent a mess, I am not going to complain. Things can always be worse. I will deal with the wind so as not to have sweat streaming down my face. School is going well today. We are taking the first day slow. They have had a month off. They were all so eager to start though. Oddly, after so many years of not wanting to do anything, except learn to spell her name, Gwendy wants to start first grade. I am not sure about that yet. She is so young. Maybe tomorrow. I told her that she can’t just tell me in the middle of the day. We need to prepare things. I asked for until Monday but that did not make her happy. So tomorrow.

and now pictures!!!!


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