Tent life

Jack and I were talking a few days ago about how some people romanticize our life. OOOOOO, they live in a TENT!! They are living the life they want. Doing everything they want and it must be the most fantastic thing ever!!! I find this view kind of funny. These people have obviously never lived in a tent for more than a couple of weeks. Not like many people do or have. It isn’t all bad either. I have said on numerous occasions that I will miss our tent a lot. I will. However, tent life is not all fun.

So I was reminded of this last night as it was going to rain last night. We don’t really have windows, we have screens. We have clear plastic thingies that we velcro to the screens and there are tent material thingies that can roll down over those. We actually need those up for the most part so we have light. Light is important as we don’t really have electricity, not for lighting at least. So last night, just in case it rained we spent about twenty minutes putting up the clear plastic velcro thingies. These are kind of a pain. It isn’t something you want to do in the middle of the night while it just started pouring. Though we have done that, mostly because sometimes you really need rain and you don’t want to jinx things. You leave the laundry on the barbed wire and your windows uncovered. Then you are sure to get rain. Jack also had to go around and tighten all the ropes, just in case it got windy also. How many of you have to go make sure that your living area is tightened to the ground? It makes you feel secure, I can tell you that.

Today while trying to pick up and clean up, again Damage Control Monday, I noticed something else that bugs me. OSB floors really attract a lot of debris. Grass, sticks, dirt. It doesn’t sweep up well either. Wouldn’t be so bad except sometimes my lovely children drop my yarn on the floor. It then picks up all this crap. Not fun.

<Want to talk about bugs? We don't have doors. Oh okay, we have zipped doors, though one of our broke this year. It doesn't zip anymore on one side. And it doesn't unzip on the other, isn't that funny? lol So we have our doors open most of the time, in the heat we pretty much have to. Which means BUGS!!! Flies are the worst. Oh I know they don't bite. They are gross however. They also land on you and bug the crap out of you. Really, they do. The mosquitoes are also not nice. What is really not nice is lighting your oil lamp at night so you can read and having moths and other flying critters jump in your face the entire time you are reading. It is slightly distracting. They are also really BIG and they scare me. I live though. I like to read at night.

I have to admit that none of this really bothers me. As we are in our second year of tent life, well not much bugs me. I admit that I would change some things if I could. This isn’t a oh poor me post. This is a, before you think we have it so great, think again, we live in a TENT!!! wake up person. My husband still has to have a job so we can get started. Having one person work while getting started is crap. It is either you have the money or you have the time. You don’t get both. It sucks. Yeah we are doing what we want, to a point. Yes, we are living our dream or at least getting to that. Jack working was never part of the dream. But we are doing what we can. Life, however, is not any easier on us than it is on anyone else. I think to a point what we are doing is so far removed from what people normally do that people don’t quite know how to respond. We get things like, “Oh I could never do that. I could never live like that” to “Oh! I SO wish I could live like you!! Your life must be so GREAT!!!” It is humorous really.

I also admit that I have never really come out and said these points before because I am hopeful that SOME DAY SOMEONE will VISIT us! One day, right? Can’t make it sound too bad.

This is early for my usual post but I will give a farm update. Three quarters of our posts for the cabin are in. Jack is hopeful that he will be able to get the rest in today after work. His parents are coming to visit(someone does visit us) and to help with the cabin. The help is appreciated. Hey, if you want to come and help I will FEED YOU!! My food is worth having to deal with bugs and such. We got two livestock dogs, puppies. They are still awhile away from guarding anything. Still, it is a step. Since we want them to be okay with things like chickens, cats, sheep and goats. Really a variety of things, including children we wanted to get them young. They are cute. We did sell all of our saanens. That was nice. They all went to one woman and I have faith that they went to a good home. So we are mostly down to the goats we want. We will be picking up our shetlands hopefully soon and our farm is then, for the most part probably for this year, complete. Nice to know.

I am going to leave you with this little bit. It rained last night. I am happy it rained, we needed it. I am slightly unhappy for our lack of sunshine though. I cannot turn the freezer on yet. Hell I can barely have internet on yet. But one thing that I really hate, is that it is a gloomy damage control Monday and all I want is ice cream. We cannot store ice cream though, since we have to turn the freezer off every night. But it is alright. One day. One day, there won’t be damage control Mondays, because Jack won’t be working anymore. We won’t have to do EVERYTHING on the weekends and get nothing done in the house(tent). One day maybe I won’t need ice cream to make life seem more cheery than it currently is. One day, things will be better in some ways and worse in others. I am trying to find the happiness and balance in my good and bad right now.


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