Why is it June?

Seriously? How did this happen?

Things have been going here. I can’t believe how time is flying though. It is also weird for me because I am not a gardener. Really, I am SO NOT. My idea of gardening includes throwing seeds in the air and letting them land where they may. Sending out well wishes and growing prayers. And then they usually die. Yes, I subscribe to the fantasy of growing things. The romantic gardening. Things need to be started at the certain time? You have to water them? Cover seeds after you plant them? Huh? Really? But I am sending magic out with them, they will grow!! No they won’t. Oh I use to have a wonderful house plant collection, until my cats ate them all, rolled in them and started to use them as litter boxes. This was mostly Kali. Love her and miss her. She did stop me from growing things though.

I have been gardening this year though. I have asked Jack for what I am supposed to do though. Still sending out that green magic but also covering little seeds and watering them. It amazes me still that things are growing. Maybe we will actually have a harvest this year. The girls are helping, of course. Sometimes telling me that I am crazy and you are supposed to do it this way. I should be happy that they are more practical gardeners like their father. I am trying to spread some magic in there though. It did warm my heart though yesterday as Natalie asked to go collect some grasses to try and weave and she told me, “Don’t worry Mom, I will thank the earth as I collect them” I think having respect for the earth and what it does for us is important. To be grateful and thankful. This isn’t just us. If you look at it this way, we are the only species that has to do work planting our food and growing it to survive. We can’t just go around collecting berries and nuts and eating grass. It doesn’t work that way for us. We should at least be mindful of that.

I think we are also to the point where we won’t be adding on any more animals. Which is nice. Our meat chickens have started to crow. Soon there will be a mass chicken harvesting as we narrow their numbers down to trios. We might save a few of the hens to replace some egg layers. We will see how they go. Our layers are doing well. The easter egger just started laying, we get blue eggs from her. I don’t know why but having colored eggs just makes your day brighter. We are working up to just past 50% laying rate. I expect this will go up as more start laying. I want to shoot for at least 85%.

We will be selling our saanens. They were just to get us through milking our baby goats. I am kinda happy to see these girls go. I liked them and all. They were sweet and 27 is a super gentle milker. I just am not so fond of the breed. They have done amazing work clearing out our pond damn though. Really these girls rock and I am hopeful they will go to a good home. We did find three more lamanchas, part of the reason for selling the saanens now. Two are most likely pregnant. I am loving these girls. They are sweet, though they were really skittish when we got them. One poor girl lost her babies back in January. The lady milked her for a bit but then just stopped. We have had to help her through some mastitis. It was pretty bad. She is clearing up though and getting better. The babies, oh the babies. They are getting so big. They really didn’t know what to think of the bigger girls coming in. That is also what made me realize how big our babies are getting. Billy is almost as tall as them. I am so happy that we have lovey goats. You go into the pen and they all crowd around you wanting some scratches. It is sweet.

The baby sheep are also coming around and being sweet. Joscelin, the male, is by far the sweetest. It really is something to feel all that amazing wool on an animal who wants to cuddle with you. If you are feeling sad by far the best place to go is to the pen and love on animals and have them love on you. It makes you realize why animal therapy works so well. We are trying some new sheep. Oh I hope they get better. They have never been fed grain and have pretty much let be wild. They are crazy wild. I have been going into their pen every day and just sitting and talking to them. They will be my coarse wool breed, and possibly milkers. They just had their babies taken off and they have great bags. I am not thinking I will be able to milk them this time though. All efforts to make them love me so far have failed. They don’t like alfalfa or apples. I am going to keep trying though. My shetlands are ready to be picked up any time now. So that will be the end of the sheep for now. I am excited to meet these guys.

The piggies!!! Oh the piggies. We actually got two feeders from the same guy with wild sheep. We put them in with the goats and sheep so they can teach the pigs to eat grass. Oh my goodness. They are cute. I have never been horribly fond of pigs, bacon and sausage yes, pigs no. I do admire their ability to turn just about anything into bacon and sausage, but they just aren’t the cute cuddly animals I like. The baby pigs though ARE CUTE!!! And even cuter because they like to hang out with the sheep. The sheep don’t really know what to do about this but they are tolerating it. Really, if I were a pig, or at least anything small and I could curl into a sheep, I totally would. Sigh, smart piggies!!! The breeding pair we have pretty much given up on. We have been checking for signs of heat and signs of pregnancy and haven’t seen them. However, today I went out, while spending my morning with the wild sheep, and noticed that very possibly the sow was pregnant. I didn’t say anything about this as I came inside. I wanted to wait a few days. Very much so like when you expect that you are pregnant, you want to keep the knowledge just in case you aren’t right. A few hours later though they girls went to try and coax the wild sheep into eating parts of their apples(didn’t work). They came dancing back inside saying that they think the sow is pregnant!!! So two counts for possible pregnancy. By the way, in case you are wondering, the way you tell is if the clitoral hood of the sow is pointing up. Down means not pregnant, up means pregnant. What a nice little pregnancy indicator, eh? We will see though. I do feel slightly bad that we just keep going out there and checking out her back side. I am sure we have given her a complex by now…

So that is an update on all of our animals. It feels so nice having them all. It is wonderful. The garden is slow going, but things are growing. It has to do with magic. Really, I truly believe that if ANYTHING that I put in the ground is growing it has to be magic. 🙂 We have broke ground, for the second time, on the cabin. Looking forward to living in a house, our own house. It has been a few years. Though like I have mentioned many times, sad that we won’t be living in a tent anymore. I think we might leave it up. I love looking outside at everything. I have these moments when I look around at all the amazingness around me and am overwhelmed with this feeling of joy. We are doing it. We are living our dream. No, it isn’t all happiness and sunshine, but those moments so outweigh the clouds and ickiness. Life is good. I think writing in this blog really helps me to see that. I am trying to write every week. When I look back at the week I really do see mostly sunshine(would like a little bit of rain here though). The only thing that would make me happier now, is having the cabin being built!!! I am so impatient about this. I think a lot of it has to do with my inability to build. I also so just don’t understand it. I just have to trust that one day, one day, we will be more settled than living in a tent.


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