There are lots of things to be thankful for.

I had this habit of while trying to fall asleep at night I would try to think of all the things I was truly thankful for. Nothing was thought of that didn’t have meaning and feeling behind it. I tried to truly feel the gratitude that I had for these things. It was a great way to fall asleep. Remember, I think I wrote a few posts back that I have issues with insomnia. Well, I don’t have that issue anymore. I fall into bed at nine and have a hard time staying awake enough to read to the girls. Not to mention I haven’t read a book for myself in a few weeks at least. So now, due to Jack’s inability to wake up in the morning, the first alarm goes off and we cuddle for at least 15 minutes, or maybe more depending on how many times he hits snooze. I won’t let it go more than a half hour though because I need to go milk. Anyway, I have been taking this time now to think of the things I am grateful for. Jack being a big one, and the girls. I am thankful for Esme and Oreo even if they do leave mouse parts the mice are dead. While I am walking around and I see a dead mouse I know they are doing their work. Hopefully they are finding it fulfilling. I am thankful for Huck, even being as old as he is, doing little things around here. I am thankful for all the living things that make up this farm. It is pretty amazing

Yesterday we got rain. It has been very dry so far this year. Weird hot temperature and well not nearly enough rain. Okay, if you remember that back in April I actually was wondering if the rain was going to stop. I try to never wish for different weather, you might just get what you ask for and it may not be what is needed. I try to trust that the weather that is needed is what will happen. Anyway, it has been dry. But we got rain yesterday and even if it was super cold, we never hit 60, it was a good thing. We had a fire going throughout the day. We didn’t have much in the way of power, it was cloudy all day. I was able to turn things on a few times and check email and such but that was it. No freezer yesterday either. We all woke up and Natalie and I milked. We got back in and the girls and I did some more chores. Then everybody climbed back into bed. It was cold and we were wet. I declared it go back to bed morning. So we did, we all went back to sleep. We had been up for over an hour but we all went back to sleep. It felt good. Gwendy woke up though and made me get up and make her food. It was alright though, it was after ten.

So I am thankful for that chance to go back to sleep and have a lazier morning. That is why we get rain sometimes, or it is unseasonably cold or hot. There is still work to do, but it really does force you to stop and slow down. It can be insanely frustrating at times though

Right now I am having some hard times with frustratingness. I can take care of the animals. It is all good. For the most part I feel like I am doing something. However our cabin has yet to be started. And that is frustrating. I am not a builder. I thought at one point that maybe I could make a simple chicken coop. Guess what, I can’t. Really. I tried. I really did. Putting things together like that just doesn’t work for me. So I am thankful for Jack who can do things like that. Maybe it has a lot to do with my hatred of geometry. I don’t know. Really, I just remember Jack flirting with me during geometry but he must have been paying attention at some point. We are hoping to start on some parts of the cabin this weekend.

Sometimes also things happen. I found some old cages on craigslist. No more having to worry about making more chicken coops. We have to alter them a little, but they saved us money and time. The baby chickens really needed to be separated. So now they are at least a little. And they will be more probably this weekend. It is nice. We are still having issues with Megan, formally known as Houdini. She is still getting out a lot. Hopefully, she starts to weigh too much to jump the fence. Our babies are almost weaned too. Ella Kate is expected to give birth any day now. We have her separated from the other goats because she was not wanting to be near anyone else. the babies that are only about six weeks old, but being fed on mamma milk, are as big or bigger than our bottle babies that are three months old. Our lambs are thriving and getting huge. Kind of crazy to see everyone growing up.

You know, it is easy to be thankful, sometimes though for me at least, it is hard to live in the moment and not be thinking about how it will be in a few months or years. After my first winter with animals in Washington I realize that things don’t slow down in the winter, not when you have animals. Maybe it is also because I am older that time seems to move that much faster. Winter is no break. It does no good to look forward to a point where things will slow down, they don’t. I have to ask myself many times if I really want things to slow down. Just like now when I think oh it will be so much easier when we have a house! Will it really? I am not sure. I need to just live and be and keep being thankful for my family and all the wonderful things that are in my life.


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