Very quick post

about how my kids are turning into my grandparents. Remember? “I used to walk to school uphill both ways in three feet of snow?” Last night we were out late, very late. We got home and rushed to do our chores, it was after 10. Layla and Gwendy fell asleep in the car. It took a little to get Layla moving but once she got to the tent, she was the first one there, she got the head lamp. First thing Natalie did was turn off the solar system, we forgot when we left. Then they both turn to me and tell me to fill the milk bottles. Seriously. Not, oh I am so tired, will you feed the goats? It was c’mon mom! Get your butt moving, we have work to do. They went out into the dark to feed the goats. I think if I would have told them to do some other chore they would have. There was no complaining, well not of doing work, but Natalie did almost have her fingers bitten off and Layla got jumped on. The goats were hungry. It was pretty amazing. So as we were all laying in bed after doing our part the girls were like, that is nothing. So Jack made the comment about, oh? Do you haul water uphill both ways? Is it in 100 degree weather or in three feet of snow? To which Natalie replied that it was just hot weather right now and it is uphill both ways. I love her.


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