We just got in from moving the big goats. Really happy animals make me so happy. There is nothing better than to see goats eating and eating and loving every bite. They have actually been moved to a place where the green matter is as tall as they are. It is going to be weird to see that place cleared out. I recently read a blog post by Gene Logsdon, I recommend reading him, really. Not only is he really funny, he has lots of great information that is really easy to read. Anyway, his post was about how different animals are. It really is true. Myself, I have serious issues with some things. I am terrified I am going to hurt one of them. This is the reason why Jack does hoof care. I remember though when we had to put a needle through a baby goats belly, she had bloat, and while she screamed a little(I think it was more because we were holding her down)she stopped pretty quick as she felt the pressure go away in her belly. I like to make sure my animals are as happy as I can make them. I just have to remember that what equals my happiness isn’t what is always going to equal their happiness. What makes a goat happy isn’t always what will make a chicken happy. Who is to say that they are happy either? Though when they are frolicking and they come to see you when you walk by I sure feel like I can say they are at least content. Though really the best example of contentment is three adult goats laying in the shade of a tree on a hillside with wonderful green matter all around. I say green matter because really there isn’t much in the way of grass up there and I hate to say weeds. Weeds has such a negative feeling around it. We have cow parsnip as big around as my wrist and as tall as I am. The goats think this is candy. It is wonderful. Right now I can look out my tent window and see them all happily munching. It fills my heart. I realize I have been saying this a lot but really these things have been filling my heart. It is really this wonderful feeling that overwhelms me working with them. Sadly, I am finding less joy in household chores. Oh well. I am finding myself not being very enthused and not feeling fulfilled when all the dishes are done. We did finally get all the trees planted. That was a great feeling. Like an amazing feeling not looking out the back of the tent and seeing a couple hundred trees out there. It is great knowing that out there on our land somewhere trees are growing. We just majorly altered the way our land is. Of course it is going to be many years before we really see it, but it is out there.

I did have an amazing couple of days last weekend. I woke up Saturday morning and checked my email and saw someone giving away free pigs. We wrote back and forth for a few hours. I told her about our experience and what we had planned for the pigs. She was really worried that someone would take the pigs and then go sell them at the sale barn. I assured her that that was not our plan, neither was eating them right away. So we drove out and picked them up. Jack is not totally happy about them, the boar’s balls are not as big as they should be. Really, this has been the topic of talk pretty much since Saturday, boar balls. Jack has been monitoring them every day and he assures me that us feeding him has made his balls bigger. I guess the size really does matter here when you are talking about fertility. Why would you want an infertile boar, right? We are hoping the sow gets pregnant really soon. The poor lady who had them I don’t think was feeding them right and they were just too much for her. I am glad that we are giving them a good home. They are out on grass under a wonderful tree. Shade is really important here. The funny thing here is that I had teased Jack that I would get him pigs for fathers day. The opportunity came up though on the day before mother’s day. Oh well. All’s well that ends well.

On mother’s day though we did something even more exciting. At least for me. We went to pick up WOOL!!! A guy had rambouillet crosses. I was really excited. While we were out there, and getting a huge bag of wool, like over 200 pounds, we talked a lot. We talked about getting some sheep, but he wasn’t ready to sell any yet. The problem with dealing with sale barn people. They really don’t want to sell until they are full sized adults, they get more money for them that way. He had bottle babies though. We ended up taking three off his hands. It was funny, I think he would have liked us to take more, he definitely gave us a deal on them. He is a busy guy and yeah, it was probably too much for him. So not only did I get a year’s supply of wool, I now am the proud mommy of three lambs. Life is good.

Though Monday was hard for me. We were out and about so much during the weekend. I woke up to an overfilling sink full of dishes and a complete mess. Not fun. Really I am still working on those dishes because I can only bring myself to do so many a day. It isn’t like the dishes stop getting dirty. Not fun. Natalie and I also transplanted out almost thirty tomato plants. I have started like thirty more also. Jack is really hoping that we will be canning a lot. Tomatoes are something we really like over here and use a lot of. We also planted out a lot of potatoes. A little late, but hopefully we will still get something out of them. It is coming together. We still don’t have anything else planted out. I can really see who is getting stuff done. Animal care has always been mostly me and Jack is much more the gardener. I feel bad though and really do want a garden. I have been trying to help but it isn’t getting there as much as it could. One day though Jack won’t have to work and it will be a lot better. Right now I am really enjoying having all the windows pulled up on the tent. It is cool and at night downright chilly but nothing beats this view. It is so great to see the stars at night. It is wonderful to sit on the bed and look out over the hills, watch the chickens and goats. It makes me happy, even if I do still have a sick full of dishes. I am happy. I will miss our tent. I am sure our cabin won’t have windows quite like this. Of course we also won’t probably have the bug problem that we do in here.

Oh other animal news, Esme has been catching baby rabbits. She has been torturing them, but she is slowly becoming the jungle kitty that is inside of her. Plant the animal in their right environment and they thrive. True with people too.


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