Stop and smell the roses, and swimming with dead fishies

Our rose bushes are blooming. You might say, oh that sounds so nice. If you didn’t know that multi-flora rose was an invasive species here and going all over the place. Most people look at it none too kindly. We are actually happy that the goats love it so much. They really really love it. Still, they are blooming and they do smell nice. However, like I said, they are all over the place like rainbows in Hawaii. I see the girls ignoring them just like rainbows in Hawaii too. “Oh look!! Another rainbow!” “Huh? Oh yeah, nice.” I told them a few days ago that the roses smelled nice and they should stop and smell the roses. Being the age they are they didn’t get that this is a saying to remind you to stop and enjoy life. The looked at me like I was crazy and went on. Oh well. Oddly, they are much more excited to swim with dead fishies. Yep. We got fish to stock our pond. We didn’t bring enough pond water. So the guy told us we had ten minutes to get the fish into our pond. It was a fifteen minute drive home. We went as fast as we safely could. We got home and some of the fish were floating. So Jack asked the girls to wade in and move the water around the fish to maybe revive them a little. They won’t stop and smell the roses, however the all quickly shucked off their clothing to jump in and swim with ailing fish. They did save some.

It sometimes surprises me what the girls don’t think of as work. The things that they are more than happy to do. I think that to a point, as a parent, it is really hard to let go and LET them do these things. Things like letting them do the dishes when they are three. How many dishes are they going to break? Are you going to have to wash them all again? Yep. It is something though. At that age they don’t think of it as work. It is a part of joyfully living. Yet we do think of it as work. Too much work to watch them while they do it and then have to do it all over again ourselves. Oh, I am as guilty of this as well I hope there is at least one other person out there.

Today though I tried to let that go. We were out planting trees, yes we are still planting those fifteen hundred trees. It was nice out, cloudy, slightly windy and it had just rained last night. Good tree planting weather. So first I went out with Natalie while Layla cleaned up the tent a bit. We planted 25 trees. I did have to do back and look at Natalie’s trees, some weren’t pushed in quite well enough. She was so happy to be doing it. A few days ago when we were all out planting trees as a family she said that she wished we could do this every day. Jack and I looked at each other and I am pretty sure that the thought going through our heads was something along the lines of if I never have to plant another tree after this, I will be glad. However, Natalie doesn’t see it as work. To her, it was her family working as a team. I admit, it was nice. We got a great rhythm going and we got a lot done. Layla come out with me later this morning and we planted forty five trees together. At first I only gave her ten. I wanted her to feel like she got something done. We were in the bottomlands and she could really work that dibble bar. She got those done and I gave her I think about five more. In all, she planted about 15-20 trees. I was really impressed. Again, it wasn’t work to her. She was proud of herself and couldn’t wait for Jack to get home and tell him how many trees she planted.

We went out again this morning and planted even more. We are slowly whittling away at the trees, haha. The girls have also started to help with the animals more. Really they can do just about any farm chore there is. You have no idea how proud this makes me. Or how wonderful it is to be doing something and say, hey can one of you go out and check on everyone’s water and food? and for it to be done correctly. This fills my heart. It isn’t easy doing all of this with Jack working, but with their help, it is going. It really makes me happy to see my family working as a team and getting things done. This is the way it should be. I could go on and on about this but it would mostly be me rambling and saying how proud I am of my children and how wonderful they are. So we will leave it at that.


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