Work and how it helps you sleep at night

Not that it makes you less tired when you wake up though.

So we all have been plopping into bed somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 at night. Usually we have just came in from putting baby goats up, taking care of baby chickens, maybe moving the chicken tractor and making sure everyone is ready to face the night. Then we brush our teeth climb into bed and really within 15 minutes everyone is snoring. As someone who has dealt with insomnia throughout most of my life, this is pretty amazing.

BUT I am still waking up at six in the morning. I’m still tired. I wake up, get ready and then wake Natalie up. Sometimes Gwendy and Layla wake up too. Most of the time it is Natalie and I going out to milk. This has been working pretty well. Waking Natalie up this early has actually helped her school work. Yesterday was pretty miserable. It was raining and while not cold, it was not warm either. It was however very wet. Miserable. We still got out there and milked. As Natalie was bringing another goat to me I heard the school bus go by. We had had a conversation a little while ago about how if she went to school she would be on that bus. She would have to wake up, eat breakfast and be ready to go for the day by seven. She looked at me in horror. I have to say I agree. The thought of getting them all ready by then, well, it doesn’t sound fun to me. Anyway, she brought me the goat and sat down on the milking stand. I told her that the kids on that bus were probably looking at her and feeling really sorry for her and thinking what a horrible life she must have. She looked at me strangely. So I asked her, it is pretty miserable right now, isn’t it? Yeah, she agreed with me, but it isn’t always like this. Obviously, she hasn’t milked through a winter yet πŸ™‚ But still it isn’t always winter. Right?

It is nice though that she has that attitude. That is the attitude of a farm girl. I’m glad that we are living the life we are right now. I’m glad that my kids are growing up the way they are.

But damn we are TIRED!!! We started working on our bath house/milk station/laundry house. It is going well. I realized after looking at the weather that we needed a covered milking area quick. It is going along. Right now we are mostly covered. Between taking care of animals, building buildings, Jack working and home school, life is full now. It is much different than how it was last year. It is nice though. This is how we are happy. Though really I would so love to take the whole Jack working out. I don’t want to be part time farmers. I really really don’t. We don’t see any way around it right now though. We need money. We couldn’t be doing the things we are doing without it, sadly we can’t be doing all the things we want to do with it. I wish we had gotten some money trees along with the 1500 trees we got from the conservation area.

Really though life is good. I say that as rain is pouring down yet again, it is cold and we still need a fire. It is so dark in the tent currently that I can’t do much at all. That actually makes homeschooling interesting. Yet, somehow, even with all these things, it is good. We work all day, sleep well at night. Jack and I are both sore. Really sore and neither of us have the strength or energy to give the other a massage. Oh how my milking hand hurts. I do use both hands, but my right is the one I fall back on. I am milking three goats right now. I joke that I will be able to beat anyone at thumb wrestling in the near future. Of course, I am thinking that no matter how strong my thumb is, it won’t make up for how short it is. but maybe I will give better massages πŸ™‚

I did go around and try to take some pictures yesterday. It is funny. I think about taking pictures. I see something like our baby goats climbing on my caldron and think damn that is great. I file it in my brain to pull up at some later date. I know everyone would love to see it though also. Just one good reason to visit, seeing baby goat antics. So yesterday, Jack didn’t need me for awhile so I ran and got the camera. I started taking some pictures. It only lasted a little while before Jack called me back down to help. But hopefully I will take a few more and post them on here. A little phrase keeps going through my head and I am tempted to rename this blog this blog is worthless without pictures. I know that is what you all really want.

Oh, I am going to close this out now. Just a few more little mentions. One we finally got enough milk from our adult goats to feed our baby goats!!! This is a big deal to us. I love goats, they are the cats of farm animals. I have to admit to loving our baby goats more than our adult goats, but oh well, right? They will come around I am sure. I have been looking hard for my sheep. I really want some great fiber animals, rambouillets, merinos, I have some shetlands that we will be getting in June. I really want some sheep!!!! Jack is also looking for sheep, but for meat breeds. We had a great trip to the farmers market and we may have found some. I am starting to get frantic as I only have two more fleeces. There is a fiber festival in June. I want to go, and I want to take some classes. I am unsure however if we will be able to afford it. Sadness. We got a few more chickens from a guy Jack works with. He was moving and we gave his chickens a home. However, one at least is an egg eater. We might be doing a little bit of culling. The electric fencing is doing great. We have moved the baby goats twice and the adult ones once. The spot after moving them looks like a freshly mown lawn. Okay, there is poop there also. Live with it. It is great though to look out and see goats happily munching. This is the life I want to be living. I will be happier when I look out at all of our animals and seeing them living happy healthy lives. Hmmmm. I think that is all for now.


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