I haven’t been able to write much. We have been having power issues. We can’t keep the freezer on, we just aren’t making enough power. I am not sure what needs to happen here but we are not getting power all day and have only been able to turn the freezer on for a few hours each day. It sucks. We need to figure something out.

The goats are doing alright. We ended up trying out five. We are returning two today. 27 is a great milker. I am really happy that I choose her. She is still a little skittish but I think she will come around. A very sad thing happened with her baby. She had two, a billy and a doe. We were very happy with the billy because well we need a playmate for Billy Bob. Two days ago Natalie and I were out trying to fix a hole in the fence, the goats got out twice. She asked me how many babies we should have. I told her seven and we counted and counted and only came up with six. She said that she thought so because didn’t this look like a baby goat? I looked and sure enough it was a baby goat buried into the ground with only the butt poking up. I was really upset. After looking we saw that it was the billy. That was even more disturbing. We still don’t know what really happened. Joan was over planting trees and she unburied him, brave brave Joan. He was completely head down. Not a mark on him otherwise. What the hell does that? Anyway, I know it is totally making goats have human emotions but yeah the doe seems kinda sad since then. I am not sure if she is looking for her baby or what, but she stays near all the kids now. It makes me really sad. She always seemed so proud of her little billy.

The other goats are doing well though, this was our second morning putting the babies in a separate pen at night and milking in the morning. We started doing this one to start milking and two to hopefully give the babies a little more protection. We also moved them closer and set up electric fence. I was, no I am, still really upset that something got a goat. It is wrong but it really makes me want to find the thing that did that to the poor and well, be slightly violent. Anyway though, we milked yesterday, just Natalie and I. It was an interesting time. Yeah. Interesting. We did it though. I did feel like my hands were going to fall off after milking for an hour. We got a little less than a half gallon milking three goats. Most of it was from 27. Today I went to wake Natalie up and Layla ended up getting up also. As they were both getting dressed Gwendy shot up in the air and screamed “We are all getting up at the same time!!!!” So everyone came out to milk with me. I have to say that Gwendy is an amazing goat lady. They all love her. The babies are skittish but they all go up to her and love her. 27 goes up to Gwendy. So I told her that her job was to pet and love and make them all happy, which she did. Not that I want Gwendy to wake up at six in the morning, but maybe it would do some good. We will see. We got probably a half gallon and a quarter. And it only took 45 minutes this time. I figure they will all get way better. I am kinda sad, one of the goats we are thinking of returning is a great milker, but she has bad abscess. We are a little concerned about the health of these goats. I don’t know though. She is great though. I really love milking, even when my hands feel like they are going to fall off. I have to admit that I love milking more when I do it by myself. I loved that quiet time. Maybe the girls will get to the point where I don’t need much help. Already they are getting on the milking stand easier. Though of course the milk stand is broken, so maybe once it isn’t it will also be easier for me to do it by myself.

Now, the OTHER baby goats are doing really well too. They were put under electric fence a week ago. I am really happy that we no longer have escaped goats just wandering in the tent now. That was a pain. I mean they always stayed close, but damn it sucked to turn around and see another goat in the tent. They all of a sudden seem much bigger. I am not sure why this is, but they do. They are all still as friendly though. It is such a difference to go from milking and hanging with the older goats to playing with these babies. I hope our older girls get friendly soon. Almost forgot, Jack brought home a spool for them last night. One of those big spools that wires are wrapped on. They haven’t started playing with it yet, but I am looking forward to goat antics.

The chickens are doing well too. WE ARE GETTING EGGS!!!!! Yea!!!! They are still mob grazing our garden space. I’m proud of these guys. They are great. Our baby chicks are surprising me. On a warm day I tried not having a lamp on them at all, and they were fine. So we tried a warm night. I want to say that it has been over a week and they haven’t had any light on them. They seem so big and happy too! A few days ago on a warmer not so windy day I put them outside and they did great. So now they go outside every day. We are still bringing them in at night but I am wondering if soon we won’t have to. I am really amazed at these guys. The youngest are less than a month old, so really they shouldn’t be able to withstand these temperatures. They are though. Proud baby chick mommy I am 🙂

What else? Oh Trees!!! Jack ordered 1500 trees. Yes, he is crazy. Remember me saying crazy somehow works for us though? I am hoping that this works too. I might get around to writing all the trees we have, but there are a lot. A whole lot. Joan has been hired on to plant trees. I will still be amazed if they all get done, but well, maybe they will. I can hope.

I really shouldn’t go almost two weeks without writing. We also had a coyote scare about a week ago. This also boils my blood. I woke up to them mumbling really close by. Then I heard one yelp(did it touch the electric fence?). Then I heard them all yowling and running away. I went out there armed with just my flashlight and I was pissed enough that I was ready to rip out throats. It I had found one, well I don’t know what. I am not sure if one got hurt because I kept hearing one crying. It was definitely left behind though. I heard it crying off and on for about an hour and then the coyotes came back and it sounded like that one left with them. It was a night of not much sleep. I was ready at any time to go out there and defend my babies. We also had an incident last night. I woke up to Huck barking, can I say how proud I am that he still is taking his job seriously? I asked Jack to check it out because his night vision is better than mine. He said that something ran off, it was between our tent and the entrance. This morning while I was milking Huck went out and about and was peeing all by the entrance. He took it seriously. Whatever it was though was not scared of Huck and made no noise itself.

I think I am going to end it here. There were lots of other things that happened, but I will just try better to keep up with this.


3 thoughts on “4/26

  1. RedSpiral

    Considering how old Sweet Huck is getting, have you guys thought about getting a puppy or two to start raising to protect the farm after he passes?Love you so very much. 🙂

  2. wildflowers

    We have thought of it. Geez I think we are all checking on Huck like 10 times a day to make sure he is breathing. Poor guy. But he still seems for the most part happy. Part of it is that we don't want to have a puppy bugging Huck now. We would rather wait until he does pass before getting another dog. But after seeing what he did last night… I don't know. We have so much crap going on right now. I am not sure if I want to add training a dog. But it will probably be sooner than later. sigh


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