4/2, waking up to vomited mouse and other fun stuff

So, the chick dieing mystery was solved. We had over half die the past 3 days. It was horrible. Horrible. We could not figure out what was going on. We have raised chicks before, why was this time so different? Well, Jack called today, it turns out that they were actually hatched on Monday, maybe even Sunday and they weren’t shipped until Tuesday and they didn’t get here until Friday. In other words we got 5 day old chicks. No wonder they were dieing. So they are sending out a complete replacement next week. Hopefully this goes better this time. Hopefully we don’t get older chicks. Sigh

So we also disbudded the goats last night. When I say “we” I mean Penn came over and helped Jack. I fed them milk afterwards. Penn is so amazing. Okay Laura is too. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors. After he heard that we were having issues with our chicks and I wanted to get some yolks into them but we were out of eggs he brought over eggs for us. Well, Laura, Penn and Georgia came over to bring us some. He also ran us over his carbon monoxide detector to see if that was the issue. We are using oil lamps as our brooder heat. It is actually working better than I would have thought. But we had a level of like 1 or 2 parts per million, so that is not what the issue was. Of course we found out today. It was a relief to me to find out that it wasn’t our doing.

Jack also hooked up our new power system. Wow, my hand blender works on it. Really, we have power. It seems so big compared to the tiny thing we had before. That is also how we go the disbudding iron to work, it wouldn’t have on our old system. Hopefully it all works good when we get the freezer down here. We got a good bit done this weekend in Memphis. I would still have liked to get more done, but oh well, right? We have a week, well less than a week to get everything done and moved out.

We took pictures of a house for Jack’s mom and Phil. They like it a lot. So much so that they might be coming down this coming weekend to check out a few things. Which is really exciting. It would be nice to see them again and even nicer if they were able to come live here. So very exciting news there.

So what else has happened. Oh yeah. Since we have been having such chick issues, I have been sleeping very lightly and checking on them a lot during the night. Well last night I woke up and went to check on them and they way back to bed my toe brushed up against something wet. I tried to see what it was with a light but couldn’t tell. Woke up this morning and found out it was a vomited mouse. That is a great way to wake up by the way. Uggg. I almost vomited cleaning it up. I am not sure who left it for me but I told both cats that they are vomit outside away from pathways. Period. I can handle a hairball every so often, I do not ever want to see vomited mouse again.

We are doing damage control from the weekend today. I am not sure if we will get to homeschool. We did a lot of moving down here but didn’t unpack anything. I have unpacked most stuff, but now I have a sink full of dishes. The girls are trying to get their “room” in order. I did spend some time reading about the beginning of our adventure last year. It is interesting to look back on it. To see me trying to figure out if this is the place for us. I’m glad we stuck it out. Really glad. It was rough. Funny to think that in some ways we started out camping this year so much better off and in other ways we are still lacking some of the things I was very much so missing our first weeks here, a wash station and a clothes line. But it doesn’t bother me as much this time. Oh and internet.

Internet, when are they going to come and hook us up? When? Hopefully by the end of this week. Next week we won’t have the option to go to the house in memphis and check stuff. Sigh again.


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