Starting up again

So this blog kinda didn’t live very long…
Going to try again. We are as many of you know still adventuring. Though sometimes I wonder if you have the right attitude if you ever stop adventuring. I think I’m okay with that. the past couple of years have really not slowed down and though there are rough spots they just make the sweet spots sweeter.
We are lucky, extremely lucky and I am thankful for that.
So to catch anyone up I can sum up my family and our life in a very short sentence. We are crazy and we love each other.
But if you really want an idea as to what we have been up to since the last postings on this blog…well I will try to sum it up.
We interned at Millsap Farm. Or well Jack interned, I was just there mostly helping where I could. We learned a lot. Mostly though it made us yearn even more for a place of our own. We really felt that there was something out there for us and we were looking for it. Springfield was amazing and we made tons of great friends. Really it seems slightly impossible how great it was. Not to say that there weren’t bad parts but that is the cool thing about time, it kinda erases those spots. We were offered many great opportunities. Some really great opportunities. They were hard to say no to. When we really got down to it though they weren’t really what we were looking for. We tried to be truthful to ourselves and what we wanted. We also found that what I wanted and what Jack wanted are just slightly different. Oh well, we wouldn’t have been together for as long as we have been if we couldn’t compromise. So in our adventure in Springfield we talked and talked, dreamed, and dreamed very big. We met people, we talked to them. There was always this dream that we would end up in a community. The community that we had in Washington was amazing. I loved it. I wanted that again. So yeah, I had seen what our little parenting community was like, we had read about intentional communities but was that what we really wanted?
Was it?
Hmmm? I’m looking to you for an answer now…waiting…
Anyway, as odd as it seems, there are a asswhack(Jacks fav word) of intentional communities in Missouri. We we looked around at some to visit. Oddly we came around to one that really fit to what we were wanting. But really was this the step we wanted to take?
Was it?
Well, we wrote them. And we visited. I was scared, really am I ever not scared/freaked out? No not really, just in case you didn’t know. But really. The reason for the slight freak out was, that on paper at least, these were my people. They weren’t just farmers, they were people who were trying to tread lightly on the earth. That is the main goal here. While I had been around people who for some reason or another were doing something I was interested in, these people had the same goal. It makes a difference, at least in my mind. These people chose to live in a very different way. They were living their dreams. It is really inspiring. Not in a way that most people get. I see it a lot now. People look at something and while they are saying, “Oh that is really cool” in their mind they are saying, that person is something special I could never do that. I don’t believe that. Everyone is special and there are very few things people can’t do.
But back to my story. While we were visiting we didn’t actually think that we were serious about this. At that point we really didn’t think that we could do it. Isn’t that funny? So we went with an open mind and no expectations.
We were blown away. It was an amazing experience and one that we had never had before. The openness and acceptance of everyone blew my mind. We had a blast and went back to the real world.
Or as real as you get living in a RV with three kids, a dog and two cats interning on a farm. That is most everyone’s idea of the real world, right?
We couldn’t stop thinking about our experience though. We kept looking at our options(there were a few) and kept comparing them to community life. This actually went on for a month. It hit us then. Did we want to spend our life trying to attain the kind of life that we saw at Red Earth? We drew up lists and compared everything. One of our last lists had two columns and they were; Do farming or Be Farmers. That really put things in a different light. It made our decision pretty easy though.
We contacted Red Earth and asked for residency. It felt like forever while we waited for them to get back to us. They did though and they accepted us. We were thrilled and then started about a six month wait.
It took a lot to prepare. We had to figure out how to live on the land with three kids, a dog and two cats. We needed to come up with water, heat, shelter, a place to cook, a place to poop. There is a lot of things that need to happen.
Since this is already a book and it is crazy for me to sum up a year in one post I am going to take a break now and tell the tale of our Red Earth residency on another post. I am hoping to update this at least weekly now. I will also be working on getting pictures up. We have a good number of them.


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